OZMAFIA!! Caesar Walkthrough




Now that you mention it…

I’ll decide myself

*Choose Caramia*

I didn’t have anything to do…

Is that strange?

What about Mr. Kyrie?

*Choose Kyrie*

Please tell me

It’s boring

*Choose Axel*

Join them

He’s a strange person

I’ll give it a shot

I’m doing it because I want to

*Choose Caesar*

I want to remember it


Be annoyed

Be confused

*Choose Caesar*

Show him it’s safe

Pancakes please

Stop Mr. Kyrie!

*Choose Caesar*

You can rest easy with Soh by your side!

They must be very kind people

I’d give up

*Choose Caesar*

You seem really strong

Please don’t be so rude

But Axel is…

*Choose Caesar*

Talk about something


That’s Mr. Kyrie for you

You’ll get taller!

*Choose Caesar*


Please don’t fight

*Choose Caesar*

You should come to town

Scarlet didn’t really need to apologize

*Choose Caesar*

Isn’t that kind of lonesome?

Is she that stubborn?

*Choose Caesar*

That was so cool…

Mr. Caramia

*Choose Caesar*

Tell him the truth

I can’t wait!

Let’s do it at the mansion

*Choose Caesar*


You really take your job too seriously

Thank you very much

*From this point forward, you will only be able to choose Caesar*

I just can’t get him off my mind

Why don’t all three of us have a chat?

Sounds like a handful…

Meteor Shower Gathering

I was so worried

(Save 1)

Good afternoon

I don’t think you should do that…

Don’t leave me behind!





(Open Save 1)

Are you doing alright?


Could you slow down?

Of course not



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