Mystic Messenger – 707 Route – Day 10

So I’ve done 707’s route~ My favourite character that I was so looking forward to ♥
I’ve seen that some people were struggling with his route, so although I have not unlocked ALL the available options there are in the game, I’m going to post the answers that I chose since I got the good ending.

I may get heart indicators wrong – as this is coming from my memory. Please correct me if I’m wrong. ^^

I will be updating this post in the future to fill in all the available options there are, but for now, the titles will NOT have a ‘✩’ icon in them, so take that as the reference and future update of the post. I WILL ALSO BE DOING THE SAME FOR JUMIN’S ROUTE – I’M IN THE DEEP STORY ROUTE; I CAN’T GET OUT ;;

~Day 10~

~Everything I Believed… (01:45) – Zen

I can’t sleep…

We do know for sure now that V lied about that drawer.

I don’t think Seven will be able to sleep tonight either.

I will. Don’t worry too much and try to get some rest.

~Betrayal (04:14) – Yoosung, 707

God… I’m so worried that everyone seems so shocked.

I don’t know a lot about her… but I think that’s possible.

Yes… He’s checking every corner.

~ 707 enters ~

I couldn’t fall asleep because you were rummaging through every corner of the apartment.

ME… Mint Eye?

Then… Mint Eye may have been exploiting Saeran too…

I’ll be with you until the truth is revealed, Seven.

When will we leave for Mint Eye?

We’ll have to miss the party, but we’ll definitely find the truth.

I’ll trust your decision, Seven. (+1 707)

Okay, make sure to grab your jacket so you’re not cold ^^ (+1 707)

~ 707 leaves ~

Thank you. I’ll go get ready now. ^^

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

I can go anywhere if you’re there with me. That won’t change. (+1 707)

~You get a flipping adorable CG here~

Wow! The robot cat! You… fixed it?

Yes, let’s go find the truth and come back safe.

Yes, let’s go together!

~We Miss You Guys (08:18) – Jaehee, Jumin

Yes, we’re on our way.

Jumin, you didn’t sleep very well last night?

Jaehee, did you watch Zen’s DVD last night because you couldn’t sleep?

I’m not, since I’m with someone I trust.

Haha, just please take care of it.

Good luck, Jaehee.

Thank you… We won’t be able to attend, but please take good care of it.

Seven promised that he’d protect me. Don’t worry!

~ Jaehee leaves ~

Let Elizabeth go instead of me.

What is it?

I’ll let him know.

Okay, good bye.

~I Can’t Get Over This (10:22) – Yoosung, Zen

We’re still on the road. It’s far…

~ Zen enters ~

Well… I think we saw flying squirrels that looked like dessert cats lol

Still, you should be a good student;

I’m sorry I can’t go. Please take care of the party for me. ^^

That day will come… Trust us.

I understand that you’re nervous, but please have more faith in Seven. (+1 707)

Cheer up~!

~ Yoosung leaves ~

Lead the way and have everyone cheer up Zen!

Okay, I will.

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

I’m fine. Are we here?

I won’t…! Let’s do this and go back home!

~Please Remember (12:07) – 707

We’ve arrived~

We look like a cute couple. (+1 707)

I don’t think we’ll run into any enemies if we just follow your plan. (+1 707)

Don’t think that. We’ll come back safe!

Yes, please let everyone know here.

Of course. (+1 707)

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

Do you think Saeran hacked into our system here?

First… If Saeran really used this computer, we’d better start transferring the materials.

Seven, are you transferring the information already? You’re so fast.

~ Saeran enters… dun dun DUUNNN ~


What are you going to do with us!?

Saeran… still please listen. Nothing will change just by you listening.

Saeran, I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding. Please listen to what Seven has to say.

And last time when he saw you… that’s when he realised that V didn’t keep his promise.

Saeran, what really happened?


*insert the floppy disc into the computer*

I think the door’s locked!

~Calm Down (13:41) – Jumin, 707

Did he take it?


Jumin… Seven and I are locked in right now.

~ 707 enters ~

How longer do you think it’ll take?

We will! Don’t lose faith.

Won’t someone else come attack us?

You can do it, Seven…!

~ 707 leaves ~

Everything will be fine, Jumin. I’ll get going too.

~We Are On Our Way (15:28) – Zen, Yoosung, 707

Yes… We had a moment to spare.

~ Yoosung enters ~

We’re safe. We are still locked in…

Seven will be here soon.

~ 707 enters ~


We can’t leave until we find Saeran and the truth. (+1 707)

We’ll be in touch again!

~Don’t Worry About The Party (17:53) – Jaehee, Jumin

We’re currently leaving the building through blind spots.

Did you guys hear from V yet?

I should go back to Seven now. Cheer up both of you!

~ V I S U A L  N O V E L  M O D E – 7 0 7 ~

I think we missed Saeran…

Someone must have driven off quickly… it’s not Saeran’s car, is it..?


What is that about?

Seven! Have you ever lent anyone your car?

How the hell does the agency operate?

~Goodbye Greetings (20:11) – V

There’s nothing for you to say here, so sit back and relax at V’s monologue lmao

~Disappointment (21:34) – Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee, Jumin

Yes… we’re moving to a safe location.

He met us. We didn’t even tell him the address but he showed up.

~ Zen and Jaehee enter ~

Jaehee… We met V here. I’m so shocked.

I suppose he has too many secrets to do that.

~ Jumin enters and leaves…~

Jaehee, I think something’s wrong with Jumin. Shouldn’t you give him a call?

~ Jaehee leaves ~

Although we don’t know the truth yet.

That’s a good idea. You guys can comfort each other.

Okay, I will. Everyone try to calm down. The party’s tomorrow.

~ Yoosung leaves ~

I’m just worried that Seven seems really hurt. (+1 707)

I should get going too. I should at least try to comfort Seven. (+1 707)

~Our Plan (23:41) – 707

We’re the only ones here…

I’m sure that V’s our enemy.

But how did you find this cabin?

I feel bad for Saeran.

I’ll be with you until the end. (+1 707)

Only one option. (Is it…)

Yes… I won’t be able to attend, but I hope it goes well.

Okay, I hope the party goes well tomorrow… we’ll end the day here!

Done with his walkthrough!!

Thanks for being patient guys (to the ones that actually waited, I guess? ; u;)

I’ll be updating all of 707’s walkthrough when I go back to it later to update all the options and hopefully add in the bad ending sections so that you can get CGs (if there are any for the bad endings). Enjoy the ending of his route! ^^

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182 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – 707 Route – Day 10

  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more bad ending!!!!!!
    I finally got the pass for the good ending of 707!!!!!!
    I followed the answers you gave on day 9 and 10 and now here it is!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for the guidelines ( ^ . ^ )


  2. I got bad ending gahhhd can’t take this. Saeran tricked us after I put that floppy disk in his desktop. Then there you go, bad ending 3. I cant continue playing it coz I only got 70hg and 74hearts left. I’m frustrated gosh whyyyyyyy. *cries in korean*


  3. ok, so I i’m on day 10, and i’ve done all the correct options… i’ve tried SO many options but whenever I insert the floppy disc, Saeran freaks out, and doesn’t believe Seven. Then he ends up kidnapping us. I can’t recall everything, but for the most part, i’m pretty sure i did all the best options in previous days. And I’m pretty sure I can’t go back to the other days, because i’ve participated in every chat, and I saved right before this branch. T_T


    • D: Really? I’m not sure what went wrong, since I got the good ending like this… Maybe try another walkthrough?

      I’m sorry :c You might have gotten the bad end due to choices made in the Deep Story route – maybe not enough hearts altogether, etc.

      My walkthrough for 707 isn’t 100% done, so it might be on my part as well. I’m sorry that you got a bad ending ;;


  4. I ended Day 10 and im on Day 11 but the little sign that says “today” is still on day 10, is it suppose to be like that. I dont know what to do


  5. I followed the choices for the visual novel before 13:41pm and there is no “the door is locked”option. WHERE DID IT GO WRONG ,_, and then i got bad ending.(cries)


    • Omg D: Watching 707’s bad endings must be so heartwrenching LOL.

      I’m not sure what could have gone wrong there, unfortunately. There’s been like a whole range of people who say they got the good ending, and some who just haven’t been able to for some odd reason. Only thing I can think of is the first four days of the deep route – something must be wrong there, or maybe you didn’t get enough hearts or something…

      Sorry I’m a useless butt ;-;


    • When selecting the options, always choose the one that reflects patience and caring. 707 seems to like mature ladeh who loves him unconditionally while giving him some space. :p


  6. Hey Guys
    If u try to call 707. around 9:45pm/9:50pm u just get the cutest conversation💕

    Hes going to tell how much he loves you 😱😍

    Sry my english is not the best.


  7. Ah, Yes. I followed your guide and still got a bad ending. 7 and MC seemed happy though, how could there be any bad choices made if this is the case?


  8. I did everything just like on this walk-through, but I still got the bad ending when Saeran kidnaps Seven. I can’t find anything about it anywhere, I don’t understand.


    • It might have been something that you chose in the first 4 days of the deep story route then :c I’m not sure what other possibility there could be.


  9. Stuck on final day, I can’t go to the party, so many i try to klik Logo Party always have a note: “If you start the party without answering guest’s email, that will not be arrived at the party. Please be careful not to run off your app during the party. Continue?”

    What should I do? klik Ok or Cancel?


  10. same i followed the guide (all of them) and got bad ending 3 ): i’ve got sevens good ending already lol but it still hurts me when i get bad endings


  11. Hi! I followed your guide but… After i insert the floppy disk ,later there is an only answer “I think is a bit strange” and…. Bad ending! Why T.T am I the only one?


  12. I’ve done everything like in your route, I’m at the end of day 10, and nothing happens. Do I have to wait for the final day? How can I unlock the extras or the after endings?

    Your guide is really helpful, thanks! 😘


  13. I’m on day 11 for 707 but it won’t let me in the chat before the party. It keeps saying loading, I waited for twenty minutes and nothing happened. Plz help


  14. I seriously followed nearly all of the choices in the guide and still got the third bad ending. I even went back to my 7th day file after failing my 9th day file twice. The real kicker is that after the first branch, it’s actually possible to literally not take part in any chatroom until the 11th day and move on to the good branches by default. (My guess is that the bad endings are calculated after a certain amount of bad choices are made, not by picking more good than bad.) Ugh. Wish me luck. I’m just going to leave Seven da eff alone during a new run on his route. v__v;;


  15. So I have a question, I’ve gotten two bad endings with 7. One ended on the ninth and the next on the tenth. I chose literally almost everything in this walk through by myself but I decided to come here because I chose the *insert floppy disk into computer* option and that’s when I got the bad end. Idk how to avoid it should I chose the other option it did I go wrong somewhere? Plz help >_<


  16. I’ve followed this hoping it would help but I still got the bad end regardless ‘-‘
    I’m almost positive I’ve made all of the right choices before day 10 & including it though…


    • I used to do my choices during regular chat rooms and vnm according to a Tumblr post, but I forgot it so now I say what I’d say irl lol. Help me please. Seven, Defender of Justice, has taken over my life lol


  17. Okay so I did everything right but on the final day I got a ‘normal’ ending…. Not sure what the heck that means, but basically on the last day I wasn’t allowed to make any choices or anything of the sort… I looked up the normal ending and I haven’t found anything about a ‘normal’ ending. In the normal ending, 707 and I didn’t chase after Vanderwood, and instead there was this short segment of 707 promising to God to love me forever or something, and I’m just really confused… Is this some new update???


  18. So I managed to get almost all the way to this ending. But when I inserted the floppy disk *SPOILERS* his brother tricked us and locked us up so it was a Bad Ending. I’m not sure what I did wrong to get a Bad Ending. Everything was the same up till then.


    • hmm.. was it before a caution? you may have been making the wrong type of choices. a lot of people get confused with sevens choices,e specially towards the end. just from what i remember, you have to still be understanding and nice, you’ll want to try to open the secret drawer and use the floppy disk. you’ll also not want to be all over seven and mushy lovey in the apartment (choices like “lets take a bath together~” and such are the ones you want to avoid).


      • During days 7-9, Seven pushes away everybody. But during the second half of day 9, he apologized and went back to almost normal Seven, except a bit more serious than before. I’m on day 10 now and I passed the branch off and I have more than 10 guests that are definitely coming so I can’t wait for tomorrow ~ (also mm has taken over my life and I keep on talking like how I would in mm chat rooms lol)


    • Yea, I had that too..You must’ve got something wrong in the past days..
      I also didnt have that option and got the bad ending!

      I started replaying from day 8 with all the answers in this and it worked! I am now close to finishing the route (sadly 😦 )


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