Mystic Messenger – 707 Route – Day 8

So I’ve done 707’s route~ My favourite character that I was so looking forward to ♥
I’ve seen that some people were struggling with his route, so although I have not unlocked ALL the available options there are in the game, I’m going to post the answers that I chose since I got the good ending.

I may get heart indicators wrong – as this is coming from my memory. Please correct me if I’m wrong. ^^

I will be updating this post in the future to fill in all the available options there are, but for now, the titles will NOT have a ‘✩’ icon in them, so take that as the reference and future update of the post. I WILL ALSO BE DOING THE SAME FOR JUMIN’S ROUTE – I’M IN THE DEEP STORY ROUTE; I CAN’T GET OUT ;;

Thank you! ^^ That’s all I wanted to say before starting this guide.

~Day 8~

~What Is V Doing? (01:05) – Zen, Jaehee

Don’t worry ^^;; Seven’s on our side. (+1 707)

Well… anyways, thanks for the advice lol

I was just having a lovely chat with Zen ^^ (+1 Zen)

I think Jumin would still care…

We would have been in big trouble if it weren’t for Seven. (+1 707)

Let’s wait a bit for him to reach us.

Jaehee, it’s late so please be careful and good luck! (+1 Jaehee)

~ Jaehee leaves ~

I’m sure that if V knew what was happening, he would have taken care of it.

He seems a bit busy, but he’s nice. (+1 707Zen will warn you to comfort him. Take this into heed if you want to continue the game by yourself 🙂

~Jumin’s Suggestion (03:12) – Jumin


I think we should discuss that issue with Seven. (+1 707)

What is Elizabeth doing? (+1 Jumin)

I guess you meet your father often.

That is a very nice idea.

I plan to stay up a bit more.

~Good Time With Mom (08:00) – Yoosung, Zen

Yoosung, I hope you’re having fun with your mum ^^

To make Kimchi? (+1 Yoosung)

~ Zen enters ~

Hello, Zen~

Yes… unfortunately (+1 707)

Good luck… T_T (+1 Yoosung)

Rules are meant to be broken…

Stop teasing Yoosung~! Jumin did wrong this time…

Hmm… Seven is very busy with work, and I have to keep the secrecy. (+1 707)

So what if something is going on? ^^ (+1 707)

Save a batch for me ^^

~ Yoosung leaves ~

He pretends he hates it, but it’s nice to see him go along with it.

Maybe there’s an alarm and the police will come?

I’m just going to read so that I don’t bother Seven. (+1 707)

~The Truth of the Special Security System (09:55) – Jumin, 707

Hello, Jumin.

Oh! Can we invite that association to our party? Receive emails from the Roastery Association (I think… I forgot which association you get from this ^^;)

~ 707 enters ~

Seven, how is work going?

What do you think, Seven? (+1 707)

I’ll believe in you, Seven. (+1 707)

Me in danger because of you…? Don’t even say that. (+1 707)

I don’t know… Can you reveal the secret?

…I trust Seven will find a way to solve all this. (+1 707)

~ 707 leaves ~

I think I have to go. Let me talk this over with Seven.

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

How do you think your brother broke through the glass?

I’m not scared at all with you here!

If it weren’t for you, I would have been kidnapped then. But thanks to you, I’m fine. (+1 707)

Seven, why the headphones? Are you avoiding me?

~I Cannot Believe Rika Did That (11:48) – Yoosung

Yes, of course.

I never thought Rika would be someone to request a bomb…

There must be a reason…?

I don’t know about that… But Seven will let us know what we need to know. (+1 707)

Cheer up, Yoosung. You won’t get lucky with a sad face! (+1 Yoosung)

~Two Different Reaction (13:27) – Jumin, Jaehee, Zen

Hello, Jumin. I think Seven’s busy. (+1 707)

What good thing?

Why are you suddenly talking about your father…?

~ Jaehee enters ~

Jaehee! Hello… (+1 Jaehee)

~ Zen enters ~

It is quite… unrealistic.

That won’t happen since Seven’s here. (+1 707)

I’m sure they had their own reasons… (+1 707)

Then what about the party?

I think so too, since Seven is very thoughtful. (+1 707)

I wouldn’t have been here if Seven weren’t here. At least that’s good. (+1 707)

Zen… Be careful.

~ Zen leaves ~

Jumin, you seem to trust Rika. Were you two close?

Yes, I want to trust Seven. (+1 707)


~ Jumin leaves ~

Thank you for all your efforts… (+1 Jaehee)

~What I Can Do (15:04) – 707

I came here because I wanted to talk to you in the messenger. How is work going? (+1 707)


I’m fine. I’m sure it’s harder for you since everything’s on your shoulders. (+1 707)

I don’t know very well… but I’m sure Rika didn’t have bad intentions. (+1 707)

You’re with me. (+1 707)

This isn’t your fault. No one knew this was going to happen. (+1 707)

Seven, are you really okay… after all that’s happened? You don’t have anything you want to say to me?

Will you take me there?

I hope you get in touch with him soon.

I’m really fine, Seven.

You did nothing wrong, Seven. You just kept the secret as V told you and did your best… (+1 707)

I’m sure RFA isn’t disappointed with you. Everyone is just worried. (+1 707)

Okay, go ahead ^^

~The Secrets That Seven Has (17:31) – Yoosung, Zen

I don’t think this situation is Seven’s fault. (+1 707)

~ Zen enters ~

Zen, do you feel better? (+1 Zen)

That’s a good idea. Did you read what Seven said?

Seven didn’t put me in danger on purpose… So I’d like to be understanding. (+1 707)

I wish there weren’t any secrets from the first place…

I feel how sincere Seven is in trying to help me, so I want to trust him rather than get angry. (+1 707)

Seven doesn’t seem to be complaining against V… Why do you think that is?

I’m sure that Seven is feeling a lot of pressure even if he pretends not to be. (+1 707)

It must have been tough for your mum… (+1 Yoosung)

Okay~ Take good care of her~ (+1 Yoosung)

~ Yoosung leaves ~

It’s nice to see him like that.

Alright, I will ^^

I think he’ll open his heart someday ^^ (+1 707)

Okay, go eat a meal fit for a king!

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

Seven~ Are you really okay not eating anything?

Huh? What is this…? Do I put it in the computer…?

~You’ll get a CG here~

I just want to get close to you… Is that wrong?

You’re not even giving me a chance to become close to you…? I feel hurt… (+1 707)

~Inefficient Way (19:29) – Jaehee

Seven is working hard as usual. (+1 707)

Do you think so?

Do you think he’ll come back before the party…?

It means that he trusts you, so be positive ^^; Of course I’m sure it’s tough…

Should we invite them to the party? Receive emails from Assistant Rights Committee (Secretary)

Hang in there ^^;; Accio phone call! (+1 Jaehee)

~I Miss My Mom (21:13) – Yoosung

Who knows? He might call~

I guess you already miss your mum…

Stop gaming all the time and call her time to time.

You can be a better son from now on~

Oh, that’s nice~ Let’s invite them. Receive emails from Indie Game Association.

Yup! Let’s do that. Let’s trust Seven. (+1 707)

Thank you. Bye, Yoosung.

~Is That What You Have To say? (23:30) – V, 707

V! What’s going on!? Why are you coming so late?

~ 707 enters ~

Seven! V’s finally here.

Did you hear about the special security system?

So the phone was bugged?

…What do you think Seven? (+1 707)

Are you doubting Seven? (+1 707)

V, I think you made a mistake talking about the letters.

V… You’re being suspicious. Are you nervous that Seven is here?

V, you really don’t know about Saeran?

~ V leaves ~

Seven… are you okay?

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

That robot… you made it then.

Meowy, let’s stay quiet for now~

Things didn’t seem to go well with V… Are you okay?

Why don’t you open the drawers?

Seven… is there really nothing I can do to help? (+1 707)

I can’t help but think that there’s something in there about Saeran.

Why are you deciding my future…?

You’re being too one sided. Then what do I do about my feelings for you?

Seven, I know that you’re worried about me…! So don’t avoid me, please?

(╥_╥)… The tears…
(╥_╥)… The pain…

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20 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – 707 Route – Day 8

  1. hi there i just finished ‘ i miss my mom’ chat and decided to try calling seven…. which he picked up too… hahahaa he was soooooo adorable asking why i called when i was just behind him making his heart race though he cut it off at heart but you get the meaning… it was amusing trying to get him to take a break and eat a bit which he responded by ‘whinning’ about the girl eating alone and ended up getting frustrated and threatening to bite her…. which made me choose ‘woof woof’ rather than the ‘omg omg’ one… the call ended with him asking why the girl was running away from him then and ended up chasing after her to ‘bite’ her…. it was such a cute one.. since i liked calling seven before in this route this is for sure my favorite one yet… 😍😘💘 seven tsundere!!!


  2. Feel like something pierce to my heart. So heart break when luciel act cold to ward me.. when he said “don’t try to get close to me’ uuhh i cried so much last nite..


  3. Haha Seven is totally a tsundere!! I called him again after finished “What I Can Do” and Seven was like looking for me since he couldn’t see me anywhere. I told him I was going to go out to buy chips for him and he said something like I should put a GPS on your clothes, I said “You didn’t answer me and you seems very focused” and he talked back like this: “If you felt that frustrated staying inside, you should have just taken off my headphones and made me listen to you…” OMG Seven why are you so tsunnnnnn normally people will not do that because they afraid that you will get mad don’t you know thatttttttttt

    Liked by 1 person

  4. oh em gee. I can’t believe he’s a tsundere. uwu
    I wanna hug Seven! *sobs*

    By the way… between when V leaves and the choice “Seven… are you okay?” there’s a choice missing. Just so you know~ :3


    • All the walkthroughs for 707 have a choice missing haha. I haven’t actually uploaded his entire walkthrough since I was busy, so I only put the choices I made to get the good ending.


    • Tbh when i saw the picture at appstore and 707 is there i thought that he was the tsundere type too and he always stays up late just to chst with MC and doesnt admit it but hes actually a funny person when i was at 1st day to 4th day at casual and deep story and when i took hes route..dangggg so saddddd and i hope i dont get bad ending -_- im at the 8th day


      • Good luck! xD the whole time I was waiting for this game to come out my eyes were glued on 707 haha~


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      • Finished his route, pro tips for getting good ending (that isn’t good really, but you get great cgs) always choose options that isn’t offensive for Unknown, like heroine going to help 707 to search for the truth about V, Rika and Unknown, and if he wants to leave heroine because it’s dangerous you need to choose options that they need to go together etc.
        Also I got depressed after reading 707 good ending, after story and secret stories alongside, so yeah T_T


      • @Yumi,

        I cried all night after I read those lololol.. Thanks for the tips~ Maybe I’ll make like a mini tip guide and add that there ~


    • @Kasumi,

      Sorry for delaying :c I’m a bit busy right now but I’ll try to post it up wbenever I’m free. Thanks for being so patient! ^^


    • Same I’ve gotten two bad endings, one ended on the ninth day were seven and I had to leave rfa and the other where he’s held captive. Ugh so frustrating !!!!! >.<


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