Update – Mystic Messenger out on iOS!


Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for: Mystic Messenger is now available on the app store for Apple devices! If you’re like me, you’ve probably been suffering watching everyone play while you cry onto your iPhone screen. Okay, but really, it has been postponed for pretty long so I’m more than ecstatic to finally be able to play!

With this release, I should also be able to help out Jen with the remaining guides. The process is super tedious and three conversations in I craved death, so please take this moment to thank Jen for enduring all that suffering for the good of easy-to-follow walkthroughs for all your otome needs.

I have started on writing Zen’s guide (though as I type this the app is currently down so RIP), and hopefully help with Jumin as well. ‘Cause of course Jen leaves the two I really wanted to do for last so their routes are filled with suffering for me. Jokes aside, hopefully we’ll be able to release the rest of the guides a bit faster now that Jen is free of exam hell. I also have about a week before I start school up again so I’ll just work my butt off with these guides before the actual suffering begins.

Thanks for showing all the support for this blog! The views just spiked x1000 since we started posting the MM guides, and it makes me glad that our hard work is paying off. Also a little happy one year anniversary to this blog! I started it up after I decided to translate guides for Amnesia when it released last August and now we’re here! Hopefully we’ll have another lovely year and be able to release lots more walkthroughs for the upcoming localizations~ Enjoy the rest of your summers and happy otome gaming!

14 thoughts on “Update – Mystic Messenger out on iOS!

  1. I have a question :
    If I finished all the three routes in the casual story , the deep story would open without using any hourglasses…
    Or even if I finished it or not I have to use 80 hourglasses ??



    Like, I didn’t know that it had a whole community going on about how you should answer and stuff.
    I look forward to your new updates πŸ˜€


  3. hi, i would like to ask a question, does IOS mystic messenger doesn’t have the deep story yet ? I read a bunch of sources that said it is on the settings menu but there isn’t any T^T could you help me? I really want to play the deep story…Thankyou ! btw sorry if my english is not that good ><


    • Sorry for the late reply, I’m sure you’ve already figured it out by now!
      When they say the settings menu, they mean going to Settings > Account and selecting “Start Over”.
      Once you select that you’ll be taken back to the beginning where it says “Casual Story” or “Deep Story”. Unlocking the Deep Story route will cost you 80 hourglasses, unless that’s different on the iOS version.


  4. Hello I wrote a message somewhere else but I cannot seem to find it. anyways what I was asking is why is there a hourglass over a visual novel mode. I can play the next convo but I use hourglass to unlock the next 24 hours.I am on day 4…Do I need to play the convo first or something? What should I do?


  5. Hello? I was just wondering about one thing and that is I’m currently on the 4th day.(I bought the next 24hours) At 23:00 there is a visual novel mode…but it had a hourglass symbol on it and I am unable to click it. Is there a reason for this?There is a convo right under it that can be entered…should I do that or am i doing something wrong that the visual novel mode is blocked?


  6. Hi, i would like to ask a question. I’m in Day 10 right now and i wanna finish this game so badly but i have classes tomorrow and i’ll probably miss the 2 chatroom in the last day. Here is my question, Will i miss the party if i open the game around 1 PM? Since the party starts at 12… will i still be able to answer the emails? Thank youuuu~ πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


      • no, the chats expires only when a new one is open, you can read the “party” in any moment after is available (12hs), because is no other chat open after it. You can even read it the next day. I tried that yesterday because I wanted to have the ending at 00hs to start a new one without miss the first chats.
        Its the same with all the chats, I always read the night chats (3-4am for example) first time at the morning just right before appears the ones at 7-8am.


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