Mystic Messenger – Casual Story – Day 3 Part 2✩

  • Some of the conversations will have options that unlock other options. I will colour code these, so please refer to the same coloured text to see where the conversation leads. If the text is black, it means that it is the default story conversation continuing. If the text has two or more colours – it means that the two options that occur after also unlock more options… sorry, it’s confusing I know :’)
  • (+1) means you gain a heart from the answer you’ve chosen.
  • (-H) means you lose a heart.
  • Hourglasses appear randomly whenever someone’s chat bubble has cute emotes around it (like the cloud outlined ones or the hearts that surround them – I believe there is a higher chance of gaining them when you select a favourable answer for the characters).
  • If I don’t write anything like (+1) or (-H) or colour code it means that you either get nothing, or any choice is fine.
  • Any of these guides/walkthroughs that have a ‘✩’ icon included in the title means that I have found every option there is for the conversation.The ones without the icon mean that I haven’t finished the walkthrough for that day completely yet and will be further updated.

PS: If you want to quickly find the conversation you are looking for, just press CTRL+F and type the accurate time of the conversation you are looking for (you can find the accurate time in-game). Or you can just type the name of the conversation. That works too.

~Day 3 Part 2~

~The Lady of Bracelets (13:05) – Jaehee, Yoosung

Do you think Zen looks handsome in the photo? (+1 Jaehee)
Jaehee, you’re online again?

The photo of Zen? (+1 Jaehee)
You mean Yoosung’s game avatar? (-H Jaehee)

~Yoosung enters~

There’s no way Jaehee’s going to take a photo of your avatar. (+1 Jaehee)
Yoosung, good to see you ^^ (+1 Yoosung)

Did you look into the Lady of the Bracelets?
Jaehee, you must really like Zen~ lolol (+1 Jaehee)

You like Zen’s musicals and photos of him.
I feel like you have feelings for him…

Lololol that’s funny.
Why don’t you invite her to the party? You’ll receive an email from the Lady of Bracelets Maker after this conversation.

I really can’t get used to that name. ‘Luciel’ (+1 Yoosung)
Luciel… 707 must be an angel. (+1 707)

Yoosung is a really pretty name. (+1 Yoosung)
I think Jaehee is a pretty name. (+1 Jaehee)

Wow! I’m really curious of that club. (+1 Yoosung)

We should invite that club to our party! You’ll unlock emails from the Meteorite Study Club.

Take care of yourself… (+1 Jaehee, -H Yoosung)
Did you level up? (+1 Yoosung)

Hot shower +_+ (+1 Yoosung)
What are you going to do, Jaehee? (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee… Good luck. I’m cheering for you! (+1 Jaehee)
Yoosung, rest well! (+1 Yoosung)

~Jaehee’s Thoughts (15:30) – Zen, Jaehee

Zen, hello.
I want to see you take a shower… (+1 Zen)

I hope he becomes more like you, Zen. (+1 Zen)
I want to go out with Yoosung… (+1 Yoosung)

Maybe they want you to model for them since you’re handsome? (+1 Zen)
I think you’ll be more profitable as a model than as an actor. (-H Zen)

~Jaehee enters~

I agree too… (+1 Jaehee)
Hello, Jaehee.

I guess you focus more on woman than hobbies, Zen. (+1 Zen)
If Yoosung gets a girlfriend, he might stop playing games. (+1 Yoosung)

You know everything, Jaehee. (+1 Jaehee)
Do you like games, Jaehee?

What’s wrong with being busy? Love is more important. (+1 Zen, -H Jaehee)
You’re not ready to be in love. (+1 Jaehee)

You’d lose your popularity though. (+1 Jaehee)
Oh… So romantic!! (+1 Zen, -H Jaehee)

Jaehee has a point. Lol (+1 Jaehee)
I want to fall in love… (+1 Zen)

~ Zen leaves ~

Logged out as fast as lightning….
Jaehee, what did you say about being in love?

Lololol that’s a long sentence.
I guess you’re not an innocent girl lolol

It’s fine~ (+1 Jaehee)
Lololol (-H Jaehee)

It’s fine. You didn’t say anything weird~ (+1 Jaehee)
Will he add it though. Lolol

~Zen Making a Fuss (17:56) – Yoosung, Zen

Yoosung, hello.
Did you finish your shower? Lol (+1 Yoosung)

It’s not very good to be addicted to games. (-H Yoosung)
You won’t get lonely if you play in teams~. (+1 Yoosung)
I’ll make sure you’re not lonely. (+1 Yoosung)

What did you do during the day?
Do you have any other hobbies than games? (+1 Yoosung)

I think being a game junkie suits you better than coffee.
I think it suits you. (+1 Yoosung)

You don’t. I’m just kidding haha (+1 Yoosung)
Then how about lessening your game hours…

~Zen enters~

Hello, lovely Zen. (+1 Zen)
Hello Zen.

Lolol you have so many typos. (+1 Yoosung)
Zen, you have something you want to say? (+1 Zen)

Go ahead.
I’m going to go play games too.

Invite that group to the party! You’ll receive emails from the Women Artists.
It must have been hard for you…

You look better than a model!
Looks okay lol

You should be a movie star!!
Why do you have to be so selfish and look so handsome? (+1 Zen)

Yoosung, have fun with your game~ lolol (+1 Yoosung)
Zen, good bye^^

~A Slave of Money, Seven (19:42) – Jaehee, 707

I’m here ^^ (+1 707)
Jaehee, you’re here. (+1 Jaehee)

For what? (+1 707)
Serves you right. (+1 Jaehee)

I’ll be careful of Seven, Jaehee ^^ (+1 Jaehee)
Watch out for yourself, 707. (+1 707)

The more positive a person is, the more sensitive they are.
To be honest, you do seem that way.

Have you lived your life this way, Seven?
It’s not like you to be so serious…

Lololololololol (+1 707)
Don’t tease Jaehee~! (+1 Jaehee)

Sleep tight, 707. (+1 707)
Jaehee, let’s talk soon~ (+1 Jaehee)

~Jalapenos Topping (21:15) – Yoosung, Jaehee, Zen

Hiya Jaehee. (+1 Jaehee)
Hey, Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)

~ Zen enters ~

Hello, Zen~ (+1 Zen)
I’m worried about Seven. (+1 Jaehee)

Your productivity would probably increase. (+1 Jaehee)
Wouldn’t it feel as if you’re under someone’s control?

Try taking on another hobby ^^ (+1 Zen)
I can lock you up lol (+1 Yoosung)

Let’s talk about something more appropriate. (+1 Jaehee)
Zen, have you ever acted out a situation where you’re locked up? (+1 Zen)

Lolololololol what is that? Lololol (+1 Zen)
I wanna eat jalapeno cheese burger pizza. (+1 Yoosung)

Lolololololol I want to see that play. (+1 Zen)
Jaehee! You have a really good memory. (+1 Jaehee)

Me too…
You get fat. (+1 Jaehee)

Let’s build up the transfat together everyone. (+1 Yoosung)
I’m going to go by myself. (+1 Zen, -H Yoosung)

I want to see that musical too. (+1 Jaehee)
I think you’ll do well in anything Zen. (+1 Zen)
I’ll probably order pizza too. (+1 Yoosung)

Zen, good luck working out ^^ (+1 Zen)
Bye Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)
Jaehee, good bye^^ (+1 Jaehee)

~Yoosung is Living Alone (23:00) – Yoosung, Zen

Yoosung, when are you going to bed?
Playing games? (+1 Yoosung)

You did. (+1 Yoosung)
You didn’t.

It’s a good idea, but I’m not sure if we’ll get anything out of it.
Sounds good.

Please contact them as soon as you can. (+1 Yoosung)
Thank you. (+1 YoosungYou’ll receive an email from the Barista Association after.

Be prepared if it tastes bad ^^ (+1 Yoosung)
Thank you. ^^ (+1 Yoosung)

~ Zen enters ~

Hello, Zen ^^ (+1 Zen)
Yoosung is off to play games~. (+1 Yoosung)

~ Yoosung leaves ~

You don’t deserve to say anything to Yoosung.
You really owe V your life. (+1 Zen)
Omg… scary.

I don’t really care for looks. (+1 Zen)
I have a pretty picky taste.

Invite them! You’ll unlock the Modeling Agency emails after this.
I’ll think about it.

Lolol that’s interesting. Good night ^^ (+1 Zen)
Sleep tight.

Phew~ Day 3 complete ;D

Only ONE more day until the common route is finished! If you are doing the casual story, your story will branch off into either Yoosung, Zen or Jaehee’s story after Day 4 ends, depending on how many affection points you’ve earned with the three of them.

Since I have two accounts atm (I made two when all that hassle with login errors were occuring) I can do Yoosung and Jaehee’s routes ~ Look forward to them soon ♥

~JenJen rolling out! (o°▽°)o(o_△_)o(o°▽°)o

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30 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – Casual Story – Day 3 Part 2✩

  1. Hi, this is my first otome game and I love it so much especially with Zen (his voice is cool). Thank you so much for made these walkthrough, it helps very much.

    Sorry for my bad English.
    I want to ask about photo album.. at the conversation “Jumin and Cat and Zen” and “Zen making a fuss”, Zen sent 1 new photo to each conversation but why those 2 cool photo doesn’t save at photo album?


  2. Hi, thanx so much for this walk through
    It’s truly helpful!! I just got one question, is there anyway I could get the end of jumin? I really like him, but gaining his heart is so difficult. Should I try to gain no heart except his?


  3. If you can get only 3 caharecter for the casual story.. and let’s say you want to go to the deep story for 707. Does it matter how many hearts you got in the casual story for him?


  4. For the conversation “yoosung is living alone” the option “it’s a good idea, but I’m not sure if we’ll get anything out of it” DOES NOT lead to the option for getting the barista association emails. It did give me an hourglass, though.


  5. In the conversation “A slave of money, Seven”, the answer “To be honest, you do seem that way.” did not give a heart for Jaehee


  6. Hi! I’ve been using your other guides for such, and I wanted to say thank you~ they’ve been a big help! Anyways, I’m trying to get Jaehee’s route. Any advice on getting it and if I do, what kind of answers I should be doing for a good end?


  7. Hi there! May I know if getting many broken hearts from other characters will affect my ending with my targeted character? I’m at Day 3 today and I broke Jaehee’s and Yoosung’s hearts around twice each for Zen’s hearts… I also broke 707’s heart for Zen too, and I’ve read elsewhere that breaking too many hearts will lead to a bad ending but they didn’t state whether they meant breaking hearts of the targeted character or everyone in general…please help me, I really want to get Zen’s good ending. ;;;


    • hmm.. i definitely try not to get too many, but i think if you make it up somewhat it should be ok! IM not sure if breaking hearts w other characters actually makes a different if you aren’t on their route, but IM guessing not


      • I think breaking too many hearts give you a bad ending. I broke Yoosung’s and Jahee’s hearts for Zen and in the end Yoosung gets taken away by some unknown guy and then you get the bad ending. :/


  8. The conversation at 21:15 (day 3) when they’re talking about pizza, the response “I’m going to go by myself” breaks jaehee’s heart not yoosung’s since zen replies that he’ll make it with [me] and jaehee likes him ;(


  9. For the Yoosung Lives Alone one, you need to say “sounds good” rather than “good idea b I’m not sure if we’ll get anything out of it” to get the option for the Barista Club.


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