Mystic Messenger – Jaehee Route – Day 5✩

  • Some of the conversations will have options that unlock other options. I will colour code these, so please refer to the same coloured text to see where the conversation leads. If the text is black, it means that it is thedefault story conversation continuing.
  • Any of these guides/walkthroughs that have a ‘✩’ icon included means that I have found every option there is for the conversation. The ones without the icon mean that I haven’t finished the walkthrough for that day completely yet and will be further updated.
  • (-H) = Lose a heart.
  • (+1) = Gain a heart.

To find the conversation you are after, CTRL+F the accurate time (e.g. 03:33) from the game; or the name of the conversation.

*Author’s note on Jaehee – You’ll get a lot of hearts for like almost all the choices for Jaehee. I don’t know what differs from the good to bad ending, but just try to pick the options that are level-headed like Jaehee, support her and be on her side at all times. You’ll need to worry about Zen a bit as well.

~Day 5~

~I Cannot Control Myself (01:22) – Yoosung

You’re not drinking coffee anymore?
What are you doing up?

…Don’t you have finals coming up soon?
Don’t control yourself. Just follow all your urges and become the best. (+1 Yoosung)

Good bye, hope your journey’s as sweet as the Cream Roll…
How about inviting the host for the championship to our party? You will unclock Cream Roll emails after.

~Lonely Zen (03:13) – Zen

Hello, Zen.
I see you’re still up. Are you feeling lonely? (+1 Zen)

I guess he’ll get a girlfriend when he wins the championship…
He’s an adult. He’ll take care of himself.

Zen, are you too busy working to get a girlfriend?
Are there a lot of merits to your work? (+1 Zen)

Zen, come to me if you get lonely.
You’ll get your chance some day! Cheer up! (+1 Zen)

I just felt like making a late night joke. (+1 Zen)
I wasn’t kidding. (+1 Jaehee)

I’ll miss you… (+1 Jaehee)
Good bye, Zen.

~Tickets to the Cherry Farm (06:49) – Jumin, Jaehee

Jaehee, how was your night? (+1 Jaehee)
Good morning, Jumin. (+1 Jumin)

There must be a reason why Jaehee didn’t do it… Calm down first. (+1 Jaehee)
Elizabeth likes cherries? (+1 Jumin)

Who won the contest? (+1 Jumin)
Meerkat contest -_-;;

Jumin, everyone gets tired if they work too long… (+1 Jaehee)
Then Jaehee should work faster. (+1 Jaehee)

Jumin, I think you’re being irritable right now. (+1 Jaehee)
Being the super mean boss~ Oh yeah~

I guess Jaehee gets paid for looking after the cat~ How cool haha. (+1 Jumin)
Do you really need to leave the cat with Jaehee? (+1 Jaehee)

~ Jumin leaves ~

Jumin, I think you’re going out of line… (+1 Jaehee)
Jaehee, you must earn a lot of money including the pay for overtime haha. (+1 Jaehee)

Cheer up, Jaehee…
Just quit.

Sure, good bye~
Don’t get so upset and have a good day, Jaehee. (+1 Jaehee)

~Jumin is the Boss (08:14) – Zen

Zen, did you have breakfast? (+1 Zen)
I feel so bad for Jaehee… (+1 Jaehee)

I think it’d be nice to have someone like you as an employer, Zen. (+1 Zen)
I think he makes her do everything since she’s so good. (+1 Jaehee)

Zen, do you happen to have feelings for Jaehee? (+1 Jaehee)
Why does Jumin plan those kind of events and give Jaehee a hard time? (+1 Jaehee)

I hope Jaehee gets through this crisis. (+1 Jaehee)
She should be thankful that she has work at times like these. Aren’t you the type to work all day too? (+1 Zen)

I love you, Zen. (+1 Zen & Jaehee)
Good bye, Zen.

~A Vicious Enterpriser (11:20) – Yoosung, 707

Hiya, Seven. (+1 707)
Yoosung, you’re not going to school today? (+1 Yoosung)

Jaehee must have had such a hard time.. (+1 Jaehee)
His contest sounds a bit strange but it does seem funny. (+1 Jumin)

That sounds fun. Contact the longcat so we can invite it~ lol (-H Jaehee, +1 707) Receive emails from the Longcat at the price of one heart lmao
I don’t think Jaehee will like it so I don’t want to invite it. (+1 Jaehee)

That’s a bit….. Seconded. (+1 Yoosung)
Seven, you should run a cat cafe. (+1 707)

But you still earn a living so maybe that’s enough… (+1 707)
-_- Seconded (+1 Yoosung)

You have no choice while you live in a world dictated by money…
Getting an internship offer is good enough lol

Your baby car is so awesome. Wow. (+1 707)
I don’t think Seven deserves to talk about the importance of money. (+1 Yoosung)

I’m going to go work and make a living too…
Cheer up you two.

~Freelancing is the Best (13:20) – Zen

Living isn’t easy…
Zen, how was work? (+1 Zen)

Still, I think you’d rather starve than work under Jumin. (+1 Zen)
I’m amazed that Jaehee still works with Jumin. (+1 Jaehee)

To be honest, I can do as well as Jaehee. (+1 Zen & Jaehee)
I respect Jaehee too… (+1 Jaehee)

Already? Stay with me longer~ (+1 Jaehee & Zen)
Okay. Good bye, Zen.

T_T… Yeah, okay. (+1 Jaehee & Zen)
Go ahead ^^

Don’t worry. ^^ (+1 Jaehee)
Why do you care about Jaehee so much? (+1 Jaehee)

~Zen’s Respect Towards Jaehee (15:55) – Jaehee

Jaehee, you must be really busy. (+1 Jaehee)
Zen probably doesn’t have feelings for you.. (+1 Jaehee)

Zen says he respects you, Jaehee… Cheer up. (+1 Jaehee)
You two seem to belong in completely different worlds. I don’t know how he could comfort you. (+1 Jaehee)

Zen must be pretty amazing. (+1 Jaehee)
I knew Zen would be the perfect husband for me~! (+1 Jaehee & Zen)

Jaehee, you’re too strong to endure all that stress and anxiety. (+1 Jaehee)
There’s a reason why Zen’s so popular.

Especially me too.
I’d be nice for Zen to date a fan… (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee, cheer up! Zen and I are cheering for you. (+1 Jaehee)
Okay, good bye.

~Yoosung’s Concern (17:15) – Yoosung

Heya Yoosung.

It’s nice to see them show respect for each other. (+1 Jaehee)
Was school okay? (+1 Yoosung)

I don’t really think Jaehee’s happy… (+1 Jaehee)
Zen seems happy doing his work. Just my type of guy. (+1 Zen)

Not because you don’t have a girlfriend?
Because you don’t know what makes you happy? (+1 Yoosung)

Don’t know if that’s being defensive or being wise lol
I don’t know what you mean but it sounds like you don’t want a girlfriend.

Don’t become too much of a game addict.
Okay, bye~

~Life That Pursuits Happiness (19:00) – Jaehee, 707

Heya Seven. (+1 707)
Jaehee, do you still have a lot of work? (+1 Jaehee)

Just give it to him lol (+1 707)
If anything happens to the cat, Jaehee will be responsible so I oppose. (+1 Jaehee)

But chained to money… (+1 Jaehee)
Freedom is expensive. (+1 707)

This game isn’t a visual novel, but it gives you more than two options.
You’re making me depressed;; (+1 Jaehee)

I feel like that’d be leaning too much towards one profession so I don’t feel comfortable about it…^^;
I’d like to invite them for you, Jaehee. Tell them to contact me~ (+1 JaeheeYou will unlock Assistant Human Rights Committee emails after.

Seven;;; Get your words right. (+1 Jaehee)
lmaooo so funny (+1 707)

The number of cars you own will increase exponentially. (+1 707)
Stop buying cars… You seem rich..T_T (+1 Jaehee)

Happiness is the most important thing, no? (+1 Jaehee & 707)
I don’t think he does;; (+1 Jaehee)

I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack every time I see his musicals. Want to have him as my husband. (+1 Jaehee & Zen)
I’m glad at least Zen’s musicals cheer you up, Jaehee. (+1 Jaehee)
Ya… (+1 707)

I think he means he wants you to find someone you love and become happy. (+1 Jaehee)
My guess is that he wants to say Zen’s sexy. (+1 Zen)

A man you can never get… So cool. (+1 Jaehee & Jumin)
Then is he a statue? (+1 Jaehee)

Just go to marriage meetings and get it over with. (+1 Jaehee)
I think Jaehee’s thought enough about whether or not she’s on the right path… (+1 Jaehee)

Drive safe, Seven lol (+1 707)
I don’t know what advice you gave, but good bye.

~ 707 leaves ~

Why do you feel that way? (+1 Jaehee)
Maybe because Seven talked about dating. (+1 Jaehee)

I think I can be that friend for you! ^^ (+1 Jaehee)
It’s so hard to meet people like that… (+1 Jaehee)

Cheer up, Jaehee. (+1 Jaehee)
Hope you get a lot of work done. (+1 Jaehee)

~Jaehee and Love (21:01) – Yoosung, Zen

Yoosung, how was your game? (+1 Yoosung)
Zen, you’re still up?

I want to see you, Zen. (+1 Jaehee & Zen)
I can’t sleep either. (+1 Zen)

RIP Yoosung’s love life…
Zen, don’t you want to date?

Do you want to date me? lol (+1 Jaehee & Zen)
Do you think Jaehee will get happy by dating? (+1 Jaehee)

It doesn’t have to be through dating but… I want Jaehee to be happy. (+1 Jaehee)
I don’t have the luxury to worry about Jaehee… Zen… date me.

I’m in love ^^ (+1 Jaehee)
I am your fan ^^ (+1 Jaehee & Zen)

Ya, before she gets any older she should start dating… (+1 Jaehee)
I think you two are just prejudiced to think her age will restrict her changes for love. (+1 Jaehee)

Nah lol (+1 Jaehee)
Do you even have to ask? (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee even respects you, Zen. (+1 Jaehee)
Probably just a “slightly interested girl #1”. (+1 Jaehee)

I think she’s extremely attractive. (+1 Jaehee)
Why are you asking Zen that???

Jaehee might feel embarrassed; (+1 Jaehee)
Zen, am I attractive? (+1 Jaehee & Zen)

Zen, don’t you think she’s an amazing woman? (+1 Jaehee)
Asking Zen is a bit…

Because I love Zen. (+1 Jaehee/Zen)
I have dibs on Zen lol (+1 Jaehee & Zen)

Then we should never invite them. (+1 Jaehee)
What about… inviting your fan club to the party? (-H Jaehee, +1 Jaehee/Zen… What?) For the sake of doing Jaehee’s route, I decided not to invite them, but you will receive emails from the Fan Club if you choose this option.

What do you think about me? (+1 Jaehee/Zen)
Why are you putting him in a corner? lol You don’t even have one.

~ Yoosung leaves ~

Don’t work too hard~. (+1 Zen)
Okay~ Good bye.

*Author’s note – Uhh, I kinda got really lost with this conversation… A lot of the hearts had both Jaehee/Zen’s colours in them, so I don’t know if they were both there, or it’s like half a heart for each of them. Whichever ones I put Jaehee/Zen both in, it’ll just mean that you get Jaehee for sure, but not positive about Zen.

~Jumin Back From the Business (23:04) – Jumin

Jumin, how was your business trip? (+1 Jumin)
Jumin, did you take your cat? Jaehee was having a hard time… (+1 Jaehee)

But not apologizing requires a lot of energy too.
I knew you were practical! Cool. (+1 Jumin)

I want her to be happy even if it’s not through dating. (+1 Jaehee)
I want to date someone more than Jaehee does. (+1 Jaehee)

Free cherries should good! Let’s invite them! You will unlock Cherries emails after~
Free cherries? lol I’ll pass.

Welp, I was going to go for Zen’s route, but I ended getting up Jaehee oops…

Guess I’ll just do Yoosung and Jaehee at the same time ‘ -‘ 😉

Judging from the earlier conversation where I found it difficult to define who gained the heart… Jesus, Zen gets a whole lot of love in this route …Do I sense a friendship ending instead of actual girl x girl? SAD LIFE. I mean, even though I don’t really enjoy playing girl x girl routes, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN INTERESTING!?

Well, we’ll see :’) Pray to Seven Zero Seven for smooches in this route.

~JenJen rolling out! (o°▽°)o(o_△_)o(o°▽°)o

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16 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – Jaehee Route – Day 5✩

  1. Hey just wondering is it possible to get a good ending with Jaehee and become her friend while also romancing another character?

    (Also another question not to do with the Jaehee route, but is it possible to play 2 different routes using the save files? Like save a Jaehee route in slot 1 and restart the game to play another characters route in slot 2? Would you have to spend 5 hourglasses each time for that if it’s possible??? Sorry idk where wlse to ask this…)


  2. In Freelancing is the Best (13:20), I think the last “Don’t worry. ^^”/” Why do you care about Jaehee so much?” only shows up if you previously chose “Okay. Good bye, Zen.”? For me those doesn’t show when I chose “Already? Stay with me longer~” and either option after that…?


    • Both Jumin’s and Seven’s routes are only in the deep story, but once you have enough hourglasses to unlock them, it’s great. I loved their routes, good luck with your playthroughs!


  3. Hello! I really wanna thank you for this walkthrough and your hardwork.
    I started playing Mystic Messenger a week ago and got Yoosung , thanks to you and your walkthrough I was able to get the good ending! 😀

    I’m playing Jaehee’s route now and I was wondering if you could guide me on how to get her good ending?
    Also, I want to get Jaehee’s bad ending but I don’t really want to restart from day 1 again. Is there a way I can avoid starting over?

    Thank you in advance!! ^^


  4. at Jaehee and Love Conversation, if you invite the fan club, will it goes through to bad ending? I want to collect all guest list, at Zen/Yoosung/Jumin (I forget which is) route I choose to invite them but there’s no email


    • No, you don’t. Don’t worry! You do break Jaehee’s heart but as long as you keep receiving hearts from her and stay by her side, you’ll get a good ending. Be careful, though. You HAVE to make sure you get a lot of Jaehee’s hearts afterwards in order to replace that broken heart so watch out.^^


  5. I was also aiming for Zen’s route but got Jaehee instead. Not that I hate it, though. Just a little disappointed that it’s not a yuri route… Still, it’s interesting to see myself and Jaehee fangirling over Zen. Haha.


  6. I was disappointed when I saw I was being friendzoned by Jaehee lol I thought it was going to be my first girl x girl route (I haven’t played a lot of otome games) and I was pretty excited… oh well 😦
    Your walkthrough is being a life saver! thank you


    • @Kuronekogiri,

      I know you feel girl. I’m not really a fan of girl x girl in general, but it is interesting to see how one develops it. Then you see Jaehee’s route and your dreams just get shattered. :’) Only on the first day of her route too lololol.

      I hope you enjoy playing Jaehee’s route~ Overall, I enjoyed her route ;3
      And you’re welcome! Happy to help c:


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