Mystic Messenger – Jaehee Route – Day 7✩

  • Some of the conversations will have options that unlock other options. I will colour code these, so please refer to the same coloured text to see where the conversation leads. If the text is black, it means that it is thedefault story conversation continuing.
  • Any of these guides/walkthroughs that have a ‘✩’ icon included means that I have found every option there is for the conversation. The ones without the icon mean that I haven’t finished the walkthrough for that day completely yet and will be further updated.
  • (-H) = Lose a heart.
  • (+1) = Gain a heart.

To find the conversation you are after, CTRL+F the accurate time (e.g. 03:33) from the game; or the name of the conversation.

~Day 7~

~My Heart is Beating! (00:45) – Yoosung

Jaehee finally went to Zen’s house lolol (+1 Jaehee)
Yoosung, what are you doing this late? (+1 Yoosung)

The two of them? Jaehee’s mine…. No. (+1 Jaehee)
You are definitely getting ahead of yourself lololol (+1 Yoosung)

I don’t really feel like it.
That’s so cute lolol. Let’s invite them. You will unlock Men of Monogamy after.

Whatever happens, I hope Jaehee’s happy. (+1 Jaehee)
I don’t think they’ll start dating ^^; Jaehee has to work. (+1 Jaehee)

Catch a lot of trolls and bring world peace. (+1 Yoosung)
Don’t get too obsessed over it.

~Zen’s Room (02:01) – Jaehee

Jaehee, can’t fall asleep at Zen’s house? (+1 Jaehee)
Jaehee, I hope work is going well? (+1 Jaehee)

That’s sad… (+1 Zen)
What can you do… Zen’s busy. And so are you. (+1 Jaehee)
I’m glad that at least you’re there. (+1 Jaehee)

I think that’s being a bit intrusive. Besides you have so much work. (+1 Jaehee)
Zen won’t think that. He’ll see that you are just being kind. (+1 Jaehee)

I think you should be less sentimental and focus on your work. (+1 Jaehee)
Did you grow up with nice parents? (+1 Jaehee)
I feel sorry for Zen… (+1 Zen)

Don’t work too hard and take care of yourself~
Yes, good luck.

~Jaehee and the Vacation? (08:15) – Zen, Jumin

Hello. Zen, did Jaehee get some sleep last night? (+1 Zen & Jaehee)
Jumin, good morning. (+1 Jumin)

I think going to see Zen is disrupting Jaehee’s work. (+1 Jaehee)
I think Jaehee needs a holiday. (+1 Jaehee)
Zen, how are you feeling? (+1 Zen)

Should I go this time? (+1 Jaehee & Zen)
Must be nice to be with Jaehee~ I want to go there too~ (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee must be happy to earn so much money. (+1 Jumin)
Never probably. I just feel bad that Jaehee never gets a day off because of the company’s ridiculous schedule. (+1 Jaehee)

When you’re young, it’s better to work and save money than to rest! (+1 Jumin & Jaehee)
I think she’ll really cheer up if you encourage her a bit, Jumin… (+1 Jaehee)

Jumin, I think that’s too black and white. (+1 Zen)
The world already revolves around capitalism. You have to accept the rules. (+1 Jumin & Jaehee)

Jaehee might be… really feminine on the inside. (+1 Jaehee)
Jaehee worked as an assistant for a long time. I think she treated you just as she treats Jumin. (+1 Jaehee)

Zen, you didn’t let Jumin help you? (+1 Jumin)
Zen~ Are you going to reject me too~? (+1 Zen)

I knew Zen’s a sexist. (+1 Jaehee)
It is a man’s instinct to be weak to women. (+1 Zen)

They don’t really suit each other. (+1 Jaehee)
Jaehee and Zen aren’t like that. (+1 Jaehee)

I did guess that she grew up in a difficult environment since she’s so strong. (+1 Jaehee)
She seems to have been raised by a good family.. She got elite education. (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee will feel sad if you say that… (+1 Jaehee)
It’s not good to be too dependent though. (+1 Jaehee)

Zen, don’t work too hard. (+1 Jaehee)
Don’t give Jaehee too much work, Jumin. Good bye. (+1 Jumin)

~I Need To Rest! (10:48) – Yoosung, 707

Jaehee must be really busy, right? (+1 Jaehee)
Seven, did you find something? (+1 707)

Seven, no way you didn’t find anything yet, right? (+1 707)
;;;; (+1 Yoosung)

Are they that strong? (+1 707)
You have a thick skin to come here without finding anything.

You’re not trying to invite him to the party, are you?
Who’s that?

I’ll think about inviting him ;; You’ll receive an email from “Tom” after this..
We can’t invite someone we’ve never even heard of.

I hope Jaehee and Zen become good friends. (+1 Jaehee)
I think Seven’s out of his mind.

I think it’ll be boring if they date each other… They’ll probably just work. (+1 Jaehee)
I don’t care as long as Jaehee’s happy… (+1 Jaehee)

I’m getting more worried if it’s taking Seven that long.
Seven, go and rest first…

lolol be careful, Yoosung. (+1 Yoosung)
Sleep tight, Seven. (+1 707)

~Cat Hotel (12:30) – Jumin

Hello, Jumin.
You’re very busy I assume? (+1 Jumin)

I guess our Jaehee’s very busy too then. (+1 Jaehee)
You must be really stressed. (+1 Jumin)

So you’ve fallen for your father’s scheme?
Your father must still be… very robust. (+1 Jumin)

It’s important to deal with the stress. (+1 Jaehee & Jumin)
You want to start more projects!? (+1 Jaehee)

Fi, first… Invite him.
I don’t know about that… So you mean you’re making more work?

That’s so cool! (+1 Jumin & Jaehee)
I’m worried Jaehee will have more work… (+1 Jaehee)

Only one option.

Don’t be like that and give some of the work to others. I think Jaehee will be too stressed out. (+1 Jaehee)
Don’t you think there will be a problem if you pay her extra for the work. (+1 Jaehee)

Don’t think that will happen… Why can’t you try stepping in her shoes? (+1 Jaehee)
Hooray for cats!! (+1 Jumin)

I think you are being too harsh on Jaehee…
Good luck!

~NO WAY! (13:46) – Zen

Jaehee’s going to have so much work. What do we do T_T (+1 Jaehee)
Zen, what do you think about the cat hotels? (+1 Zen)

I want to see you in pain.
I think so too… lololol (+1 Zen)
I feel so bad for Jaehee… I’m worried. (+1 Jaehee)

I think work takes up too much in Jaehee’s life. I’m worried. (+1 Jaehee)
I think Jumin’s too obsessed with cats. (+1 Zen)
How much money do you think she makes? She must make a lot… So jealous. (+1 Jaehee)

You’ll probably have to take a security guard everywhere once you get more popular.
The security’s really strict~ You totally deserve it. (+1 Zen)

That’s a bit too private ^^;
Yes. He sounds like a nice person. Receive emails from Truck Driver Kim.

I’m always cheering for Jaehee.
Well, she’s just an employee. What choice does she have? (+1 Jaehee)

I really respect Jaehee. I like her so much. (+1 Jaehee)
I’m sure she’ll really be encouraged if you cheer for her ^^ (+1 Jaehee & Zen)

I was in the middle of something.
I should get some rest too.
I’m gonna grab a snack~

~What’s So Great About Coffee (15:55) – Jaehee, Yoosung

Jaehee, you must be very busy. (+1 Jaehee)
Yoosung, meow~ (+1 Yoosung, -H Jaehee)

Take care of yourself… I’m worried. (+1 Jaehee)
You’re going to Zen’s again? You’re not going to work? (+1 Jaehee)

Having a lot of work is good! (+1 Jaehee)
Jaehee… Cheer up! I’m cheering for you. (+1 Jaehee)

I guess having a lot of work suits you. It’ll be nice to just work. (+1 Jaehee)
That’s good! Aren’t you inseparable with coffee? I feel like you’d drink a lot while working… (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee, you’re so smart~! (+1 Jaehee)
Yoosung, didn’t you join a coffee club?

If you’re interested in coffee why don’t you try studying it more?
To be honest, I don’t know if you’re happy with your job.

I’m almost jealous of Jumin to have such a hard-working employee under him. (+1 Jaehee)
I’d feel happy just to serve Jumin everyday in your position… (+1 Jumin)

Well that’s how everyone lives… You should be thankful just to have a job.
Have hope…! It might be a good start to work at Jumin’s company. (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee, be careful. And cheer up ^^ (+1 Jaehee)
Hope you work hard… (+1 Jaehee)

~Hacker (17:22) – 707

Seven, you are taking care of yourself, right? (+1 707)
Seven, did you find anything?

Who is it?
It didn’t turn out to be your friend, right?

Now what are you going to do?
Why did they attack us?

You mean… they know each other?
Then I’m getting a bit suspicious of V.

You did so well, Seven. (+1 707)
I wonder if everything will work out…

Anyways, I’m glad we finally have a better grasp of what’s going on.
lolololol No way -_-

I think Jaehee can stop going to Zen’s house now. (+1 Jaehee)
So Jaehee should continue being with Zen? (+1 Jaehee)

I think Jumin is going overboard… It’s so harsh on Jaehee. (+1 Jaehee)
I think Jaehee should be focusing more on work than on Zen. (+1 Jaehee)

I know you’ll be a great dad to cats, Seven! (+1 707)
You cat sitting is a bit…-_-;;

Don’t say that when she’s already busy enough.
I’m jealous to see Jaehee get so much work haha. (+1 Jaehee)

You did so well, Seven~! Get some rest. (+1 707)
Talk to you next time.

~New Side of Jaehee (19:30) – Yoosung, Zen

Zen, how is Jaehee? (+1 Jaehee)
Seven finally traced the hacker. (+1 Yoosung)

I don’t know V very well, so I’m nervous. (+1 Yoosung)
I think he’ll take care of it. (+1 Zen)

Can’t we just report them to the police?
I hope we’re all safe very soon.

Let’s just wait until we get more news.
I hope he’s not trying to hide something from us.

Jaehee hasn’t been showing up here much today. Is she really busy?
Why don’t you try quitting lolol (+1 Yoosung)

You just have to get better soon. ^^ (+1 Zen)
I’m jealous that you get to eat something that she cooked… (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee’s so cute to think that lololol (+1 Jaehee)
If someone wants to kidnap you… would it be as if they want to steal God’s treasure? (+1 Zen)

She seemed to really like how passionate you are. (+1 Jaehee & Zen)
You’re pretty dull to just realise that.

Since you tried so hard. (+1 Zen)
I think you must be something to have Jaehee as your fan. (+1 Jaehee)

I’m glad to be a positive influence on her ^^ (+1 Jaehee)
But actually… I feel like she’s going there despite being so busy… because she has different intentions towards Zen. (+1 Jaehee)

I feel like she’s so busy she doesn’t spend time appreciating herself. (+1 Jaehee)
An office worker shouldn’t be a leader and just obey the system… (+1 Jaehee)

She should be thankful to just have a job… She’s blessed enough. (+1 Jaehee)
If people around her support her… won’t she find a path that makes her happy? (+1 Yoosung & Jaehee)

Monster recovery rate… So cool. Probably a gazillion dollars. (+1 Zen)
You should give her something in return when you’re better haha. (+1 Jaehee)

~ Yoosung leaves ~

Get better soon~! (+1 Zen)
Take care of Jaehee for me ^^ (+1 Jaehee)

~Adding More Work (21:26) – Jumin, Jaehee

Jumin, you’re going to give Jaehee more work, right?
Jaehee, how is Zen? (+1 Zen)

I know everything~ about your pattern, Jumin ^^ (+1 Jumin)
Stop giving Jaehee work… She has enough already~! (+1 Jaehee)

I think this is too much for Jaehee… She’s already so busy… (+1 Jaehee)
You must be glad to know he trusts you haha. (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee~ Just let it go. You don’t need more work. (+1 Jaehee)
Wasn’t Jaehee really interested in that project? She worked so hard on it. Just transferring it doesn’t seem nice… (+1 Jaehee)

Jaehee can’t work like a robot, Jumin… It’s emotionally draining too. (+1 Jaehee)
What’s the problem? Aren’t you just supposed to do what Jumin tells you to do? (+1 Jaehee & Jumin)

~ Jumin leaves ~

You must be excited to get more work~! (+1 Jaehee)
Jaehee, aren’t you working too much? Please… take care of yourself. (+1 Jaehee)

It’s a good group. I’d like to invite them. Receive emails from Commerical Musical Supporters
I’ll think about it.

Okay, I won’t bother you~ Hope you get a lot done~ (+1 Jaehee)
Jaehee… if it’s too hard, just let it go. There might be something else that can make you happy. (+1 Jaehee)

~Deal (23:00) – Zen, 707

It’d be nice if she could work faster. (+1 Jaehee & 707)
I feel so bad for her… What if she gets sick or something? (+1 Jaehee)

It’s not because of you. I think it’s because Jumin can’t understand what she’s going through. (+1 Jaehee)
The answer is for Jaehee to finish her work quickly. (+1 Jaehee)

It’s Jaehee’s job. She has to do it. (+1 Jaehee)
Yeah. Seven, why don’t you just do it? lolol (+1 Jaehee)

Oh~ For Jaehee? That’s nice of you.
I’m against it. I think Jaehee should do her own work. (+1 Jaehee)

Get some rest, you two. (+1 Zen & 707)
Zen, tell Jaehee I said hello~

Jumin, please. Stahp with your mad obsession over cats =__= Because of you I have to keep doing the same conversations over again about her workload – 0-)

Make sure you guys choose answers that support Jaehee, even if the other option that sounds like a horrible person said it still gives you the heart. It just might make the difference to getting her good ending.

Enjoy ^^ ~JenJen rolling out! (o°▽°)o(o_△_)o(o°▽°)o

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5 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – Jaehee Route – Day 7✩

  1. I like how in this version we are like totally supportive of her visiting zen but in zen’s route there are options to be a total b*tch to her but she does kind of get in the way in zen’s route though……
    I don’t like her that much tbh because since this is an otome game I was expecting all guys but I wish at least in her route I wish it was romantic and not friendship kind of love and then she might get jealous whenever zen flirts with MC and be all possessive over the MC instead of zen. Would’ve been nice and different.


  2. in the Hacker conversation “Don’t say that when she’s already busy enough.” gets you a heart too, it’s kinda hard to see since a big blue animation pops up


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