[Update] Comments, Comments, Comments


Hello guys! I just wanted to make a short little update. We’ve gotten a TON  of comments, and couldn’t keep up. We had 200+ unanswered.. rip. I went through and approved them all. Me and Jen are going to try and keep up with them now, but we still get a lot per day and are busy with school and such, so please be a bit patient! Also, before commenting, just make sure to read the text Jen puts at the beginning to explain about the guides if you have any issues with that.

Otherwise, thank you all so much for the support! We never thought the blog would get this many views ;;. So thank you all, and see you soon!

11 thoughts on “[Update] Comments, Comments, Comments

  1. Hi! Just wondering why my mystic messenger is a bit different to the guide youre showing? Could it be the update that has occurred recently or….?
    Please answer soon! Im lost ><

    Thank you in advance!
    (also your guides in the past really helped me out! Good work! <3)


  2. Hi, how does loading from a saved file work? I’m on Zen’s route and saved last at like 16.45 today and I feel like I messed up an answer at around 21.30. If I want to go back and change the answer, how should I go about it?


    • IM not 100% correct but i believe you should load it around the same time the next day? but if you mess up a few answers it won’t change your end, so its ok if u make a mistake here and there!


  3. Hello,,please help me.
    I’ve answered all three questions/emails from the guest before the party but why it’s not completed?
    Thank you so much


  4. Yoosung’s Doubt ( stuck here)

    Need help! im unable to move on in this convo as the app closes itself whenever it reach Yoosung saying ” im her actual family. ” i have tried again and again at least 5 times and im still unable to move on and complete this convo. Please help me .

    Also for some reasons im unable to post a comment.


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