Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ – Victor Frankenstein Walkthrough

Chapter 1  London Steam 
(Save 1)*
Take his hand
Allow it

*Save here to start all main routes for efficiency*

 Chapter 2 The Strongest Stalker 
“I want to go with Victor.”
Come out.

Chapter 3  A Girl’s Education
Ask Victor to teach me
Leave the tube alone
Ask Victor to teach me

Chapter 4  Train Robbery
Check on Victor
Board the train.
Stay hidden

Chapter 5  Vampire Requiem
Isn’t there another way?
Persuade him.
Ask about his past

Chapter 6  Negotiated Solution
Keep walking down the main street
Can’t let him do this!

Chapter 7  The Buoyant and the Bellicose
I’m having a lot of fun.
Assist with the repairs

Chapter 8  Nobody Understands the Truth
“You wouldn’t understand.”

Chapter 9  A Wanted Man
Victor would never do something like that.
“I’m so glad you’re safe.”

Chapter 10  The British Queen
“I don’t know…” | Step towards her → BAD END 1
Step back

Chapter 11  The Alchemist’s Secret
“Don’t be so kind to me.”
“Thank you.” | Run → BAD END 2
Don’t run

Chapter 12  Calamity
Reassure Victor | Wait → BAD END 3
Search for a way out

Chapter 13  A Princess’s Knight
“I promise.” | I don’t want to kill you → NORMAL END
I believe in you…



6 thoughts on “Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ – Victor Frankenstein Walkthrough

  1. Okay, so, some of you may know this already, but for those of you who do not… There is an anime of code: realize. I had no idea until I was looking for anime to watch after playing the game. I suggest playing the game first though because it is extremely cool to see the characters come to life and move around after being taken through an amazing game. And if you watch a lot of anime such as “Free” and ouran highschool host club, you will recognize the dub actors voice of lupin.


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