Norn9: Var Commons – Sakuya Nijo Walkthrough


*Note: Choices with a 🌟 are timed*

(Save 1)*
Look for a room with Mikoto
A hiyoko
Chase after them

Character select → Mikoto Kuga

*Save here for all main routes for efficiency*

Chapter 1

Pair select → Sakuya Nijo

Chapter 2
Reach for it


Chapter 3
Grab the other spoon
Forget the candies

I would give up on it

Chapter 4
Express your true feelings

Keep his powers secret

Chapter 5
(Save 2)
Not bother to search for clues
I want to be with you

Please stay

Chapter 6
Third floor
🌟 Yes, I will

Sakuya’s future

Chapter 7

*no options*


(Open Save 2)

Chapter 5
Search for clues

Chapter 6
First floor
🌟*Let it timeout*

The matter of the traitor

Chapter 7

*no options*


Credit : ☁

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