[Update] What Will You Be Posting?


   It is now December and nearing 2016, so I just wanted to say an early Happy New Years to you all! While I have been posting, I wanted to make a more clear outline of exactly what will be going on with this blog and my current scheduling.

      I have to warn you, I am a high school student and will be moving on to college next year. While I like to take it one step at a time, I do tend to get sidetracked, so if I am ever late with some of my posts, I apologize! Like I mentioned in my last update, I will try and get out a review every month, specifically the first of every month. Nameless was a day late, and WordPress seems to run on different time than me so I apologize for any mishaps! The next review to be released is Norn9, and Dandelion in February!

      Other than those major reviews, I have downloaded and plan to play some shorter otomes, mostly fanmade. I can write must shorter reviews, but keep the blog as lively as I can. These will not have any restricted release dates, although I may try and release one in the middle of the month for consistency. Also to note, I know the Amnesia review isn’t up. Jen is busy with school but will be free soon, so I hope to finish, but I will not make any promises.

     There are quite a few fan translations that are nearing its finish, so I hope to release walkthroughs and reviews for those if possible! I also plan on replaying Hakuoki, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for more localizations!

     Thank you all for coming and reading my blog, and I hope you all have a happy holidays!


One thought on “[Update] What Will You Be Posting?

  1. Happy Holidays to you too, Corinne!! Do not worry about being late, those dedicated enough will wait! Also, blogging is not a job, but a hobby so yeah, just don’t worry about anything ! XoXo!


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