[Update] Where Have You Been?!



   Hello everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, so I just wanted to do a little update as to what has been happening and a little bit about what I’ve been thinking for the future! **EDITED**

     Just to start off, thank you for reading this! I know this blog isn’t super old or incredibly popular, but I really do appreciate anyone who comes and reads (or skims) my reviews or decides to use my walkthroughs! Now that I have done my little thank you, I’ll just briefly tell you what’s been going on with me!

     This year has been pretty tough on me mentally, and I’ve had a rough year as far as personal issues. Not to worry, though! I’m doing okay and pushing through, even if some of my plans have changed! But, due to everything thats been going on, writing reviews and otome blogging hasn’t really been a huge concern. While I thoroughly enjoy doing this, it had just been put on a back burner as of late, so I apologize about that!

     Now, I did have a lovely plan to do a review once a month, which I’ve failed pretty terribly at. While that’s still ideal, I won’t push that or anything. I still have a bunch of reviews set up (thankfully I take notes while playing the routes so I don’t forget stuff!), so I WILL still be posting. As far as walkthroughs, I know Ozmafia! has finally been released (super duper exciting after all that waiting!), but since I am a little late and probably will be even later due to a lack of funds (rip), I probably won’t be releasing any guides, though I do hope to do a review!

**EDIT: Due to a lack of restraint and the fun I have putting guides together and trying to make them all cute and such, I WILL be doing guides for Ozmafia!! even though they will be coming out late (I get competitive with coming out with guides early but I still enjoy doing them so I hope you guys dont mind ;;)

     So, I hope you all enjoy your spring (it is still quite cold here sadly) and your otome gaming! Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!


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