Mystic Messenger – Day 1 Part 1✩

  • Some of the conversations will have options that unlock other options. I will colour code these, so please refer to the same coloured text to see where the conversation leads. If the text is black, it means that it is thedefault story conversation continuing. If the text has two or more colours – it means that the two options that occur after also unlock more options… sorry, it’s confusing I know :’)
  • (+1) means you gain a heart from the answer you’ve chosen.
  • (-H) means you lose a heart.
  • Hourglasses appear randomly whenever someone’s chat bubble has cute emotes around it (like the cloud outlined ones or the hearts that surround them – I believe there is a higher chance of gaining them when you select a favourable answer for the characters).
  • If I don’t write anything like (+1) or (-H) or colour code it means that you either get nothing, or any choice is fine.
  • Any of these guides/walkthroughs that have a ‘✩’ icon included in the title means that I have found every option there is for the conversation. The ones without the icon mean that I haven’t finished the walkthrough for that day completely yet and will be further updated.

PS: If you want to quickly find the conversation you are looking for, just press CTRL+F and type the accurate time of the conversation you are looking for (you can find the accurate time in-game). Or you can just type the name of the conversation. That works too.

~Day 1~

~Welcome! (00:03) – Yoosung

Just one lonely sheep longing for someone’s arms.
I’m a pretty unique person. (+1 707)
I’m just an average person.

I’m gonna eat you up RAWR (+1 Yoosung)
What’s a wolf? ^^ (+1 Yoosung)

So what.
It’s nice to see that you’re positive. (+1 Yoosung)

I’m not really the cute type..
Thank you ^^ (+1 Yoosung)
Lol you’re gonna be so surprised when you see me in person.

I hope so;;

Have fun~
What games?

LOLOL? Ludicrous Otaku & Lego Otaku’s Life?
LOLOL? League of Loneliness of Life? (+1 Yoosung) I assume because they tell you to take note of the time when you want to call one of the characters, you shouldn’t call him during 10PM – 4AM.

~Welcome 2 (02:21) – Jaehee

Jaehee, why are you awake?
I still have no idea how to play this game T_T

Sorry if I hurt your feelings^^; (+1 Jaehee)
I just said it because it looked fun. (-H)

You’re so diligent.
Aren’t you tired?

I am quite the diligent one.
I’m pretty lazy;

Thank you for your advice. (+1 Jaehee)
Why are you being so fussy;; (-H)

You do;;
It’s nothing. You’re just concerned for me. (+1 Jaehee)

Shouldn’t you be getting more sleep…? (+1 Jaehee)
I’m so jealous that you don’t need a lot of sleep~! (-H)

~Zen’s Complaint (04:35) – Zen

In this dark endless night, art the water drops on the window my solitude, or thy teardrops…
Hello, Zen.

It’s not a sonnet.
I’m Emily Bronte. (+1 Zen)

My heart’s beating fast too. (+1 Zen)
My heart’s beating fine.

I have quite an elaborate imagination.
No thanks.
Whuuut… Perv… (+1 Zen)

Screw you (+1 Zen)

A bit? (+1 Zen)
Nope; (-H)
*drool* (+1 Zen)

You can go out with me. (+1 Zen)
Why that long? (+1 Zen)
It’s been longer for me.
You must be unattractive. (-H)

~Yoosung’s Complaint (07:00) – Yoosung

Me too…
You’ve never had a girlfriend;;;?
Are you not interested in girls? (+1 Yoosung)

Sounds kewl. (+1 Yoosung)
Fried chicken makes you fat… ^^;

I’ll tell you how to get it on. (+1 Yoosung)
Hahahaha tsk tsk
Cheer up^^; (+1 Yoosung)

I wanna marry ya. (+1 Yoosung)
Gimme food too.
Enjoy your breakfast ^^ (+1 Yoosung)

~Jumin’s Lonely Morning (08:00) – Jumin, Zen

You haven’t left for work yet?

What were you doing, Zen? (+1 Zen)
But Jumin, don’t you have to go to work? (+1 Jumin)
I’m sleepy…

I was just bored lol
Now that the sun has risen, my body and mind ache in loneliness.

Oh. A cat.
Wow! So pretty. (+1 Jumin)
Omfg… (+1 Zen)

I’m lonely… I’m painfully lonely.
Jumin’s kinda scary ;; (+1 Zen)
Jumin’s a born businessman. (+1 Jumin)

Isn’t it natural to just work as much as you get paid? (+1 Jumin)
It’s better to treat people like actual human beings than to be so strict. (+1 Zen)

I’m pretty sure it’s tears of joy +_+ (+1 Jumin)
Can we change the subject? (+1 Zen)
Well… Labour management relations is always a complicated issue.

Cats are a bit scary. (+1 Zen)
I tend to like them.

I prefer cats. (+1 Jumin)
I prefer dogs. (+1 Zen)

Good bye, lovely Zen ^^ (+1 Zen)
Good bye.

~Seven Loves Cats (10:04) – Jumin, 707

Hello, 707. (+1 707)
Hello, Jumin. (+1 Jumin)

The cat’s pretty.. Haha (+1 Jumin)
Lol cat mom (-H Jumin)

Ya. I’ll have to (be) careful.
Seven just seems like he likes to joke around? (+1 707)

He must be really skilled.
Seven, what do you do? (+1 Jumin)

Have you been here?
I think he’s funny. (+1 707)

Good bye. (+1 Jumin)
Bye, my bae character~

I’ll see.
I’ll believe you. (+1 707)

Good bye.

~Seven’s Investigation (11:58) – Yoosung, 707

You’re not playing games? (+1 Yoosung)
What are you researching?

I think yes way; (+1 707)
Wow. What a childish username lol

Did you find anything?
That makes me uncomfortable. Please stop. (-H 707)

Can’t you just tell me?
I think I have the right to know.

It was my choice to come here;

Ya (+1 Yoosung)
I’m kind of bored (+1 707)

Why is Rika so important to everyone?
How did Rika leave this world?

Good bye, Yoosung.
Good bye, Seven.

~Jaehee’s Expectation (12:50) – Jaehee

Hello, Jaehee.
Jaehee, please tell me about Rika.

Are you doing a background check on me?
About me? (+1 Jaehee)

I’ll think about it.
I think it will be fun. (+1 Jaehee)
Can’t someone else do it?

Jaehee. Are you always so formal?
So… What will I have to do? Specifically… (+1 Jaehee)

Okay (only option)

What’s the benefit of hosting the party again?
Is the party that grand?

Why except for Yoosung…?
Do you hope V to come back?
It’s too difficult T_T

Good bye.
Bye, ma’am.

Hey~ So I finally finished all of Day 1… But I’ll be splitting it into two posts for each day, starting from 00:00 to 12:00 for the first post and 12:00 to the end of the day for the 2nd – to make navigating easier.

I’m so sorry if the colour coding is really confusing for you guys, I didn’t expect so many options to appear, really… If you have any questions regarding the different options and are confused because of my colour coding, feel free to ask me below in the comments.

Make sure you guys READ the dot points above to understand the key to anything you may not understand. The 2nd part of Day 1 will arrive very shortly, so stay tuned 🙂

~JenJen rolling out!(o°▽°)o(o_△_)o(o°▽°)o

     Mystic Messenger – Day 1 Part 2 →

64 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – Day 1 Part 1✩

  1. I know I’m suuuper late with this game but I have some questions. The casual roots will always be yoosung, zen and jaehee? I can’t guet Jumin or 707 in casuals?


  2. Hey, I discovered this thru someone from tumblr, msleilei (the drawings are awesome too). Apparently 707 doesn’t make any call to MC from Yoosung’s route but the 1st day at 12:03 am he calls and pranks MC about her bank acct getting hacked and you having to say “Honey I love you~” was laughing my ass off. I was quite dubious at 1st until I tried it. You have to just time it right… Start a new route at 11:50pm and let the intro ran until 12:00am. 707’s call will be at 12:03am after a chat.


  3. Hi! I’m sorry if this is an troublesome question but I’m confused so I’ll ask anyways! I’m starting zen’s route (trying to) and after the prologue, there’s an chat named “Zen’s Expectation” instead of “Welcome!” And I’m not really sure what to do, I use your guide a lot (helped a lot with yousung’s route, I kept getting the bad end) and you havent covered this chat, thanks anyways (sorry this is long..)


  4. I was reading through the comments and someone said that if you choose the red answers they lead to a bad ending, Like saying ‘Hello Jehee’ (Sorry if I spelt it wrong) is in red so does that mean it’s leading me to the bad ending?


  5. When I start the deep story route day 1 the introduction isn’t ‘Welcome’ it’s named Concerns of two men and it has different options did they change the introduction for day 1? Or am I being dumb 😑?


  6. Hi! I want to aks somethimg I dont really understand. I’ve just finished yoosung with yhe good end, but now that I want 707 or jumin and have hourglasses enough to afford the deep route I dont know if I must choose the deep one to reach 707 and jumin good endings or you coul choose the casual one. When you start the game it looks like you choose between the yoosumg, zen and jaehee or the deep with 707 and jumin, so thats why I want to know the differences between them. Thak you very much for your posts!!


    • In order to get Jumin or 707, yes you will have to purchase the deep route for 80 hourglasses.

      If you try to go casual again, you won’t end up with them no matter what you do.

      There isn’t really a difference between the two – just that Jumin and 707 are more related to the main story, whilst the casual route is as it sounds like – more casual and only hint towards the main storyline.


  7. I was planning on starting at 12am with my girlfriend so we can do 707’s route together. Her time is 2 hours behind mine and I said id start at 2am my time and 12am her time. If I start at 2am my time, will I have the 00:03am chat? Because the 2nd chat opens at 2:21am.


  8. I have just started the game and went to the chat room but it didn’t start with these chats and all that is there is 18:00 and 19:00 will I ever get the chats from before?


  9. Hey. I’m really confused? Are you sure this is day 1? My day 1 is whole different set of conversions. I just downloaded this game. I finished your prologue part but….My day 1 is not in accordance with your day 1. I’m I supposed to be somewhere else? I’m a really confused babe. Please send help. My day 1 started with the convo “Yoosung’s hope for the new party” with me and Yoosung. And I just finished “Excited Yoosung” with me and Yoosung. I’m not done with day 1 yet but this waalkthrough is confusing me to bits. I’m so sorry if this is something simple but my tiny mind is just not getting a hold of it.


    • if you don’t start the game at midnight, the conversations will start from whatever time you started till midnight to start the next day. Check the time of the conversation and try to find it in the guide and it should be in order from there!


  10. hey just wanna ask if you started day 1 at 5:00 am will you not get the whole conversation? Cause i’m just here waiting like an idiot for something to happen but nothing lol and i only got 9% of day 1, what does that mean? Thanks.


    • unless you start at midnight, you won’t get 100% of the conversations for day 1. You will get the conversation from 5 am on, and all the conversations for the other days just not for day 1 since they won’t let you go back. If you finished day 1 you can move to day 2, otherwise you’ll have to wait for the other conversations to load until midnight when you can go to day 2!


    • the colors of the hearts indicate the heart which it is going to! if you mean of the choices, it just means those of the same color is a choice that will lead to an additional choice that won’t show up if you don’t choose that choice!


  11. Quick question. Over the course of a day in Mystic Messenger, how do you get 100%? In day one I read and participated in all conversations, and if it matters, returned the one call I missed. And yet I only have covered 90%. Is there any reason why this has happened and how I can make it an even 100? ♪(´ε` )


    • for day 1, unless you start at midnight you probably won’t get 100% since it doesn’t let you get the earlier conversations. for the other days you should be able to get 100% for participating in all the conversations, though!


  12. Hello, I am relatively new at this game. I am a still bit confused of this real-time based system. So, okay, my question is, so I would be sleeping from 12 to 6am, and the messages would appear during the time from 12 to 6, right? So, do I still have the chance to reply to them in the morning? My second question is, I started at 5pm so do the 2nd day starts at 5pm the next day or 12am, in the midnight? Thankyou^^


    • Hello there c: In response to your questions:

      1. No, the chats that open from 12-6am will be missed, and you will need to pay 5 hourglasses for each missed conversation you have. In order to not miss the chat, let’s say for example a chat opens at 12:30am. You have until the next chat that becomes available to attend that chatroom or else it will be considered as “missed”.

      2. If you started the game at 5pm for Day 1, it only occurs for Day 1. Starting from Day 2 and onwards, every conversation should unlock for you, starting from the earliest it can be in the morning (sometimes midnight, sometimes at 1am).

      I hope these answered your questions c;


  13. I have a question about the prologue. I took the red answers because I was really curious what will happen, but then i saw your walkthrough and you said it will lead to a bad ending. If I already did it, will it really be a bad ending for sure or can I change it with my anwers in the next days? :c


    • You’ll get the bad ending for the prologue if you chose the red answers > < Sorry for the late reply, I'm sure you already figured that out haha.

      However restarting again from the prologue is not a bad thing, plus you got a beautiful CG of some random guy ;^) I think it would have been worth completing before starting the game haha.


  14. Today when I loaded up the app, it made me restart and it didn’t even load my saves
    ???? I was only on day 3 so I don’t know what happened (thought I’d ask because you seem to know quite a lot of stuff about the game)


    • Hey there! I also have problems with my save files; it always stops at the “loading save file” part. However, I just exit out of that screen, and go back to my game and it magically appears to have loaded the save file up. You could try this, or tell Cheritz by emailing them and hope you get some compensation for it.

      Sorry for the late reply! I’m sure you’ve already solved your problem by now ; u;


  15. Hi, I have 0% on my first day and I’m not sure how to fix it? I started playing the game close to midnight but when it hit midnight it just skipped me straight to the second day rather than waiting for the 00:03 conversations and stuff. Should I restart the game and play after midnight this time?


    • Sorry for the late reply, I’m sure you’ve figured something out by now.

      But yes, if you started right before midnight, the last conversation for Day 1 would have appeared and then immediately skipped you to Day 2 once it hit midnight – in my opinion, that’s what I think happened. So starting again would have worked.

      Again, sorry for not being able to reply immediately T__T


    • At the top of the page, you’ll see my notes before I start the walkthrough.

      The colour coding refers to extra options that can be unlocked if you choose a specific option.
      Black refers to the story just continuing on.

      If you need an example:

      Take a look at “Seven’s Investigation”:
      When you see the first text that has a pink colour on it, the next options that are in pink will only appear if you’ve chosen the first pink text that appeared. So in this case, if you chose “What are you researching”, the options “Did you find anything?” and “That makes me uncomfortable. Please stop” will appear. Otherwise, those two options won’t appear if you selected the other option.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Hi, I want to ask something..

    I played the game and I was in my 5th day, until Yoosung suddenly gone where he was about discussed something with Zen and Jaehee, and then at 7.00 (Game’s time) there was Jaehee online and said that Yoosung is missing.

    What confuse me is.. why suddenly my game restart again from the first day? Without any notification at all?

    Thank you before~!


    • If you missed unlocking the conversation (say you started Day 1 at 5pm) you can’t get the conversations that you didn’t get earlier that day. It doesn’t relatively matter though, because you can just unlock it when you start a new game.

      If you’re talking about missing attendance, 5 hourglasses are needed to be able to redo them.


      • @VirusDetected,

        Sorry this was really late, but what I meant was… The first conversation you can receive is at 12am midnight on Day 1. If you started the game at like 5pm in the middle of the day, you can’t ‘unlock’ any of the conversations that occurred before 5pm on that day.


  17. Hi!! I was looking at your walthrought and I was wondering if you had thought about a branched diagram to show the routes and avoid the confusions about colors. What do you think? :3


    • @IndelibleMiko,

      Hi c:
      The only confusing part I think is when there are more than two colours on a specific text. After the prologue, it doesn’t occur anymore, so I hope it’s not too confusing ^^;

      If it’s still sort of confusing even when you’re on someone’s route, please tell me and I’ll consider using your idea! 🙂 Using a branched diagram is actually a very creative idea, and I’ll also take it into account when I have more time! Thanks for your idea c:


      • I actually don’t find it confusing! I like the way u put colors! I think it’s better than other websites where they just put (alternate section) and stuff like that.


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