[Update] MM Walkthrough Didn’t Continue.. :U but will be asap

So… I just wanted to say, sorry for not continuing on the day I said I would. Things came up and the timing didn’t work out >_>

Also my router has been dead for a while so I don’t even have internet :’) When I get my internet back I’ll be making an update on this post indicating when I’ll start again.

Also, I’m so sorry to everyone who’s been commenting and wanting answers; due to the internet outage I haven’t been able to respond to everything ;; I’ll still reply to them all when I come back, even if you don’t need the answers anymore!!

Thank you guys for being so understanding ; u; and I hope you’re enjoying the game!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE 12.09.16~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

HELLO, I AM BACK. MY NET IS BACK, MY LIFE IS BACK ON TRACK! (Except for the fact that my final exams start in exactly a month from today… so I have limited time to continue this walkthrough, as usual…)

Why must my life have so many obstacles ; -; I just wanna finish this walkthrough orz

ANYWAY. So now that I’ve let you all know that I’m back, I’m very happy to announce that I will be continuing the walkthrough starting from… TODAY!  I’ll be finishing off Yoosung’s route first.

Also, for all the people that have commented in my absence (there’s like freaking 1000 of them that I have to allow)… It will take me time to answer all of them. I know that you all probably have already gotten your answers, and I’m so sorry that I didn’t reply back to you. I’ll still be replying to them even if you don’t need them anymore :’)

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SUCH PATIENT GIRLS. I hope you’re enjoying the game!

6 thoughts on “[Update] MM Walkthrough Didn’t Continue.. :U but will be asap

  1. Hello!

    I just played MM yesterday and accidentally I spent the houglasses to open the rest of the chats without waiting. It costs 30. So many. Huhu.. Now every time I try to load the game, it says “There is a difference between the save time and the present time. It may cause missed conversations or phone calls during the time gap.”. Then, if it loaded, many text messages will pop up. But I can’t find them in my inbox. I’m confused. What should I do? ;; I want to start over but I’m afraid my hourglasses that I bought won’t be accumulated and it will be gone ;; Can you help me please? Thank you so much for your walkthroughs. It helps a lot.


    • That is known as a small bug, where many texts appear but nothing shows up in the inbox. Cheritz is already aware of this. c:

      The popup that they give you about the save/load time is just because when you save, it will save at your current time and if you load it another day at a different time, or pretty much if you just load it another day, it will give that popup. There isn’t anything wrong.

      Unless you see conversations that you have missed or anything, it should be fine. Email Cheritz or feel free to ask if anything of the sort happens. I’ll try my best to help you ; u;


    • No unfortunately I haven’t done Zen’s route yet :c He will be next after Yoosung’s route.
      I hope you’ve found someone who’s already made it ; u;


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