Mystic Messenger – 707 Route – Day 10

So I’ve done 707’s route~ My favourite character that I was so looking forward to ♥
I’ve seen that some people were struggling with his route, so although I have not unlocked ALL the available options there are in the game, I’m going to post the answers that I chose since I got the good ending.

I may get heart indicators wrong – as this is coming from my memory. Please correct me if I’m wrong. ^^

I will be updating this post in the future to fill in all the available options there are, but for now, the titles will NOT have a ‘✩’ icon in them, so take that as the reference and future update of the post. I WILL ALSO BE DOING THE SAME FOR JUMIN’S ROUTE – I’M IN THE DEEP STORY ROUTE; I CAN’T GET OUT ;;

~Day 10~

~Everything I Believed… (01:45) – Zen

I can’t sleep…

We do know for sure now that V lied about that drawer.

I don’t think Seven will be able to sleep tonight either.

I will. Don’t worry too much and try to get some rest.

~Betrayal (04:14) – Yoosung, 707

God… I’m so worried that everyone seems so shocked.

I don’t know a lot about her… but I think that’s possible.

Yes… He’s checking every corner.

~ 707 enters ~

I couldn’t fall asleep because you were rummaging through every corner of the apartment.

ME… Mint Eye?

Then… Mint Eye may have been exploiting Saeran too…

I’ll be with you until the truth is revealed, Seven.

When will we leave for Mint Eye?

We’ll have to miss the party, but we’ll definitely find the truth.

I’ll trust your decision, Seven. (+1 707)

Okay, make sure to grab your jacket so you’re not cold ^^ (+1 707)

~ 707 leaves ~

Thank you. I’ll go get ready now. ^^

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

I can go anywhere if you’re there with me. That won’t change. (+1 707)

~You get a flipping adorable CG here~

Wow! The robot cat! You… fixed it?

Yes, let’s go find the truth and come back safe.

Yes, let’s go together!

~We Miss You Guys (08:18) – Jaehee, Jumin

Yes, we’re on our way.

Jumin, you didn’t sleep very well last night?

Jaehee, did you watch Zen’s DVD last night because you couldn’t sleep?

I’m not, since I’m with someone I trust.

Haha, just please take care of it.

Good luck, Jaehee.

Thank you… We won’t be able to attend, but please take good care of it.

Seven promised that he’d protect me. Don’t worry!

~ Jaehee leaves ~

Let Elizabeth go instead of me.

What is it?

I’ll let him know.

Okay, good bye.

~I Can’t Get Over This (10:22) – Yoosung, Zen

We’re still on the road. It’s far…

~ Zen enters ~

Well… I think we saw flying squirrels that looked like dessert cats lol

Still, you should be a good student;

I’m sorry I can’t go. Please take care of the party for me. ^^

That day will come… Trust us.

I understand that you’re nervous, but please have more faith in Seven. (+1 707)

Cheer up~!

~ Yoosung leaves ~

Lead the way and have everyone cheer up Zen!

Okay, I will.

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

I’m fine. Are we here?

I won’t…! Let’s do this and go back home!

~Please Remember (12:07) – 707

We’ve arrived~

We look like a cute couple. (+1 707)

I don’t think we’ll run into any enemies if we just follow your plan. (+1 707)

Don’t think that. We’ll come back safe!

Yes, please let everyone know here.

Of course. (+1 707)

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

Do you think Saeran hacked into our system here?

First… If Saeran really used this computer, we’d better start transferring the materials.

Seven, are you transferring the information already? You’re so fast.

~ Saeran enters… dun dun DUUNNN ~


What are you going to do with us!?

Saeran… still please listen. Nothing will change just by you listening.

Saeran, I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding. Please listen to what Seven has to say.

And last time when he saw you… that’s when he realised that V didn’t keep his promise.

Saeran, what really happened?


*insert the floppy disc into the computer*

I think the door’s locked!

~Calm Down (13:41) – Jumin, 707

Did he take it?


Jumin… Seven and I are locked in right now.

~ 707 enters ~

How longer do you think it’ll take?

We will! Don’t lose faith.

Won’t someone else come attack us?

You can do it, Seven…!

~ 707 leaves ~

Everything will be fine, Jumin. I’ll get going too.

~We Are On Our Way (15:28) – Zen, Yoosung, 707

Yes… We had a moment to spare.

~ Yoosung enters ~

We’re safe. We are still locked in…

Seven will be here soon.

~ 707 enters ~


We can’t leave until we find Saeran and the truth. (+1 707)

We’ll be in touch again!

~Don’t Worry About The Party (17:53) – Jaehee, Jumin

We’re currently leaving the building through blind spots.

Did you guys hear from V yet?

I should go back to Seven now. Cheer up both of you!

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

I think we missed Saeran…

Someone must have driven off quickly… it’s not Saeran’s car, is it..?


What is that about?

Seven! Have you ever lent anyone your car?

How the hell does the agency operate?

~Goodbye Greetings (20:11) – V

There’s nothing for you to say here, so sit back and relax at V’s monologue lmao

~Disappointment (21:34) – Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee, Jumin

Yes… we’re moving to a safe location.

He met us. We didn’t even tell him the address but he showed up.

~ Zen and Jaehee enter ~

Jaehee… We met V here. I’m so shocked.

I suppose he has too many secrets to do that.

~ Jumin enters and leaves…~

Jaehee, I think something’s wrong with Jumin. Shouldn’t you give him a call?

~ Jaehee leaves ~

Although we don’t know the truth yet.

That’s a good idea. You guys can comfort each other.

Okay, I will. Everyone try to calm down. The party’s tomorrow.

~ Yoosung leaves ~

I’m just worried that Seven seems really hurt. (+1 707)

I should get going too. I should at least try to comfort Seven. (+1 707)

~Our Plan (23:41) – 707

We’re the only ones here…

I’m sure that V’s our enemy.

But how did you find this cabin?

I feel bad for Saeran.

I’ll be with you until the end. (+1 707)

Only one option. (Is it…)

Yes… I won’t be able to attend, but I hope it goes well.

Okay, I hope the party goes well tomorrow… we’ll end the day here!

Done with his walkthrough!!

Thanks for being patient guys (to the ones that actually waited, I guess? ; u;)

I’ll be updating all of 707’s walkthrough when I go back to it later to update all the options and hopefully add in the bad ending sections so that you can get CGs (if there are any for the bad endings). Enjoy the ending of his route! ^^

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182 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – 707 Route – Day 10

  1. I’ve seen this question asked a few times but I’m going I ask it too.
    I followed your guide from the game branch (2nd branch) on Day 9 (besides the first 2 chats after that branch) until the branch on Day 10.
    Even though I followed it, I got Bad Ending.
    I’m sort of confused why I got bad ending, and am going to start at Day 9 (2 chats after the branch since that’s when I saved)
    So I guess my question is, what is the objective for the 3rd branch? Do you know what sort of answers I should try to be picking? I tried to be supportive/put my faith in him, but that didn’t work for me.
    Thank you.


    • If following my guide from Day 9 to 10 hasn’t worked out, it may have something to do with the choices you’ve chosen from Day 7 and Day 8.

      However, I can still offer the tips in case:

      1. As you said, be supportive of him and never say it’s his fault, or put pressure on him.

      2. During his novels, you need to be persistent in conveying your feelings towards him, but pretty much also be careful.

      3. When he wants you to stay quiet about Saeran, do it. He’ll eventually tell everyone anyway.

      4. Whenever you can be prompted to do something for him, do it even though he says you don’t need to do anything.

      5. Regarding V, you can’t trust him in this route at all. Try to not ever go against Seven when having debates about V, but obviously, be mindful and logical in your decisions.

      Sorry this is all the help I can give, as I do know that many people have gotten the good ending from following this guide. I wish you luck on the good ending!


  2. I got bad ending on day 10 while following this guide… do you have any suggestions? I saved day 9 and went to open it to try again but it wants me to purchase them all again. do you know what the main goal not to do is for days 9-10? like being too possessive can get bad ending, etc. what is the main goal for these days? I’m so confused why I got bad ending..


    • For Day 9:
      He does ask you to be secretive of Saeran until the conversation where he explains who he is to everyone, so try not say anything until then I suppose?

      Also, you need to be more persistent in his novels at this point, like my guide shows.

      During conversations, you need to make sure the others understand how Seven feels, like… as you said, be supportive of his decisions and just tell everyone that you will believe in him, and wait for him to sort everything out. NEVER EVER put pressure on him.

      Day 10:
      Again, never put any pressure on Seven at all, or else it’s kaboom for you.

      Honestly, everything else is already listed in my guide. If you haven’t been getting the good endings from my guide, it might have been because of the previous days like 7 and 8, as people have succeeded in getting the good ending for Seven following this.

      Sorry I can’t be of any more help :c


  3. I want to cry (。┰ω┰。) My heart can’t handle any of this, it hurts soooo bad. I don’t care what anyone else says but I honestly truly hate Rika. I just feel like none of her actions were truly justified. To me they just felt a bit selfish and just plain… I don’t know, fake? I can’t find the right words. I mean I obviously don’t mean that her mental illness was fake but it’s just… gah I can’t think of any way to put it into words. But either way this is just my opinion. I just really want to cry now *sighs*


    • /patpat It’s okay, child. Tbh, I already hated Rika from the very moment I started the game. It was obvious that she was special to everyone, but to me I couldn’t stand her at all. Every time they mentioned her it became like some emotional, dramatic moment and I was like “sigh.. here we go again…”.

      Truthfully, I knew something was definitely going to happen with this Rika person, then when everything unveiled itself I was like “I KNEW IT.”

      Let’s start an Anti-Rika Club ❤ We'll call it ARC.

      All jokes aside, the character of Rika is very well written in my opinion – she is what brings the entire story together. To me, her actions were never justified either, and it did seem selfish of her… But considering the childhood she grew up in I suppose, there was nothing else she could do. I guess it just comes to show that mental illnesses, or illnesses in general, can take a huge toll on someone's innocent life and completely overturn it.

      Okay I don't even know what I'm saying anymore LOL. Albeit Rika, I hope you enjoyed crying in 707's route. He's such a bae. /hughug It's okay, cry all you want ❤


  4. I have finished 707 Route with Good Ending and an “A” grade for the Party Guest Invite but is the ending really like that? 707 and the protagonist isn’t in the party but on their way to rescuing 707’s brother? The weird thing is when you read the “After Ending” you will thought 1st that all went well but in the end his brother is trying to wake up 707 from his dream saying He haven’t found him yet and face the truth “Face the Cruel Reality, Seayoung…”

    Please let me know if this is a real Good Ending? I’m so confuse coz So far from Jumin to Zen I have them both in Good Ending with Grade A Party Guest Invite that has a great “After Ending”.

    So how come I feel like with 707 it seems like something scares me that they never made it or if they made it his brother didn’t make it or the future isn’t set yet. Ugh! I hate this feeling.


    • To get the true endings (for 707 I suppose) you have to read the two secret stories that will unlock after you finish his good ending route.

      For the secret stories though, they are also episodic, and you have to pay 10 hourglasses for each episode. There are 14 in total from memory, so you’ll need 140 hourglasses.


  5. Hey there!! thank you so much for the walkthrough~~ I had 2 questions tho aha;;
    1) I got a game branch during the 9th day? does this mean anything?
    2) do you know what the grades are that you get for parties? like how many guests you need to get a happy ending? I lost 4 guests already and its day 9;;;
    Thank you so much once again!!


    • Hello there ^^ You’re welcome for the walkthrough! To answer your questions:

      1. All game branches in the game refer to a possibility of branching onto a bad ending path, or the continuation of the good ending. Bad endings appear after a few more conversations after the branch, so I’m sure that you will have already gotten it if you were on that path.

      2. I’m not sure what the grades specifically mean (sorry it’s been a while since I’ve had time to even go on MM), but to get a good ending, you need only 7+ guests I believe. Otherwise you will get the “normal” ending, where you get a different CG for it as well I think.

      I hope those answers satisfied you ; u;


  6. About the secret story, I read that you need 10 hourglass @ episode. Does it only happen once than you can access the story again and again to your heart content or the next time you access it you’ll need another 10 hourglass @ episode?


  7. I followed an otomeobsessed guide for 707 route, but got a bad ending on day 10, now i got to do all 10 days over :c, hopefully your guide wont lead me to a bad end ;n;


    • Bad endings come from the signs that indicate your story is branching. When you see one of those signs at the bottom, try to choose all the wrong answers for that day and see if you get onto his bad ending.


  8. God damn it. I also do not have door locked option for day 11 and it goes to “this is a bit strange”.straight!! Tried thrice already…Tried telling 707 not to believe in god and the praying stuff. Also tried the running option when saeran appeared. Everything is 100% and I’ve been supporting 707 and also gave him space at times. Can someone help pleaseeee!! 😦


  9. God damn it. I also do not have door locked option and it goes to “this is a bit strange”.straight!! Tried thrice already…Tried telling 707 not to believe in god and the praying stuff. Also tried the running option when saeran appeared. Can someone help pleaseeee!! 😦


  10. Hello! I have a question. I lost the opportunity to invite… 4 Guests, I think, because I didn’t participate in those conversations. But for the ones I did participate, all of the guests accepted the invitation. My question is if that can make me have a bad ending or something. Thank you!


  11. I was doing seven’s route following this guide so I could get good ending, however, I only started following this guide on day 8 or 9. On the 10th day, I noticed when it was suppose to say, “I think the door’s locked!” I wasn’t able to answer that??? It only gave the option to say something like, “This is strange…” or something like that. Can someone tell me when I messed up because I’m currently crying. Crying A LOT. send help. Thank youuu.


  12. I finished 707 route and watched the after story… It scared the hell out of me T^T… I think I got a good ending and unlocked Secret 1 but still the after story just made me freak the hella me T^T…
    I wonder in which route I can unlock Secret 2…


  13. Hey, I have a problem.
    I’m kind of stuck? For me, instead of “I think the door is locked” “I think this is a bit strange” pops up and it’s the only option! And if I choose it, I always get the bad ending where Saeran basically tricks us and game over. I don’t know what to do? I’ve tried different combinations but I always end up having only that one option.


  14. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DISCUSS THE AFTER ENDING OF SEVEN WITH ME?! %$/#* GAAAAAAH HOW COULD THEY DO THAT?! omg I’m dying. I’m so sad… I watched his after ending.. And the secret 01 route.. Cried so hard at the end of 01.. Don’t have enough HG to play 02..ive already spent $15 on this game too hahahahaha but I love it.. I’m trying to play Jumin now but it’s so much harder to make him happy cause he’s so mean all the time hahhaha but he’s cool.


  15. I exactly did like yours in day 10 but the result is different? Seven is locked while begging his brother to let the protagonist go…

    I want to have happy ending TT


  16. MY FAVORITE ROUTE / CHARACTER EVER. I can’t stop the fangirling… @_@ Saeyoung is so delicate and kind, so brave and strong. >_<

    His route isn't really that hard, he doesn't really need endless flattering or pandering to (AHEM Zen / Jumin), just 1) play along with his quirky sense of humor and 2) understand his very strong desire to protect his loved ones, and his frustration when he can't.

    And the After Ending Secrets… So many tears…


  17. Quick question

    I’m on day 11 and finished reading the 8:00 chat but I can’t unlock the party
    But they did somethings bout a new chat but didn’t unlock it yet
    But I tried looking for it everywhere


  18. I have a question. When I did visual novel mode, the option of “The door’s locked” never appear but instead I got “This seem strange” after it ended, I was to the returned to the intro of the game but it never told me I got a bad ending does this mean I had to click the “continue”button for the other chat logs order to know what happen? I probably don’t make sense.

    But yeah…Do know why? Is there something that I can do or do I have to restart the whole story again? (oh gosh…I hope not QnQ)


  19. Hello~! 😀 I need help. I keep getting bad ending like “the door’s locked” doesn’t appear *tears* Is because I didn’t clicked on continue for new chats so what’s why I’m getting bad endings? (I hope I make sense here, sorry if I don’t QAQ) so yeah…What can I do?


  20. Hello. =)
    Has anyone tried getting the normall ending for 707? I’ve gone through good and bad ending. (Trying to get all cgs, currently missing one from 707)
    I’ve heard if you aim for good ending but fail splendidly on the emails will get you a normal ending. But that led me to anot her bad ending. Did I do something wrong along the way?


  21. Hello! I just started playing the game, and I have some questions. Do you have to play the game through once to be able to go and purchase the deep route? Also, can you start romancing 707 from the very first day, or no? I’ve seen people say you can only buy his deep route in order to romance him. And, where can I buy the deep route at? My extras and after story parts are locked. ;-;
    Thank you so much in advanced, sorry if my questions are a bit annoying >.<


  22. Hi. I’ve been doing 707’s route and I can tell this is my favourite so far. I am at the day 10, and I am a little confused, because when I play the visual novel (aka when I enter the ME building) and say all the things you’ve said, I don’t get the “the door is locked” option. I get “this seems strange” instead. And when I chose the only one option available, it takes me to the “mode select ” screen, like I have completed the route but I actually didn’t. So this is supposed to happen or did I get a bad ending? *and btw sorry for my English, I’m kinda foreign*


  23. Also, instead of “The door’s locked.” I have, “This seems strange.” Plus, no more chatroom are appearing! Its been hours! is this supposed to happen? What do I do?

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    • yeah its the bad ending 😦
      i got that too for like 3 times then i got frustrated and found this walkthrough and i follow it exactly from the 5th day and then finally good ending


    • Hi, I also faced the same issue as you today. I went to restart another save file from day 9 after the branch and I had to miss all the conversations day 9 till the branch in day 10. However, not needing to make decisions = don’t need to worry about making the wrong one. As long you make the correct ones for the VN, you should be able to the good end even if you skipped all the convos 8)


    • I’ve been having the same issue, it’s actually a bad ending but i have no idea why its taking us back to the menu and I have no idea how to get passed it, I’ve tried so many things.

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      • So I email Cheritz and this is supposed to happen. It doesn’t matter how many hourglasses or time you put into a person, if you fail its game over. Its so cruel!!!!!


  24. I also get the option “This is a bit strange …” at day 10. And I got the bad end T^T Why?! Why at day 10? D: I was so close to got the good end QwQ This is not okay …


  25. So I just finished 707’s route, read his after story and unlocked the secret1. However, when i go into it, the episodes in secret1 are locked (is there a time limit or do I have to like, finish the other members’ routes first?) ….so confused lol.


  26. hello,
    i just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    i’ve been going crazy trying to finish seven’s route! i’ve already gotten 4 bad ending on his route! with 2 different bad ending. then i searched around i found ur walkthrough.
    i saved the game everytime the game branches. like on the 5th day and the 7th day. after i got a bad ending i loaded the game from the 7th day and follow ur wakthorugh but i still got a bad ending.. then i loaded the game again from the 5th day and THANK GOD i FINALLY got a good ending and unlocked all the secret.
    i’ve wasted A LOT OF hourglass especially because i keeps fast forwarding the game using hourglass.. but now i can sleep in peace 🙂


    • Omg, you’re two hours behind if you’re in WA LOL.

      And you’re welcome! I’ll be free starting from this afternoon or evening so I’ll be uploadig walkthroughs like crazy since I’m finally free~~


  27. First of all, thank you so much for the walk through. You really saved my butt. I’ve played through everything in 707’s route (except the secret stories) and I bought the after story, but for some reason, it’s not letting me access it. All it shows it the header with who’s in the chat room and at the bottom is “save & exit”. There’s no dialogue or conversation. Is that normal? Do I need to play through the secret stories first?


    • No you shouldn’t need to read the secret stories first, since I didn’t do it. Did you try using the Max Speed button to see if anything pops up?

      If not, I suggest you send an email to Cheritz, since I don’t have any other suggestions ;;

      Good luck~


  28. umh.. umh.. umh… hello…XD
    so umh.. like, let us say you manage to invite and convince every other guest to come to the party but you screw up on only one guy. umh… umh.. do you get the normal ending or good ending because like I really want the after ending story and stuff and it would really suck if I couldn’t get it because of that one fucking guy lmaoo XD
    Like, please tell me I’m nervous for this over nothing. LOL XD
    I’m going to be on the 11th day tomorrow btw. XD

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  29. First thank you for this walk through you saved me a lot of frustration 🙂

    So all the days are at 100% but after I finished Day 10 I clicked continued and it said that a new chat was available and I went through the 8am Day 11 chat but for some reason I’m still not able to access the Day 11 Party story. I responded to all the emails and everything


    • The party starts at noon sharp.
      If you’ve already gone past 12pm, then maybe you might want to send an email. Sorry for the late response


  30. Thank you for writing this walkthrough.

    I’m in the middle of Day 10 right now and wonder whether Saeran and V actually _having_ mint coloured eyes is related to the story ^^ (and maybe Rika hurt his eyes in order to ‘free’ him from the organisation and their view of a paradise).

    Anyway, thanks for uploading this!

    Best wishes,


  31. It’s the very last chat, but hope this helps 🙂

    ~Our Plan (23:41) – 707
    *we’re the only ones (no heart)
    *Seven, aren’t you tired driving?
    – It’s fine (+1 707)
    Yes (no heart)

    *I’m sure V’s our enemy
    *Yes, I think my heart’s still raising
    (neither option give hearts)

    *But how did you find this cabin?
    *You were working on your computer earlier. What were you doing?
    (neither option give hearts)

    *I feel bad for saeran (+1 707)
    *What do you think Vanderwood plans to do with Saeran? (no heart)

    *I’ll be with you until the end (+1 707)
    *I think it’ll be safe to be with you until Mint Eye is no longer a threat (+1 707)

    *…is it…(no heart)
    (only option regardless)

    *yes… I won’t be able to attend, but I hope it goes well.
    *since I can’t go… I was forgetting about it.
    (neither option give hearts)

    *I’ll hope everything goes well
    *Okay, I hope the party goes well tomorrow… we’ll end the day here!
    (neither option give hearts)


      • So, your extra section hasn’t unlocked?

        What type of ending did you get with 707? A ‘good ending’ or ‘normal ending’?

        Or you can just explain what happened in your ending.

        If you got normal, then I assume it’s because you didn’t do well with your party, since I just received word from someone that the grades on the party do affect your endings.


  32. Uh, I did the last chat on day 10 yesterday, I even read the visual novel mode at the end, why is it not progressing to day 11? I saved my game today and I’m on day 11, but it wont let me access day 11 at all? What happened?


    • Does it say “Continue” at the bottom of Day 10? Or are you actually on Day 11?

      First chat of Day 11 opens at 8am. If you are actually on Day 11 and the chats are not unlocking, you should send an email to cheritzteam.

      Sorry there’s not much I can do :c


  33. I just did the last chat on 707 route that you posted and read the visual novel after but it says continue after that, and I checked the main page and it hasn’t unlocked the after story, do I have to wait for a certain time?


  34. Thank you for the 707 route! I ended up going for him after Jaehee (which is apparently NOT THE SUGGESTED ORDER bc i went from 0 plot to ALL THE PLOT). I’m on day 10 (or, morning of day 11. Semantics) and I’m debating if I should go through the secret endings or should I actually do the other routes to preserve some of the plot… Either way, thank you for all of your hard work! ^^


  35. I tried 707’s route twice already and I’ve got bad ending. I have no idea what i picked wrong so I tried picking the options you picked day 9-10. When I got the visual novel after the caution, the outcome seemed to be the same. Assuming I might get bad ending again so I closed the app ;-; Just making sure, but when you got the option saying “I think the door’s locked!” Was there any other options? Like “I think this is a bit strange…” (or something like that) because I didn’t get “I think the door’s locked” as an option…. which could mean I got the bad ending again ;-;

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    • Sorry to hear that ;; Seems really frustrating on your end.

      There was another option, however I don’t remember what it was sorry. I only wrote the ones that appeared on my screen TT. You are free to pick the other option and try your luck!

      If it still comes to no avail, then I have absolutely no idea :c Maybe something you chose from an earlier date affected it? Though I would assume you would have gotten another bad ending if that were the case..

      Sorry I’m not much of help at this point ;; Best of luck to you!!


      • It’s okay! I find it really weird though. After the second time I got his bad ending I thought maybe it was because I didn’t accept RFA member’s offer when they asked if they could help 707 since he’s been doing things all by himself ever since he was little. But I’m not sure if that’s the case anymore since you picked the same things as I did. Like, trusting 707’s decisions and having faith in him. So I’m stuck.
        About the secret story, you get it after his after story right? Do you get to message the chat?


      • 707 unlocks the secret story episodes, yes.

        You don’t really have much of a role in them though, you just watch as the true ending unfolds ~

        And that really sounds weird ;;
        I hope it works out for you.


      • Did anyone ever figure out what to get passed this? Because im stuck here to and i feel like I’ve tried everything


      • Hi! I am on Seven’s 10th day. Other than “This door is locked!” ,the other option that I’ve got is something along the line of ,”Seven…should we go after Saeran?”.. And I chose the latter option. Now I am getting nervous of whether I’m gonna get his bad ending. NOOOOOO T_T

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    • I got bad ending too, after try twice.. What happend exacly??? There no option after “i think this is a bit strange” like what everyone got.. So sad..


  36. Thank you for doing these walkthroughs ^w^ currently on day 10 for 707 and I’ve been nervous since I’ve heard that there are a ton of bad endings on day 10. (I wonder if Jumin’s route is as mind blowing and plot twisting as Seven’s? Certainly never thought V or Rika being in on Mint Eye, and involved with Saeran. My heart can barely handle it >.<) Thank you so much! And it's also extremely helpful knowing the times for the chats, too. Ty!

    Liked by 1 person

    • @Kaitlin,

      I could tell you about Jumin’s route.. But it’d be better for you to see it yourself ;D

      Also after you finish 707’s route you get access to the secret stories, which is like a continuation of his route ~


    • Can you please not spoil it? I now have no use of 707’s route and that is taking away a major chunk of the game. I came here looking to see if RiceBallWannabe was going to end up doing Zen’s route and I come to this. Seriously, I am now not going to have any fun out of 707’s route.


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