[Update] Mystic Messenger Walkthrough Continuation

Hi guys~

As you know, I’ve been really busy with my exams as of late, but they’re finally over~! And what does that mean? I get to continue the walkthrough for Mystic Messenger! ;D

I’ll start posting walkthroughs again starting from the 15th of August! So basically two days from now for me. ^^

Thank you to everyone who has been waiting patiently~ I’ll make sure I speed everything just for you guys when I get back to work :3

20 thoughts on “[Update] Mystic Messenger Walkthrough Continuation

  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I really enjoy the game. I’m currently on Yoosung’s route and should be on the final 11th day but the game still has me on the 10th day for some strange reason. I’m at 90% of the 10th day because I’m not strangely able to complete the final chat and visual novel despite paying 5 hourglasses to complete it. The game won’t let me every time I try to click on the chat box its just gray. So I’m hoping it doesn’t effect me continuing on to the party. Do you think it will? If so what should I do? Thank you!


    • thats really weird? did you make sure to play the chat first? usually when you miss stuff it’ll just move on, so hopefully it does. otherwise id contact cheritz and report the bug


  2. Hey~!
    Just wanted to say thanks a load for writing these walkthroughs, they’ve been super helpful and it’s awesome to see other fans of the captivating Mystic Messenger. I’m sure you’re probably pretty busy with life, but I hope to see some more walkthroughs of MM since the ones you make are usually pretty thorough and the side comments are smile-worthy ^^, so I’m looking forward to you finding the time to do so;;

    Not sure how to end this message,
    but you get the point+


    • 6 years late to reply, but reading all these comments has made me feel both happy and disappointed in myself for not finishing the MM walkthroughs haha. I will eventually find the time to go back and finish them, but I am glad you enjoyed them and thought they were thorough! Perhaps if you’re still interested in otome and are planning to play The Ssum, I’ll see you back here πŸ™‚


  3. Hiii! I really love you for posting the walktroughs, it’s very helpful! I wanted to ask when Yoosung route Day 8 will be posted? If you are too busy or something, I understand. I was just wondering πŸ™‚

    Also, at first I was a little bit scared of Yoosung, when his yandere side showed up T_T he reminded me of Yuno from Mirai Nikki hahaha. But i still love him, he’s so sweet lol

    Thank youuu!


  4. I just want to thank you for the amazing walkthroughs! you do such an amazing job of writing them really organized and such. anyway, that’s all I wanted to say huehuehe


  5. Umm…I’m kinda worried I was on day 7 today’s my 8 but it says error when I try to log in everytime, I even desinstalled and install it but still the same when ever I try. what’s happening? And what should I do?


  6. Hello! I just started playing Mystic Messenger yesterday and now I’m around 75% finished with Day 2 but since Day 2’s conversations requires 5 hourglasses; I became broke ;—–; I only have 10 hourglasses left and I’m not sure if I can buy hourglasses… did you buy your hourglasses? Aaand, do you recommend me to start over the game so I can get hourglasses out of my replies? help TT——TT thanks in advance! ❀


    • Conversations only cost hourglasses if you miss the times they are open at.

      I bought mine, so I could speed up and write the walkthrough tbh , but pretty much the main story of the game can be played for free. Try to save the glasses for the chats you miss, and be there for the chats if you don’t want to use them ^^

      I know it’s hard ;c But that’s all I know atm.

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      • If you missed a chat you donΒ΄t need hourglasses you just have to put back the time to the time when the chat was. You can put back the time a whole day, but forward you just should put forward only one hour. My comment is a bit late, but I hope I could help and sorry for my bad english. πŸ˜€


  7. Hello~ thx somuch for doind all this!!

    I have a question. If Jimin and 707 are in the deep route, why we can get their hearts during the common route of normal route? I’m so Lost. Even If i get many 707’s hearts, I wont get 707 route of I’m in the normal route, right?

    Thank youuu


    • Yes, you don’t get 707/Jumin’s route in normal. I’m actually not sure why they give you their hearts either, but I’m guessing that it’s because some of the answers you choose will also reflect on your character’s route that you are on as well.

      Pretty much they won’t mean a lot in the normal route. XD


      • or probably since we can exchange hearts to hg, hearts from 707 and jumin would be necessary? i don’t know XD

        btw, do phone calls affect the route? it doesn’t seem to give heart so..


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