Norn9: Var Commons – Heishi Otomaru Walkthrough


*Note: Heishi’s route has no timed choices*

(Save 1)*
Make breakfast with Nanami
Character Select -> Shiranui Nanami

*Save here for all main routes for efficiency*

Chapter 1
Pair Select -> Heishi Otomaru

Chapter 2
I’m not mad

Chapter 3
About yesterday…
A scary maze
Tell him you’re thinking about him

Chapter 4
Not knowing that someone was mad at me
I envy his dream

Chapter 5
(Save 2)
I want to make his dream come true

Chapter 6
Don’t go with him
Apologize for not saying anything

Chapter 7
Wake up
Don’t go with him


(Open Save 2)

Chapter 5
I want to share his dream

Chapter 6
Go with him
Don’t watch
Apologize for not erasing his memory

Chapter 7
Don’t wake up


Credit: ☁

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