OZMAFIA!! Pashet Walkthrough



Now that you mention it…

I’ll decide myself

*Choose Pashet*

It’s fun!

Is that strange?

What about Mr. Kyrie?

*Choose Pashet*

They’re scary…

It’s boring

*Choose Pashet*


He’s a strange person

I’ll give it a shot

I’m doing it because I want to

*Choose Pashet*



Be annoyed

Be confused

*Choose Pashet*

Good luck Ms. Pashet

Pancakes please

Stop Mr. Kyrie!

*Choose Pashet*

I wish I had cat ears

They must be very kind people

I’d give up

*Choose Pashet*

Mr. Kyrie told me

Please don’t be so rude

But Axel is…

*Choose Pashet*

Why don’t you ask them?


That’s Mr. Kyrie for you

You’ll get taller!

*Choose Pashet*

You should get some hobbies

Please don’t fight

*Choose Pashet*

Thank you very much!

Scarlet didn’t really need to apologize

*Choose Pashet*

I wish I could be like you

Is she that stubborn?

*Choose Pashet*


Mr. Caramia

*Choose Pashet*

Fighting is wrong

I can’t wait!

That’s too bad…

*Choose Pashet*


You really take your job too seriously

Thank you very much

*From this point forward, you will only be able to choose Pashet*

You seem stronger than him

I’ll join you


That’s so cool!

Meteor Shower Gathering

That’s too bad

Come again sometimes

(Save 1)

I should follow her lead

Your hard work is paying off

She definitely does!

Let’s talk again sometime

I want to go with you


(Open Save 1)

Maybe she’s not very good at cooking

It’s amazing!

You really think so…?

Good luck

I’ll be waiting for you


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