Norn9: Var Commons – Kakeru Yuiga Walkthrough


*Note: Choices with a 🌟 are timed*

(Save 1)*
Go to the roof with Ms. Weirdo
Character select → Koharu

*Save here for all main routes for efficiency*


 Chapter 1 
🌟 Tell him where Senri is
Pair select → Yuiga Kakeru

 Chapter 2 
Reply honestly
He’s… not joking

 Chapter 3 
Be happy
🌟 Don’t finish

Chapter 4 
(Save 2)
Point it out
We aren’t really friends yet
You smile that empty smile
🌟 Touch his back

 Chapter 5 
Look at Yuiga
Just be the real you | Cheer up! → BAD END 1
Stay close

 Chapter 6 
🌟 Open the door
Smile brightly

 Chapter 7 
*no choices*


(Open Save 2)

 Chapter 4 
Pretend not to notice

 Chapter 5 
Make small talk
Just be the real you
Step away from Yuiga

 Chapter 6 
🌟 Don’t open the door
Act embarrassed

 Chapter 7 
*no choices*



4 thoughts on “Norn9: Var Commons – Kakeru Yuiga Walkthrough

  1. Hi there! We meet again \(^ヮ^)/ Are there any ways to play Norn9: Var Commons on PC ? Cause I don’t have a Vita 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。


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