Mystic Messenger – Emails: Party Guests✩

Hello~ This email guide will refer to the emails you need to reply to your potential guests! Just a few things you need to know about these emails:

  • You must reply a total of 3 times before they will accept you – if you get all three of your responses correct.
  • A green arrow means that you have picked a favourable answer, and they will send a response back to you some time later.
  • An orange arrow (I don’t know if this is right) means that you’ve selected the wrong answer – and you will fail your attempt at inviting your guest!

Whichever answer has the ‘♥’ symbol means that it is the correct answer.

CTRL+F to find the name of the party guest you are looking for 🙂

A big thank you to the following people for helping me with the guide! Thanks to you all, I’m very close to finishing this guide completely 🙂

  • dollssoulkirie 
  • Jay 
  • Kimchi 
  • GhostThane 
  • Jessie 
  • Rev (Reviell)

…and others!

Here are the answers for the emails:

1. ~Rui (@rui)

It’s an extravagant and elegant party. ♥
It’s a lovely and cute party.

Olymbus X20 ♥
Sonya CP160

I recommend the Olymbus X20
I recommend the heavy professional Ganon camera. ♥

2. ~Romance Novel Company (@romance)

Of course. ♥

Jane and John
Your One and Only Top Star ♥

Kiss! ♥
A hug.

3. ~LOLOL Association (@lolol)

Dia ♥
I’m a noob…

Of course lol ♥

Play LOLOL together. ♥
Stop playing and take the call. Lmao, what every girl wants their boyfriend to do, amirite? :’)

4. ~Cultured Citizens Organisation (@culture)

Borborry~ ♥
FOREVER 27! I really wanted to choose this, because Jumin’s age is 27… LOL

It is Verragamo ♥
I don’t know…

Swamped with couples.
Flower bed of pretty boys. ♥

5. ~Lady of Bracelets Maker (@bracelet)

Don’t worry! ♥
Not sure about bracelets…

Lock U Up Silver Bracelet ♥
Shiny gold bracelet

Claw machines at the mall ♥
Flea market.

6. ~Meteor Study Club (@star)

I calculate the star’s life span.
Memories of my first kiss✩ ♥

I want to eat it! ♥
I calculate the harvest calendar!

I have to make a wish! ♥
I calculate whether or not I can go pick up the meteor!

7. ~Women Artists (@artwomen)

Van Gogh
Monet ♥

The Louvre ♥
Metropolitan Musuem


8. ~Barista Association (@barista)

Arabica coffee! ♥
Robusta coffee

Drip brewing ♥

Italian ♥

9. ~Modeling Agency Representative (@model)

Of course. ♥
A lot of women will be there.

The chance to discover a gem! ♥
Don’t look forward to it.

That’s not possible for anyone but Zen~
Your face reflected on thy eyes~ ♥

10. ~Oil Prince … (@oil)

Oil truck? lololol are you showing off?
Fancy party! Lots of parking space! ♥

Of course! ♥
Of course not.

Bald. ♥
Credit delinquent.

11. ~TOEIC  (@toeic)

Filled with big feet!
Everyone has small feet! ♥

Chinese ♥

Nimtendo ♥
TOEFL practice book

12. ~Youngest College Students (@education)

There’s this person called Yoosung.
There’s this person called Jaehee… ♥

Games that give soda as prizes ♥
You don’t need to know.

Because you’re a baby.
It’s because you’re too smart. ♥

13. ~Lady of the Work…baskets? (@niddle)

Green ♥

Sewing machine
Long enough to do it with my eyes closed ♥

Use a sewing thread
Try to get a camel through a needle eye ♥

14. ~Drop the Beat~ (@tradition)

Cause, I’m slim lady, yes I’m the real lady, all you other slim ladies are just malnourished.
Whoopee~~ Beat the drums~~ ♥


Oh my dear sun~~ Lay your passion upon us~~ ♥
Ohmydearsun. Layyourpassionuponus.

15. ~LOLOL Guild Officer (@lololguilde)

Karaoke mic
Headset ♥

Christmas Tree
Focus on balance. ♥

Blood Dragon ♥
J Beaver

16. ~Homeless Rescue Team (@homeless)

Lots of people with warm hearts! ♥
Don’t mess up the party.

Chicken nugget combo?
Rice, soup, green salad, baked salmon, fried eggs. ♥

Selling random stuff in the subway
Selling Small Issue Magazine ♥

17. ~LOLOL Championship Host – (@creamroll)

The rock band Image Mythical Creatures ♥
A quiet, melodic song.

Limited edition title change ticket. ♥
110cm tall doll.

99 tickets for weapon enhancing.
Create a banner of the winner. ♥

18. ~Golf Company (@golf)

Driver shape ♥

Rocket shoes
Shoes that dries fast ♥

Dragon leather
Leather that doesn’t wear out ♥

19. ~Doctors with Conscience (@hospital)

Hippocratic oath ♥
Schweitzer oath

Just trust the doctors and leave it to them.
Request exam results. ♥

Comparing hospitals ♥
Big hospital near your house.

20. ~Commercial Musical Supporters (@musical)

Zen ♥

Zen is good as he is.
This production of “The Red Pepper Was So Hot” ♥

Get the help of college students. ♥
Ask an acquaintance who works in theater.

21. ~Indies Independent Games Organisation (@indie)

How about Scheam? ♥

Nameless ♥

Install it on a computer at an elementary school.
Why don’t you participate in a game convention? ♥

22. ~Floppy Disk Collector (Assisted by Kimchi) (@floppy)

Magnet bracelet
A rainbow coloured floppy disk model ♥

Windows 8.1 3711 disks ♥
It’s only in my memories.

Break his walkman!
Obtain a limited edition cassette and hide it! ♥

23. ~Assistant Human Rights Committee (@secretary)

He is very practical. ♥
Evil slave owner.

More than enough. ♥
A cat instead of a bonus…

Animal onesie.
Just your normal attire. ♥

24. ~Cherry Farm (@cherryfarm)

Green ♥

Poke it with a straw! ♥
Crush it with a spoon!

Diamond ♥

25. ~National Freeze University Tuition (@college)

Noon ♥
When it’s bright (just like your head) LOLOLOLOLOL

Peach and black
Yellow and black ♥

Candlelight ♥
Octopus costume

26. ~Coffee Roastery Association (@roastery)

Antigua ♥

Sean Bean
Whole beans ♥

About 60 days
15 days ♥

27. ~Upcoming Writers Association (@writers)

More science related organisations than ones related to art…
Art organisations will be joining. ♥

XOXOforeverurlovely#1star✩ ♥
Stranger Kid

Flies off to space. ♥
Male lead’s father is her mother’s lost brother.

28. ~Fair Film Festival Committee (@movie)

Rated-R movies u///u
A film about the environment. ♥

Realism ♥

Cannes, Venice, Berlin ♥
Rome, London and Tokyo

29. ~Men of Monogamy (@monogamy)

Personalised framed cross-stitch ♥

Why don’t you try focusing on something else?
Buy her handcuffs. ♥ … Uh. Even if it’s a metaphor… BDSM much?

Give her a bouquet of Jasmines. ♥
Share an honest conversation.

30. ~Tom (@tom)

Just a stupid dream.
Call the zoo! ♥

Stock prices of peach drinks going up. ♥
Pregnancy dream for a beautiful princess.

It means your grades! Two Fs!! ♥
Hire a bodyguard!

31. ~Cat Hotel (@cathotel)

Cat wine bar.
Cat buffet ♥

Cat Moulin Rouge!
How about people putting on a show? ♥

Cat limousine! ♥
Cat Stroller!

32. ~Driver Kim (@kim ?)

Compete with your son. ♥
Trust me with guts!

Drifting! ♥

The car from when you were young Pong! ♥
The new model of Berrari.

33. ~Longcat (@longcat)

Meowmeow, ♥

Miumiumi! ♥

Nyannyan! ♥

34. ~Guards In Taekwondo Uniform (@security)

Korea ♥

Because it’s cool ♥

Gold ♥

35. ~Chef RamG (LMAOOOO) (@chef)

3 cups, chef ♥ Yes, getting cooking lessons on instan- I mean, delicious ramyun.
6 cups, chef

You mix as if you’re cutting, chef ♥
You thoroughly knead the dough, chef

20 minutes ♥
5 minutes, chef

36. ~Banker (@bank)

100% interest rate ♥
Passed down for generations mortgage payment.

Bank of Neighbourhood
Swiss Bank ♥

$1.2 million all in cash. ♥
One card.

37. ~Students Living Alone (@oneroomer)

Keep them in the rice cooker.
To the freezer! ♥

Put newspaper on the windows!
Bubblewrap on the window. ♥

Fried rice. ♥
To the freezer!

38. ~Tiaranol (Is this guy okay? LOL) (@medicine)

Oh yeah, Caspirin!
Maybe… maybe… Tiaranol? ♥

It’s Tiaranol. ♥

TIARANOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

39. ~Pious Sons (@hyoja)

Filial piety ♥
Fiery passion.

Confuscious ♥

Be healthy ♥
Be rich

40. ~Making Pancakes Cats Can Eat Committee (@pancake)

Silvervine ♥

Salmon fish sauce ♥

Fish-shape ♥

41. ~Hackers Chasing Hackers (@hacker)

Lucky Kim (whispers) ♥

He’s young and bright, 22 years old.
He’s an oldie, 80 years old. ♥

Not Grandma! Grandmother! ♥
Not grandpa.. Grandfather!

42. ~Cat Shelter (@catprotect)

Of course! ♥
To be honest…

Give food and wait. ♥
Share your feelings with them~

Social media sites. ♥
Call people you know!

43. ~Allergy Research Centre (@allergy)

There is no such person.
Cat allergy. ♥

Beef and seaweed soup.  ♥
This answer contains “cheese” in it (I forgot the option oops)

I’m allergic to people not attending the party! ♥
I’m allergic to all these options!

44. ~Finance Expert (@frank)

All to the bank!  ♥
I just gave it to my mum.

Bank passbook.  ♥
Leprechaun’s pot of gold.

We split it up.  ♥
We put them all in one bank account.

45. ~Forever Alone Association … (@solo)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey hon… Wanna hang with me? Yes bby, I’d love to hang with you.
Hi, I’m Youngsoo. I got your number through Chulsoo.  ♥

A watch! ♥
A beret

Asking is not a challenge but a confirmation. ♥
The moment you lay eyes on her! Girlfriend first dating next!

46. ~Lamb Skewers (@lame)

Call the police!  ♥
Threaten them with your skewers!

Say hello!  ♥
Run away!!

I think you’ll just look down on the ground and pass by.
I think you’ll give them a kick in the butt. ♥

47. ~Wine Owners (@wineowner)

Red wine. ♥
White wine.

Ice wine. ♥

Jumin ♥

48. ~Mr. Choi (@naming)

Luciel. ♥
Jack, Choi

Your selected name ♥

Jihae ♥

49. ~Matchmaker of Love (@uranai)

I don’t have time…
So much time! ♥

C&R Director (something along those lines)
(Forgot the 2nd option T_T)

Old man under the moon. ♥
Old man under the sun.

50. ~Keyboard Research Facility (@keyboard)

Ergonomics ♥

Ctrl+C ♥

Movi ♥
Cutie Pie 83

51. ~Doctor Lee (@doclee)

You can’t see very well.
The seal is unlocked!!! ♥

Black ♥

Blood shot eyes.
The rise of the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!!! ♥

52. ~Cry Only (@emotion)

I wanted to help you. ♥
My neighbours are being so loud I can’t sleep.

I want to go see a movie but I don’t have anyone to go with. What do I do? ♥
I’m hungry. Please order some noodles for me.

Please come to our party and help out with catering.
I really hope you come to our party. ♥

53. ~Quit Smoking Support (@smoker)

A man’s word is his bond! ♥
Me scolding you won’t work. Just take it easy~

Your girlfriend will love that! ♥
If it’s that difficult, ask for your girlfriend’s permission.

You’re doing fine now 🙂
You’ll be useless if you give up now. ♥

54. ~Detective Sherlocking (@detective)

Please find my socks my grandma’s dog ate.
I know the vanished seven treasure islands. ♥

A mystery on Zen’s musical scripts!?
Yoosung’s LOLOL exploration. ♥

Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang ♥

55. ~God (@god)

Wow! Amazing that I get to talk to God! ♥
I pray… for God to come to the party.

Please let me be rich.
I am your daughter. ♥

I think you’ll ride the winds, carry a long cane, and wear sunglasses.
I think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person ♥

56. ~People Affectionate Towards Cats (@catlovers)

Head meow! ♥

Odd eye meow! ♥
One eye

Playground sand
Crystal litter ♥

57. ~CEO of BIC Pens (@monnami)

BIC Pens ♥
Chep… something.

Replace the tip of the ballpoint.
Sear the end with a lighter. ♥

Classic is best. ♥
How about a design similar to Monc Blant?

58. ~Fair Reporters Association (@press)

Netizens ♥
Social media

Law to protect reporters ♥
You have to leave it up to their conscience

Persian cat.
That is private. ♥

59. ~Wedding Planner (@marc)

Bae character ♥
Advertising balloons

Tripter invitations ♥
Hand-written invitations.

Hire a famous photographer!
Screenshot function! ♥

60. ~Wrong Majors (@wrongmajor)

What are you interested in these days? ♥
The confusing period will pass.

It is too late…
Who said it’s too late? ♥

Convince your parents. ♥
Well, yeah… They pay your tuition…

61. ~VFC (Fried Chicken) (@chicken)

Flyers distributed everywhere.
Commercial on YouTube ♥

A magical Phoenix.
Use a grandfa- Your face~ ♥

Cheese sprinkled. ♥
Fruit sprinkles.

62. ~Stock Know-it-all (@stock)

Invest in stocks. ♥
Don’t give them the bait! Just ignore those people!

Never get greedy. ♥
Get rich

Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang ♥
Yoosung Kim who entered a prestigious university

63. ~Tetris Champion (@tetris ?)

You want to bring Nimtendo to the party?
Of course! ♥

Stick ♥

At the party. ♥
It hasn’t come out yet…

64. ~Narcissist Clinic (@narcissist)

Treatment of shoving your face in sand and swimming.
Treatment of getting locked up in a room of mirrors. ♥

He takes a lot of selfies. ♥
He takes a long shower.

Lake Na ♥

65. ~Love Commenter (@badcomment)

My IP is VIP. ♥

This video is total trash lol
I’ll look forward to your next video! 🙂 ♥

Report them ♥
Have mercy.

66. ~Netizen (B1ack*Cat) (@netizens)

Yes, there is injustice going on so please come to our party and help us! ♥
You should be honored that you’re invited.

There’s no story of a magic girl who’s not violent. ♥
I think I know… When you’re hopeless about life,,, you have to drink a beer and play a round.

It’s cool… Completely suits you:)
Is your pet cat black?

67. ~Christmas Nolan (@nolam)

Avatardy 3D
Baleman ♥

Wonder Kitty
Onthestellar ♥

Leonardo Dicapuccino ♥
Audrey Heartburn

68. ~Smartphone Addiction Prevention(@smartphone)

Leave the phone outside. ♥
Forgot 2nd option

Leave battery half charged ♥
Place your charger next to you in room.

Popcorn brain ♥
Forgot 2nd option

69. ~Mummy @mira
Sturdy bandage
Pink bandage ♥

Coffin with lace all around ♥
Sparkling gold coffin

Life size figurine of Zen
Life size marble statue of Pharaoh ♥

70. ~Generic Fan Club (@genfanclub)

Tei’s tea leaf
Jumin’s cat 

Jalapeno’s Photobook 
V’s Photograph

Jumin’s autograph
Zen’s underwear 

71. Andre Kim (@designer)

Hawk Pose 
Create a heart shape with your arms over the head.

Shiny White 

Silk underwear with scarf 
Classic coat






607 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – Emails: Party Guests✩

  1. This is such a helpful site!
    I have a question, and although it’s almost completely unrelated to the blog’s content, I hope you will still answer it.
    The header image you have, how did you get it to cover the entire screen width?


  2. So I don’t know if anyone else had this problem but every time I try to answer a current email the app automatically closes and I’d really like to know if anybody else is having the same issue.


    • I’ve had that problem too. Does it happens with just 1 message? It uses to happen to me with more of one message, so I answer one, go to main page and answer the next. It’s kinda annoying, but it works.


    • I have this problem too! I try play and after this answer email or make other move in the game before answer an email and this working! Hope you too. Sorry for my bad English!


    • To get the good ending, you need at least 10 people at your party. Anything lower and you’ll get a normal ending. c:

      And yes, if you get a time out, those guests can’t be invited.


  3. Does anyone know how many guests you need to invite to get a successful party? Do you need to invite all of them? How many can you afford to fail before your party fails too? (first time playing, they obviously aren’t very clear about the requirements)


  4. Answers for the Designer:
    1. pose: like a hawk
    2. color: shiny white
    3. between silk underwear with scarf and a classic coat: silk underwear with scarf.


  5. eeeuuuhhh …. @Mira is not here ^^^ in the route of Zen day 7 at 9:54PM ^^^
    “Dear RFA’s Gatekeeper,
    My…Name…is…Mimmy…not Mommy. I…heard…there are…descendents… who wistho… know about me..
    I…would…like…to go…but…my current clothes…are…too…ancient…
    Please…recommend …new…clothes…


    Answers :
    Sturdy bandage
    Pink Bandage ♥


  6. the first options at @smartphone are smth like:
    Leave the phone in the leavong room,and then go to my own 💜
    Leave the phone on the pillow
    the 1st one is correct.


  7. I’m new to the game and I’ve been inviting absolutely EVERYONE to the party… should I invite just certain people? Like, decide who would get along with the guests and who would or something like that?

    Thank you


    • I believe that only in Zen’s route and Jaehee’s route have 2 “people” you are not supposed to invite. For Zen’s route is the Longcat since he’s got cat allergy. For Jaehee’s route, both Longcat and Zen’s fan club. You can choose the option to let them email you but just don’t get the first email correct will stop them from coming. I believe if you successfully invite those mention above in either of their routes, you will get a heartbreak but it’s not going to affect your ending.


  8. Hi! Jumin mentioned a cat shelter but I didn’t ask him to tell me more about it so I missed the hole “lets invite them to the party” part of the conversation… does that mean I won’t ever get to invite them?



  9. I have question You can buy back with time sands some chats
    I missed a chat were I can invite Rui wich one is it so I can say “YES” so i will get an email :)?
    i don’t want to restart Agaaaaaaain ! >.<


  10. Hello I just wanna ask something, I hope you answer me. I recently downloaded this game and currently I’m in day 4 now. I read some comments here saying that if you have few guests in day 4 you will end with a bad ending, is it true ? Cause I have only few guests right now, 3 of them have orange arrow and I’m scared having a bad ending T_T I really want to end up with Yoosung baby TT_TT


    • I did the same thing but I got a few more guests in the end and got the Yoosung ending. Just try to get the rest of the emails correct and you should be good 🙂


    • Sorry, I wasn’t in the country when this message popped up. You actually only need like 9+ guests to get a good ending overall if I remember correctly, so you should be fine.

      Just try to get as many as you can though.


  11. Wish i can turn back timeeeee,to the good old daaayyyysss.I accidentaly clicked ‘Red’ instead of ‘Green’ with tha Lady with tha baskets =(


  12. Was I supposed to suggest to Yoosung to get the LOLOL Association to come? Because I didn’t say that in a chat and didn’t get their email, it skipped and I now have the cultured citizens association and the romance novel company but never got the LOLOL one. I’m on day 3….please tell me I’ll get an email from them anyway – I do not want to restart! >x<


  13. For the “62. ~Stock Know-it-all (@stock)”

    2nd response on your page shows:

    Never get greedy. ♥
    Get rich

    But the options are actually:

    Not losing your money. ♥
    Getting rich.

    (Not exact but I am sure most ppl were still able to figure out which answer to select, I just wanted to help out in a small way since I enjoy using your guide!) ^^


  14. Hello, ah, I have a question. What does it mean when the word “completed” in green or red?? I’m not sure if this has been asked before. Also, do you happen to know how many guests do you need to get the normal ending?? Um, thank you for your time. (。・ω・。)


  15. None of the guests are replying the emails (even if the answer is correct).
    Is this a bug or something?
    I remember that Rui replied very quickly when i played MM first time.


  16. Hey I can’t find the @nolam one, it’s Christmas Nolam the director that Zen tells you about. Am I just missing it or has it not been added yet? Please let me know


  17. Hello, whenever i click to reply medicine Tiaranol my messenger closes by itself, it keeps happening and i dont know what to do, could you help me?


  18. Basically what happens is that even if you answer correctly once, they will still come. I’ve messed up quite a bit (haha) and some still showed up to the party. I’m not entirely sure, but I think the chances of them coming increase with each correct answer you give (just like real life would pan out). Don’t take my word for it though! Your guide is extremely helpful, I wish I had known about this before getting super stressed about the email thing! Good work!!


  19. I would like to add something! I’ve answered incorrectly on the third email, and they still came. The Completed sign was green with no sparkles. I’ve answered incorrectly on the second email, and they still came. The Completed sign was red with no sparkles. I haven’t had anyone come after I’ve answered incorrectly on the first email though. Hope this helps!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hey Alice. im guessing you know the most about this game here! ive played it for quite a while now and went through a few routes, had one bad ending. but a lot of people call Rika a ‘snake’. i dont understand why, is that a part of a story in a certain route? if yes whos route? im so curious! would be amazing if youd let me know, even if it spoils anything >.< thank you meow! ❤


  20. Hey there i saw that you guys didnt have down answers for Angre Kim (@Designer) his answers are:
    *Silk underwear with a scarf

    Hope this helps!


  21. So i cant fine the desinger one. I just got his emaip and im trying to get perfects for everyone but you dont have desinger on this list. I trippe checked and im getting super worried. Please help.


  22. You’re actually missing a guest!
    Fashion designer Angres Kim (@designer)

    Hawk 💙
    Arms over your head in a heart shape

    Shiny white 💙

    Classic coat
    Silk underwear 💙

    It’s not exact wording, but it’s close enough! Thank you for your walkthrough!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. I have a guest named ”Agre Kim” @designer and noticed that she is not on this list. So I thought to share at least the first right answer to her email ^^

    1) Hawk pose – correct answer
    2) Form a heart with your arms over your head (might not be phrased like this in the email…sorry 3: )

    P.S. I stumbled on her in Yoosung’s root on Day 9 in the chat titled ”Shocking facts”


  24. The trick is that you HAVE to get the first answer right, otherwise, you’ll fail altogether. If you get 2/3, there’s a chance they’ll still arrive, as their status becomes a green Completed after the third email.

    Liked by 1 person

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