Mystic Messenger – Prologue✩

Just a few things to note before I start:

  • Some of the conversations will have options that unlock other options. I will colour code these, so please refer to the same coloured text to see where the conversation leads. If the text is black, it means that it is the default story conversation continuing.
  • (+1) means you gain a heart from the answer you’ve chosen.
  • (-H) means you lose a heart.
  • Hourglasses appear randomly whenever someone’s chat bubble has cute emotes around it (like the cloud outlined ones or the hearts that surround them – I believe there is a higher chance of gaining them when you select a favourable answer for the characters).
  • If I don’t write anything like (+1) or (-H) or colour code it means that you either get nothing, or any choice is fine.
  • Any of these guides/walkthroughs that have a ‘✩’ icon included means that I have found every option there is for the conversation. The ones without the icon mean that I haven’t finished the walkthrough for that day completely yet and will be further updated.


Yes, I can.
Who are you?

An address?
I thought this app was for chatting with pretty boys?
First… who are you?

Why should I help you?
How can I help you?
Why are you so obsessed with finding the owner? You can just give it to the police or the post office.
Uh… Why are you talking to me as if I’m your friend?

No. You’re creepy.
Fine, I’m leaving if the place is sketchy.

I’ll listen to you.

You’ll get a photo of the “unknown” person (who knows if it’s really him or not).

Only one option here.

Hm. Don’t see one.

There’s nothing.
It’s here.

It’s here.
It’s not here.

Only one option.

Any choice from here leads to bad ending.

Only one option.

Reveal yourselves first, I’m the most confused one here…(+1 Jumin, +1 Zen)
I am (insert name). Who are you all and what is this place? (+1 707)

I came here while chatting with a personal (person?) called ‘Unknown’. Do you know him by any chance? (+1 Jumin)
I am flustered too. I was connected to a stranger through a messenger app and he sent me the address. (+1 Zen)

Only one option.

Ya. I know nothing. (+1 Zen)
Yes. (+1 Jumin)

I just wanted to chat with pretty boys… (+1 …Jaehee? LOL)
I just wanted to download the game and play it. (+1 Yoosung)
Just got it @ app store… (+1 Zen)

What is this chat room for;;?
Who’s V?

You’re not violating my….
Where did you get that info!?
But I’m not a girl.

What’s classified information?

I just came here to find the owner of the phone… What is going on…
Who the hell is Rika?

I’m not really interested. (+1 Zen)
Please explain.

A party?
Good cause?

What do you mean?
I thought this is just a messenger app?

What do I get if I join?
Alright. It looks fun. I’ll give it a go. (+1 Yoosung, +1 Jumin)
I’m not interested. (+1 Jaehee)

Aaaand that’s the prologue~

Stumbling upon that bad ending was such a surprise for me LOL. Also getting that picture of the ‘unknown’ person… Lmfao.

Hope you guys are enjoying the game so far~ Day 1 will be coming out as soon as I finish gathering all those extra options that appear… ・`ω´・)9

~JenJen rolling out!(o°▽°)o(o_△_)o(o°▽°)o

Mystic Messenger – Day 1 Part 1 →

86 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – Prologue✩

  1. Hi ! 🙂
    Hum, I have question … I just start the deep story, but all the days were already pass ._. (-to day1 to day 4- and I don’t have enough HG to unlock all the chats TT_TT), is it normal ? I’ve already done Zen and Yoosung’s route and it don’t make that … eh I don’t really know what to do right now T-T should I make a start over or … something else ? I don’t know 😦 Thank you for your answers 🙂 ! (and sorry if I make some grammar faults, I’m not english T_T’, well, have a good day!)


  2. Hi!! I have a very little doubt, I’m really curious, but what happens when you click the option that says: “I’m not a girl”?
    Thank you! And Happy New Year!


  3. Btw thanks for your walktrough! It helped me a lot!
    I downloaded MM 3 days ago on google play store but I didn’t find any visual novel. What should I do? Am I mistaken something?
    Looking forward to your response! Thanks.


    • Hi! I’m not an admin or anything just a little lady who wants to help! hehe
      You are doing nothing wrong! The Visual Novel’s start after the route has been decided (after the 5th day). Once you have your story oriented in any of the characters some visual novels will appear between chats!
      Have fun playing!! 🙂


    • I think the prologue and the 1st day is the same, the 2nd,3rd (and so on) will depend on the route you took. Hope I helped. I also hope you understand my english😂😅


  4. You said, that “Any choice from here leads to bad ending”… What does it exactly mean? I want to have 707’s route, but with good ending… Am I misunderstanding something? ><


  5. Hi! I have a question. If I already got a good ending for example in Yoosung’s route and I try to get the bad endings, will these overwrite the good ending I already have? Thank you!!!


    • Hey there!
      There’s no such thing as overwriting an ending in this game – just the CGs that you get.

      So basically, once you’ve finished Yoosung’s good route – that’s the end of it. Even if you load a save file from before, it won’t affect it. So go ahead 🙂


  6. hi this is my second time playing the game and i also got a text message from unknown??

    “It’ll be really fun from now on. Enjoy your time with everyone. I’ll go get you soon.”

    and the replies were either “You’re not dangerous are you?” and “Who the hell are you?!”

    idk if you know about this but just wanted to share


  7. I’m having this bad ending on Day 5 on Yoosung’s route. I’ve readother sites that to pass this bad ending, I’ve to miss 50% of chats from day 1-4. But can’t I pass the bad ending if on Day 1, I have 90%, for day 2 I have 63%, and on day 3 I have 13& and for day 4, I have 45%? I’m felt like I’m being lost please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee T-T


    • day 1 doesn’t matter much. you probably didn’t get enough hearts for whoever you were going for! try to at least participate in the conversations where you know you can get a bunch of hearts for whoevers route you want to go on!


    • Day 1 doesn’t matter, that’s true. But for the following days you need to get 63% at least in order to proceed. Else u will not able to pass thru days 5. (I remember i saw it at blog but i cant recall which blog)


  8. Hi, are there any differences between common route in casual story and deep story? I saw in the extras that there’s history for common route 1 and 2.

    I started the deep route but so far the beggining is the exactly same and the chats that appeared so far are also the same os the ones from common route in casual story. So what’s the difference? The guests u can invite? Or there are different chats?


  9. Hi there,

    I hope it won’t offend you to ask is it worth buying the calling card for 707? I mean of all people, he is the one hardest to contact. The other day I called him 7 times and he called me back once. Not that I’m angry (a little) but I do like calling him but the rate the phone to be pick up is quite low and maybe that’s why his calling card is the cheapest. Is it getting better if I play his route or any other routes?


    • the characters will only pick up during certain times. usually they’ll call you during certain times or after certain conversations. IM not really familiar with the calling cards since i ended up finishing before they came out with them, but if you really enjoy calling him i would say go for it ^^


  10. Hiii I’m thinking about buying the unli calling card for zen >w<)v will the calling card be active in one route only or permanently on your account?-?


  11. Hi, i’ve been following all your posts and it helped me so much! thx<33
    i have a question, right now i'm in yoosung's route and when i'm finished i want to try zen's route but i don't know how ;;;;; i saw that i have to save 4th day to start with a new character but i didnt save that day ;; so now i have to start all over again,right?
    then it means that in the 4th day i have to focus only in the character i want?

    help T T


  12. Do you know how long the chat is available until it records that you missed it and have to pay 5 hour glasses to open it again? My first 2 days was irritating ’cause I kept on missing the chats and have to pay for most, my free 30 hour glasses gone T-T Thanks to your guide though I now know when the next chat will open and never have to miss them =D


    • You need to spend 80 Hourglasses! There’s no need to play all the casual stories! When you reset the game (start over) you have the option to spend them.


  13. Hi, I just started to play this. And thank you for making this walkthrough.

    And I have some questions :).
    I want to start over. I missed out the ‘Welcome’ convo with yoosung because I didn’t start the game at midnight. But what will happen to my hour glasses? I got more hour glasses, because of an event or something, by registering before 24 august. But I’m afraid they’ll be gone if I start over. Is it safe for my hour glass to start over?

    Also.. I’ve finished the prologue when I read your blog. So if I understand it correctly, the red colored convo, will lead to bad end right?

    When I play it, I choose “No, you’re creepy” and then I got the unknown’s photo. But I didn’t choose any of the other red convo after that and the game stars out normaly. But will this effect the game in the future? Should I NOT choose any of the red convo at all? Is getting the photo effects the game?

    Sorry for the long question… 🙂 I hope you didn’t get bored reading it.
    Thank you


  14. I … skipped the prologue …. T_T . Is there any problems with ending? T_T
    (Actually I played prologue but not finish yet. My phone had bug and when I started the game again, I skipped it…I didn’t have conversation. I didn’t choose any thing in prologue T_T )


  15. Hello ^^
    I need your help now.
    I chose Casual Story, and I’m playing day 6th. I have enogh Hourglasses to buy Deep Story but I don’t how to go back to buy it. Can you guide me? What should I do?
    Thank you. ^^


  16. Hello~ Thank you so much for your time updating the walkthrough! it really helps me out! xD
    I was wondering if you ever encounter a problem which you suddenly went back to the start screen? (choices of casual and deep story, then when you choose casual one -since deep story should be unlocked by hourglasses- it restarts back to the Prologue? ;;

    Mine was like that. And i was on the 3rd day. Last login around 7 PM. I never log out my account so whenever i wanna play, i’ll just start the app. My friend said maybe i lost the data or that i never save. But if i lost my data, my yellow heart should be back to 0 again right? It remains the same like last time i logged in. 8″<

    Do you probably know why?
    Or was it because i chose any email from the party guests wrongly-


  17. Hello this is so helpfull thanks to make this blog^^ I want to ask about deep rute mode. I’m very Curious about 707 so I take deep rute and avoid the normal one. Can I have a good ending if I take 707 rute? It seems hard to play 707 rute bcs he have so manya secrets :”) I will wait for your advice. Thank you😊


  18. Hi, I dowloaded this game few days ago and wow! It’s more than I could expected in a otome game! While playing this game I have a lot of questions and thanks to God! You are here. ❤
    But I still nervous that today is my fifth day in game and I got into Yoosung's route and had a bad end. I feel so bad to start over the game. I have found your tumblr and followed, something that I don't understand almost is "Not to romance with Jumin and 707 if don't want to get bad end". It's something diffirent from gain heart by the correct answer or not? 😦
    What is the diffirence between of good end and normal end? I'm curious that I going through the black text, is it the right way to get the good end?

    Sorry for asking so much questions :(( this is the first time I play this kind of game :(( And thank you so much for these information ❤

    *sorry for my english if it so bad*


  19. I don’t know if I messed up the prologue, but when the story splits, everyone works out that they are robots and Yoosung (the one who pursues it), is taken away by Unknown, after Jaehee says something like, you should pick next time before you proceed. I want to avoid that, but I don’t know how I got it.


  20. Thank you so much for doing this
    But aww~ I found this after I’d finished playing this heol~ I’m crying
    I’ve got 675 hearts, is it good or not? How many hearts there are?
    Btw are there any differences between Casual Story and Deep Story?


  21. Hello, can I ask you something???
    I wanted to ask you, what’s the difference between yoosung’s casual story and yoosung’s deep story???
    I’ve done yoosung’s casual story, and I realllyyyyyy love him!! So I wanted to know what’s the difference between it

    Thanks, and sorryy. My English isn’t really good


  22. Hello, can I ask you something??
    I was really curious about this, what’s the difference between yoosung’s casual story and yoosung’s deep story??
    I have done Yoosung’s casual story, so I wanted to know the difference with his deep story, hehe…

    Thanks, and sorry. My English isn’t really good


  23. What would you advise me? Add hourglasses to have enough to 707’s route or go directly to it (there are 80 hourglasses for deep story, yes?).I’m lost :c


    • Basically, you have to pay 80 hourglasses JUST to unlock Deep Story route. If you want to read 707’s route quickly, then I suppose you could buy hourglasses, or you can just play it like normal and wait for the conversations to appear 🙂

      If you ask me… If you’re patient enough, play the game slowly xD I bought heaps of hourglasses in order to get the walkthroughs done but I think it’ll be a better experience if you wait it out 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Hello! I was on 5 and after talking with Yoosung suddenly appeared this strange and said it would take Yoosung. After that I lost all the game and returned to the start (choice between casual history and deep history) That was a bad end? What did I do wrong? I’m so sad, I think it was goign well..


    • Were you being very possessive of Yoosung? And also were you selecting responses that made it seem like you were “becoming Rika”?

      You have to tell Yoosung that you’re NOT Rika, and try to change him. Tell everyone to stop picking on him, and make sure that you don’t treat him like a little boy.


  25. helloo, i have a question
    I started a casual story for collecting hourglasses for deep story. Now I have all I need, but yeah…how can I umm…
    stop playing the story I’m playing right now?
    I had Zen route at my saves (9th day) and what happens when i load the save when I’m playing in first day? :’DDD
    this is hard
    can you help me?
    (sry my bad english)


    • Hi there~

      Sorry for the late reply. If you want to keep the current story you have now, just save it in your save/load area. To start over again and select the deep story, go to Settings > Account > Start Over. (Your pictures that you have collected won’t disappear, so don’t worry).

      Then when you want to continue playing Zen’s route, you can load it, however you’ll probably have to spend 5 hourglasses for the conversations that you miss out on.


      • I’ve finished the casual route and accidently click on casual route again when choosing between casual and deep route OTL. Even when I start over, only casual route screen appears, how can I access deep route now? T.T


      • You can unlock Deep Route by spending 80 hour glasses. Just click on Deep Route and when it asks you to spend 80 hour glasses (if you have) then choose yes. The game will load and when choosing the routes you’ll see that Deep Route is no longer chained.


    • Hi there,

      Stories will unlock by themselves at specific times for free (you can check the times in 24 hour time written on my walkthroughs).

      If you miss one if the conversations (you will miss a conversation if you have not attended it by the time the next conversation will unlock), then you will need 5 hourglasses to redo the conversation you missed.


      • I missed 0:00 so I ended up using 50 hourglasses and becaus of the time difficulty I ended u missing 0:00 again. It just wont show up and if ever Ill need 50 hourglasses again that I dont have now. Is there no way to make it show up and use 5 hourglsses instead? Thank you


      • Sorry, can you tell me what day you’re missing 00:00’s conversation on? if you’re on the first day, to make the very first chat at 00:00 appear, you have to pretty much have started the game at midnight, or else it won’t appear, and you can’t ever get it.

        As for other days, the 00:00 conversations will always appear, and if you miss those, then you have to use 5 hourglasses.


    • @Yuuki,

      Hmm, personally? I think if you have some money to spare, buying the card of your favourite characters would be nice c;

      Sometimes they won’t pick up, but it feels nice to just listen to their voices – especially if you feel like you’ve had a stressful day~

      I’ve already bought 707’s card because it was the cheapest out of all of them and I like it so far ^^

      In terms of if I think it’s worth it? That would depend on you ~ I think you can live without it, since you can always go and replay their after endings or go through their route again for free.

      I’m not sure if my opinon helped, but I hope it did a little ^^!


      • can you please tell me where can I buy the unlimited phone card? is it only available in the VIP package?


      • @ThePhung,

        At the top of the screen, you’ll see a ‘+’ sign next to the amount of hourglasses you have. Click that, and then at the top left of the screen, you’ll see two circles. One is the hourglasses tab which you’ll be on, and then you just click the tab next to it 🙂


    • @HoneyPie,

      I believe the Casual Story only refers to the private life of the 3 members (Yoosung, Zen & Jaehee) that are not deeply involved with the organisation & its classified information. You get visual novel snippits of the main story, but you will never go onto finding the “truth” I suppose.

      The Deep Story goes into more depth and can be said to be the “main story” of the game I suppose.

      The recommended route order for the game is Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee, Jumin & finally 707 – since 707 seems to hold the most secrets.

      I hope this answer helped you somewhat!


  26. OMG, Bad END. It reminded me HnKnA. :3 I always thought, that Alice’s reluctance to chase the rabbit should bring to the Bad End… if it’s not a bother, can you, please, tell, what happened in this ending and is there any CG, except Unknown’s photo? :3


    • @SweU,

      LOL. HnKnA is great :’)


      The bad ending is really short – so you pretty much just troll the guy by saying you can’t see the password lock and then when he finally gives up , you will switch into Visual Novel mode and Unknown will show up, saying “the plan failed”. He then tells you to follow him and then he states that it would be a waste to just get rid of you – asking you to ‘come’ with him.

      Both of the options will lead to you following him anyway (since you kinda have no choice) and that just leads to the bad ending. There aren’t any other CGs besides the what I assume to be the fake photo of Unknown, but you do get to see who he really is ;D

      I kinda laughed at how there was actually a bad ending from the beginning – since I was just testing out the options LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you very much for your answer! =) Oh… you shouldn’t troll strangers, if you are already on their territory. (ノωヽ) Considering the 707’s route, it was a really bad ending after all. (。•́︿•̀。)


      • @SweU,

        Aaaah, 707’s route.
        Since I’m trying to play in order, I’ll have to play his route last ; _; )…
        He was my favourite character from the group too~

        And definitely, I hope everyone learns their lesson from Unknown – never trick strangers. //thumbsup


    • @nyaw,
      Thank you! I’m glad it’s helping you c:

      The hourglasses can be used to either advance quicker into the story instead of waiting for them to be unlocked in real-time, or if you’ve missed a conversation you can use 5 hourglasses to go back and redo it.

      If you use the save/load function, when loading you’ll also be required to use 5 hourglasses. Calling someone will also use 5 hourglasses 🙂

      The only use I know for hearts right now is that you can trade 100 of them for one hourglass. I’m not sure if they have any other functions for the heart, but I would save the hearts in case, since only getting one hourglass isn’t worth it in my opinion ^^;

      I hope I’ve answered your question ~ Feel free to ask any others c:


  27. Thank you very much for your walkthrough ! It’s very helpfull ^-^
    I just have a problem though… I didn’t get any golden hearts after the introduction whereas it said that I have get 5 golden hearts… T_T


    • Hi myskae~
      Thanks! I’m glad it’s helping you c:

      Regarding your problem with the hearts, I believe that it might be another bug or a glitch from the game itself. As we know, the game is still pretty recent, and with all these new features that Cheritz are implementing, it’s taking quite a bit of time.

      If after the introduction, you get the popup that says you will receive 5 hearts but don’t receive them, I think you should probably send an email to ^^

      They will most likely compensate you, so there’s no harm in trying ~
      Hope your problem gets solved soon so you get to enjoy the game! c:


      • Thank you for your quick response ! Yeah I will send an email. I really hope that it will be solve.
        Anyway thank you for your good work I will follow your walkthroughts for this game ^-^


      • @myskae I hope you resolve it soon ^^

        Thanks for following this walkthrough! If you have any questions regarding the walkthrough, don’t hesitate to ask c:


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