Mystic Messenger – 707 Route – Day 7

So I’ve done 707’s route~ My favourite character that I was so looking forward to ♥
I’ve seen that some people were struggling with his route, so although I have not unlocked ALL the available options there are in the game, I’m going to post the answers that I chose since I got the good ending.

I will be updating this post in the future to fill in all the available options there are, but for now, the titles will NOT have a ‘✩’ icon in them, so take that as the reference and future update of the post. I WILL ALSO BE DOING THE SAME FOR JUMIN’S ROUTE – I’M IN THE DEEP STORY ROUTE; I CAN’T GET OUT ;;

Thank you! ^^ That’s all I wanted to say before starting this guide.

~Day 7~

~Seven Is Depressed…? (01:10) – Jaehee, Yoosung

Hello, Jaehee.

Yes… I feel really sad.

If that’s really the case, shouldn’t we go rescue him? (+1 707)

Perhaps that’s way he was so crestfallen and described it that way.

Why don’t we bring him some Honey Buddha Chips? (+1 707)


I do think he is overly worried about me.

What do you think he meant by that?

Secretly go game when your mum goes to bed lol (+1 Yoosung)

You could try to stop yourself when your mother’s there with you;;

lolololololol make soap! So I can give them to Seven. (+1 707)

~ Yoosung leaves ~

He seems to have lost his confidence. I hope he gets it back soon. (+1 707)

If he has a dangerous job, I’d like to stop him… (+1 707)

You’re right! You should go to bed.

~Tripter Bot (02:30) – Zen


No, the photo is dazzling. (+1 Zen)

So it really exists?

Yeah, good job ^^ Our proud God Seven! (+1 707)

He’s a genius. What can’t he do? lol (+1 707)

Give something back if you’re so thankful lolol

Good idea! (+1 Zen)

I agree with that.

Yeah… I want Seven to just honestly express his feelings for me…! (+1 707)

Oh!!! That trip will give me a heart attack!! I hope Seven cheers up and posts it soon.

No smoking! It’s bad for your skin and your lungs.

I’m going to do something before I go to bed ^^

~Sentimental Morning (09:32) – Jumin, 707

Hello, Seven… Are you okay? (+1 707)

~ Jumin enters ~


Seven.. is everything you said last night true?

Something bad? Tell us.

Oh! I know what that is lolol (+1 707)

…I want Seven to live a long life. (+1 707)

Ya. Gimme gimme. (+1 707)

So pretty…

Yes… Let’s make a spaceship so that we can go to the moon some day. (+1 707)

Let’s go somewhere together, Seven ^^ (+1 707)

I think you have too much work, Seven. Is there any way we can help you? (+1 707)

Why is V so hard to reach?

HB Chips are good but it’ll ruin your health~! (+1 707)

Who in the world is keeping you from focusing? T_T

Jumin, you’re the man.

Good! Let’s invite him. Receive emails from Cry Only/Only Cry, whatever >_>

Oh… I understand the beauty of water. (+1 707)

~ Jumin leaves ~

Is it Ms. Vanderwood? (+1 707)

Go. And good luck! (+1 707)

~We Are Moving! (10:40) – Yoosung, Jaehee, Zen

How are you doing with your mum? ^^

~ Jaehee enters ~

Jaehee, how is work going? (+1 Jaehee)

I’m fine. Seven’s protecting me. ^^ (+1 707)

You didn’t play games all night, did you? lolol

I think Yoosung’s passion should be respected. (+1 Yoosung)

~ Zen enters ~

Hello, my rainbow unicorn.

Shouldn’t Yoosung be free? (+1 Yoosung)

You can’t move because of Jumin? Are you cursed or something…? (+1 Jumin)

Life is short.

I mean, it’s Seven’s maid. Of course she’s strange too. (+1 707)

To be honest, I don’t like that he told Seven to just get rid of his emotions. (+1 707)

I can’t get rid of my emotions. (+1 Zen)
I can control my emotions (+1 707)

Yeah, it’s a good cause! Let’s invite them. Receive emails from Quitting Smoking

Okay, don’t worry. Hope the meeting goes well. (+1 Zen)

~ Zen leaves ~

He might have a problem controlling his emotions. But isn’t the fact that he’s in a difficult situation what’s really getting to him? (+1 707)

It would have been good if you slept early lolol

Bye, celebrity boy. (+1 Yoosung)

~ Yoosung leaves ~

Yes, I think Seven did a very good job. (+1 707)

I think that’s likely lol

Good bye… Good luck! ^^

~New Business Idea (12:27) – Jumin

I did ^^

Oh! That’s genius!

You’re good at hold? Nice shot, Mr. Director~

Good! Let’s invite them. Receive emails from Golf Company

Win the game ^^ (+1 Jumin)

~Do Not Move (13:36) – 707

Yes? Why? Is something wrong?


You’re coming here?

What the hell is this!?

~Unbelievable! (14:58) – Yoosung, 707

I don’t know… it sounds really urgent… (+1 707)

I’m not sure, but I can tell that he’s super conscious of Ms. Vanderwood being there. (+1 707)

~ 707 enters ~

Seven! What were you talking about just before? Please explain.

~ 707 leaves ~

Seven’s coming here right now?

I think he doesn’t have any other choice right now. I should just listen to him and wait. (+1 707)

Is he famous? Can I have his contact information?  Receive emails from Sherlocking 

Okay, go.

~What Is The Special Security (16:12) – Jaehee, 707

Seven! Are you on your way? (+1 707)

No… I’m fine ^^ (+1 707)

~ Jaehee enters ~

What the hell is the special security system!?

~ 707 leaves ~

This is really nerve-racking… but I’m a bit happy that he’s coming to protect me. (+1 707)

I do feel that too… but I hope he doesn’t get hurt trying to hurry. (+1 707)

Okay, please let him know what’s going on, Jaehee!

~What Yoosung and Jumin … (17:06) – Yoosung, Jumin

Yoosung, do you think Seven is safe right now? I’m worried. (+1 707)

~ Jumin enters ~

Jumin! The special security system.. did you get the chance to talk to V about it?

I feel like you really would be able to, so I don’t want to say anything;;;

Wouldn’t it probably be a system that protects the apartment? (+1 707)

Then someone must have hacked in to take our guest information…

So that’s why Seven is hurrying to see me… (+1 707)

I feel bad that your schedule’s messed up now… Anyways, be careful… (+1 Jumin)

~ Jumin leaves ~

You feel bad that he’s leaving?

Good bye…

~V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E~

*Ignore the sound*

The hacker…!?

What are you talking about? I’m not going anywhere!

I’m not going anywhere!! Seven!! Help me!! (+1 707)

Only one option. “Seven!!!! Save me!!!!”

~You’ll get a CG here~

Seven, do you know him?

Let me go!!

Only one option. “Bite him!!”

Seven… are you okay?

That man… how do you know him?

Alright. I’ll trust you, Seven. (+1 707)

~The System Is Back On (20:58) – Zen, 707

Seven, I’ve been dying to know what you’ve been doing. Tell me~~ (+1 707)

Seven, but what about your work for the agency? Can you be here? (+1 707)

~ Zen enters ~

I’m fine, thanks to Seven. (+1 707)

Seven, how long do you plan to stay here?

I think it was one person who did everything… (+1 707)

…Yes, I can’t talk about it now, but I think it’s someone else. (+1 707)

I don’t think that’s a good idea… (+1 707)

I trust Seven ^^ He’ll protect me. (+1 707)

Thank you for everything, Seven ^^ (+1 707)

~ 707 leaves ~

Yes… Why?

If something happens, then the more reason not to tell you anything~

Haha, nothing will happen, so don’t worry and go. (+1 707)

~V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7~

I think there’s only one option here? *Doors open* (sorry, they don’t show them after you’ve cleared it ‘ -‘ )

I’m not uncomfortable at all. Just make yourself at home.

Still, you’re more reliable than a CCTV. (+1 707)

The agency… are you really okay with them? Are you being chased?

But… you’ll be uncomfortable in that corner.

Don’t you have anything you want to tell me… about your brother?

Seven… you’re not like how you are in the chatroom. (+1 707)

~The Only Hope (22:24) – Jaehee

Yes… I’m safe thanks to Seven. (+1 707)

I do feel safe with Seven here. (+1 707)

No need to worry ^^ I feel safe with Seven here too. (+1 707)

You know what to do…

Thanks for worrying Jaehee. You cheer up too. (+1 Jaehee)

Prepare yourselves girls… You’re in for a bit of a tsundere ride. ; -;)9
Fighting! T_T)9

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33 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – 707 Route – Day 7

  1. Hello !
    May I have to get 100% every day to get Seven’s good end ? Because I didn’t get 100% … Should I spend hourglasses ? I’m sorry but, can you reply as quickly as possible, I’m in the day 7…
    Sorry for misspellings, I don’t speak English very well T-T


  2. OMG! OMG! 707 texted me to call him:
    [MC]!!!! [MC]!!! Can you talk with me right now?
    I really need to talk to you… Please!!!

    And of course calling him cost me 5 HG T_T the conversation was all about him being on his way to the apartment and telling me not to move

    When I checked the chat, I missed Jumin’s chat “New business idea” (had to spend 5 HG T_T) and 707’s chat “Do not move” has appeared (haven’t missed yet thank goodness) and of course the Visual Novel in between the chats. It made me wonder does the text above really shows up? Was sort of squealing and called immediately… Afterwards -10 HG T_T


    • Hm. I don’t remember receiving that text at all… But DAYUM, I WOULD TOTALLY JUST USE 5 HGS FOR THAT LOL :’)

      It’s okay. 10 HGs… Is nothing compared to the time you get to share with him on a phone ; u;


  3. Whyyyyy do I always get bad ending for 707. I’ve followed the walkthrough for the good end and have not miss any single chat but ended up getting bad ending on day 10th 3 times already. I’m pretty sure theres a glitch somewhere please fix it.


    • I’m not sure how I can help ; u; I have 707’s good ending walkthrough here, so if you’ve followed it, it should work out..

      However, some other people also haven’t been able to get the good ending while following it, so I assume that it has something to do with the chapters before actually getting onto his route, maybe.

      Sorry I can’t really help anymore, until I make his complete full guide. I also don’t really know what the problem could be ;(


  4. Hi, i think o will get the bad ending in day7 i think after the 2nd chat. So ya, today is the 7th day And i did everything throw your walkthrows and didnt miss any chats. So today ive seen only first two chats. It is really the bad ending? And why?


  5. On day 7th, after the ”what yoosung and jumin…” at 17.06, there is a sign saying ”story will branch” so i click it and then there isn’t any visual novel, can you please tell me why?


    • I’m not sure if that leads to the bad ending, but if there was a sign saying “story will branch” before you read that novel, it might be :c


  6. got a bad ending in his route i’m so sad i can’t believe it 😭 i havent gotten to day 11 yet but I already got the ending 😭😭 do i need to start over?? pls dont say i do


  7. Wow… just finished day 7 and this is crazy! Have no idea what to think right now and not sure I got all the right answers… Hope this ends well :O


  8. Can you note 1 thing for people in here to know? After the last visual mode in Day 7, if you called Seven you guys will be touched by him (but hurt a little bit too T.T) I started with saying that if I cannot see him at least I can talk to him over the phone. Even though he said he needed to get back to work but also he commented about my clothes and said I will get cold and needed to wear warmer T-T He is so sweet and I never regretted lose 5 hourglasses for this heart-warming conversation :((


  9. I keep getting the bad ending where they away together. Can you tell me where I went wrong and how far back I have to load to fix it? Please get back to me asap!


    • I have the full walkthrough of 707 already listed here. If you follow what I’ve written, you’ll get the good ending.

      I don’t know where you’ve gone wrong since you haven’t told me the options you have chosen ^^;

      For 707’s route you are supposed to always joke with him, but when he becomes serious, you need to act serious as well. You can’t put pressure on him, and you have to support him at all times. Never say that it’s his fault either.


      • If you keep getting his bad ending on Day 7 (assuming because you wrote your comment here), you should reload from Day 6 maybe. Good luck c:


      • Thank you.I kept saying things like “oh we’re like newlyweds!” and kept reading Zen about 707 being there like “he was staring at my Pjs earlier, do you think somethings up?”so that’s possibly why I got that ending then.Thank you for your help.I was stuck on the ending right after when 707 breaks the robot cat.


      • Haha I see ~ I think you’ll be fine if you just follow the walkthrough from here on 🙂 If you have any more questions, feel free to ask


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    • @Mira,

      Sorry it will probably take some time. If you want a general answer as to how you get the good ending from Day 8-10:

      – Make sure that you never put pressure on him.
      – Always support him (never say that it’s his fault) and listen to him.
      – In the messenger rooms, NEVER make funny jokes when he is being serious. Only when he makes jokes himself, do you follow him.
      – When he tells you to stay away from him, be persistent. (But be reasonable. Don’t be all over him).
      – Never make Seven do everything himself – when you get the option to help him, help (unless he tells you to stay put).

      If you’d like to try yourself, following the tips above should get you the good ending.




      • chose the wrong option,trash talked 707,flirted with other members,cared only about yourself,or less than like 15 guests?? that’s all i could think of sorry


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