Liar! Uncover the Truth – Flirt Time Q&A Guide

This totally puts my flirting skills to the test :’) I think I suck tbh LOL

Please comment below if you know any of the answers, or have a question/answer that I haven’t written here yet. There’s heaps of them out there, so any help would be appreciated!

The answers that have a ‘♥’ icon next to them indicate the answer that gives you super cool!

Q: You’re dating a younger guy. He offers to pay the bill all by himself, but…?
A: Just let him do it.
B: Say you’ll pay because you’re older.
C: Tell him next time’s on you. ♥

Q: How do you prepare for a date at home with your boyfriend?
A: Clean up ♥
B: Fill the room with some sweet-smelling aroma. (Basic)
C: Buy dishes for him to use.

Q: How do you get your man to buy you a present you’re after?
A: Some him something your friend got.
B: Talk to him about the stuff you’re into. ♥
C: Drag him to a shop.

Q: If you want to cuddle up to a teacher, what should you say?
A: What has moved you as a teacher? ♥
B: Why did you become a teacher?
C: Must be tough to deal with bullying. (Basic)

Q: You want to tell your boy how you feel, but you’re too shy. What do you do?
A: Meet up and talk it out. (Basic)
B: Type out a long e-mail.
C: Write a letter. ♥

Q: How should you approach a coworker you want to date?
A: Invite everyone out for drinks. (Basic)
B: Ask him out.
C: Invite him out for lunch. ♥

Q: You get a suspicious text meant for another girl from your BF! What do you do?
A: Wait and see.
B: Look for proof of his cheating. (Basic)
C: Ask who it was meant for.

Q: What girly thing can you do to get a guy’s heart racing?
A: Cross your legs. ♥
B: Play with your earrings.
C: Twirl your hair.

Q: You run into a old friend and he has filled in nicely. What do you do?
A: Ask for his info and hit him up later. ♥
B: Ask if he has a girlfriend.
C: Ramble on about the good old days.

Q: Your hot coworker’s been transferred to a different department! Your plan?
A: Tell him things are lonely without him (Basic)
B:  Sneak a peek at his new department
C: Gather some people to go out for drinks ♥

Q: You’re going to cook for your boyfriend for the first time. What do you make?
A: Ask him what he likes (Basic)
B: Regular ol’ meat and potatoes
C: Decide together at the supermarket ♥

Q: You haven’t heard from your BF in three days! What do you do?
A: Call until he picks up
B: Text him asking why he won’t call
C: Use the time to do what you want to do ♥

Q: Your long distance boyfriend fears you’ll cheat. What do you say on the phone?
A: I won’t do anything to make you worry. ♥
B: Buck up and have faith.
C: I like i when you trust me.

Q: How do you point out your boyfriend’s flaws?
A: Tell him right then and there.
B: Consider your phrasing carefully. ♥
C: Don’t point them out.

Q: You’re into one of your superiors at work. How do you make a good impression?
A: You’re so trustworthy. ♥
B: I really need your help.
C: Can you explain this to me? (Basic)

Q: Your lazy, unkempt boyfriend’s room is a total mess! What do you do?
A: Clean the whole thing yourself.
B: Don’t touch anything.
C: Make him clean it. (Basic)

Q: What do you say when you want to ask out an older guy?
A: There’s this bar I want to check out.
B: Want to go out for dinner? ♥
C: Take me on a date!

Q: You find a dirty magazine in his bedroom! What do you do?
A: Throw it out without telling him. (Basic)
B: Put it back without saying anything.
C: Casually place it on his desk.

Q: You find some of his ex’s stuff at your boyfriend’s place! What do you say?
A: I can throw these out, right? ♥
B: Have you been seeing her again?!
C: Throw it out without telling him.

Q: Dates aren’t a priority to your boyfriend! How do you change that?
A: Threaten to leave him.
B: Put up with it.
C: Do something you’ll both enjoy. ♥

Q: When should you send a thank you text to a guy after your first date?
A: Wait for him to send one first.
B: Before you go to sleep.
C: Send it on the way home. ♥

Q: Valentine’s is coming up and you don’t have a boyfriend…! What do you do?
A: Devote yourself to work or studies. (Basic)
B: Pick whoever’s available.
C: Go to a party or out for drinks. ♥

Q: You’ve got the hots for a guy you’re taking lessons from. How do you approach?
A: Pull back and ignore him more.
B: Ask him lots of questions. (Basic)
C: Ask him out. ♥

Q: Your BF wants every detail of your romantic history. How do you get him to stop?
A: I don’t remember. (Basic)
B: That makes me feel uncomfortable. ♥
C: It doesn’t matter now.

Q: Your first text from the guy you like! When do you send him a quick hello back?
A: Wait a full day.
B: Right away. ♥
C: Don’t reply.

Q: You want to get back with an ex you dumped. What do you do?
A: Meet up and let him know how you feel. ♥
B: Drunkenly try to kiss him.
C: Start out as friends. (Basic)

Q: This is your first e-mail to your crush. How do you make a good impression?
A: Decorate it with tons of emoji.
B: Put your name in the title.
C: Include a question. ♥

Q: You spy your boyfriend secretly peeking at your phone! What do you say?
A: Stop that!
B: Boring, isn’t it? Nothing in there. ♥
C: Show me your phone, then!

Q: Your boyfriend starts to look sleepy while driving… What can you do for him?
A: Offer to drive. ♥
B: Give him some gum.
C: Listen to him talk. (Basic)

Q: Your boyfriend snores like a freight train! How do you fix this?
A: Read a book and put up with it.
B: Wake him and ask if he’s okay.
C: Give him some anti-snoring tape. ♥

Q: What do you do when he does nothing for Valentine’s Day?
A: Jokingly ask if he knows what day it is. ♥
B: Snub him next Valentine’s Day.
C: Ask if he knows what Valentine’s Day is.

Q: After going out for three months, he says you’re stifling him! What do you do?
A: Apologise.
B: Claim you’re doing no such thing.
C: Ask him what he wants. ♥

Q: What do you do when two guys ask you out at the same time?
A: Choose the one with better status.
B: Choose the one who’s better looking.
C: Choose the one who seems the most loyal. ♥

Q: You want to get to know a customer at your CD shop better! What do you do?
A: Give him your number.
B: Feel free to ask me anything. ♥
C: Look up his details and send him a message.

Q: Your BF says he has no money – all the time! What do you do?
A: Quit dating that broke boy.
B: Ask him how he spends his money. ♥
C: See no other option, and lend him money.

Q: How do you get a civil servant guy to fall for you?
A: Be quiet and conservative.
B: Have intellectual conversations. ♥
C: Be cool and fashionable.

Q: It’s your first night with a guy you’re serious about. What do you wear to bed?
A: Wear something VERY revealing.
B: Wear black lingerie. ♥
C: Wear something simple and functional.

Q: What’s the most important thing to check right before a match-making party?
A: Your makeup.
B: Your hair.
C: Your smile. ♥

Q: How do you land a Libra guy?
A: Casually let him know you’re interested.
B: Praise his good points. ♥
C: Try to charm him.

Q: Your boyfriend has to move away. What do you say to find out how he feels?
A: I want to give long distance a try. ♥
B: Do long distance relationships work?
C: Do you think we should break up?

Q: How do you arrange to meet up with a guy after seeing him at a reunion?
A: Want to go somewhere together after this?
B: Let’s go drinking together sometime! ♥
C: Do you have a girlfriend?

Q: How do you get yourself invited over to your man’s house for the first time?
A: Let’s watch a DVD together! ♥
B: I’ll clean your room for you!
C: I wanna relax on our next day off.

Q: Your first date is ending. How do you get him to invite you on the next one?
A: Thanks, see ya!
B: Let’s go to an aquarium next time! ♥
C: I had so much fun today!

Q: The hat he’s chosen at a theme park doesn’t suit him… What do you say?
A: Huh. I didn’t know it would look like that.
B: You’re usually so hot.
C: I love it! We both look ridiculous. ♥

Q: An out-of-towner asks you out but you’re worried about distance. What do you do?
A: Force yourself to go for it.
B: Keep spending time with him. ♥
C: Give in to your fear and say no.

Q: What’s the best way to approach a workaholic guy?
A: Ask him about his area of expertise. ♥
B: Break the ice with a cheerful attitude.
C: Wear flashy clothes.

Q: How do you stand out in a crowd at a match-making party?
A: Be super kind.
B: Give a great self introduction. ♥
C: Head home early.

Q: You suspect your boyfriend has been secretly checking your phone… What do you do?
A: Sneak a peek at his, too.
B: Flip out at him.
C: Leave it. Nothing weird in there anyway. ♥

Q: Your ex is asking you out again and you’re interested. What do you do?
A: Go with the flow and sleep with him.
B: Meet up in a group.
C: See how a date goes. ♥

Q: How do you ask if a guy’s interested through a casual text message?
A: Wanna go somewhere together? ♥ (I need clarification with this. I was half asleep when I did this one.)
B: Hey, what do you think of me?
C: I like you!

Q: You want this guy so bad, but he’s got a girlfriend! What do you do?
A: Push him to break up with his girlfriend.
B: Give up right away.
C: Start looking elsewhere. ♥

Q: What’s the most impressive thing to do the first time you go to your BF’s house?
A: Ask for a tour.
B: Comment how clean it is while glancing around the room. (Basic)
C: Excuse yourself and take a seat. ♥

Q: You’re cooking for the first time at your boyfriend’s house. What do you make?
A: Try making something new. (Basic)
B: Make something you often make.
C: Make something you often eat.

Q: Your older boyfriend is down about work. What do you say?
A: Act normal.
B: Don’t push yourself too hard. I worry. ♥
C: Let’s eat and forget our troubles!

Q: What’s the best way to be popular at a barbecue?
A: Quietly wait for the food to be grilled.
B: Start drinking.
C: Help with the grilling. ♥

Q: You’re going in for a tipsy body touch! How do you get him to cuddle up?
A: Put your hand on his thigh.
B: Touch his arm. (Basic) – need clarification. (sorry I forget things a lot. I screenshot everything on my phone thinking I’d remember what I put TT)
C: Ruffle his hair.

Q: He’s the youngest son. How do you approach him?
A: Rely on him. (Basic)
B: Be there for him. ♥
C: Smile a lot. (Basic)

Q: What’s the best strategy to see someone again after a match-making party?
A: Ask for his number. ♥
B: Throw your arms around him.
C: Bluntly say good bye.

Q: You want to get to know one of your business clients a little better! What do you do?
A: Go out for drinks with him as business partners. (Basic)
B: Ask him on a date. ♥
C: Focus on your work and wait for him to approach you.

Q: He asks you where to meet up for your first date. What do you say?
A: Choose somewhere close to your place.
B: Choose somewhere close to his place.
C: Choose somewhere convenient for both. ♥

Q: An outgoing guy has catches your eye at a party. How do you get his attention?
A: Share some funny stories. ♥
B: Help out with the barbecuing.
C: Listen to everything he says.

Q: You’re serious about marriage. What do you do when a younger guy asks you out?
A: Jokingly ask if he wants to marry you.
B: Ask if he’s ready for an older woman. ♥
C: Refuse – you’re looking to get married.

Q: You want to give chocolates to one of your business customers.. What do you do?
A: Visit his office on Valentine’s Day.
B: Send them over with a letter. ♥
C: Hand it to him a few days later.

Q: Your sexy coworker says the guys must be all over you, so how do you reply?
A: Wouldn’t you like to know? ♥
B: Yep, I’m super popular.
C: I have no idea, what do you think?

Q: Your BF is taking you on a date, but he’s exhausted from work. What do you do?
A: Go somewhere relaxing. ♥
B: Go to a theme park.
C: Cancel the date.

Q: You’re on a date when you suddenly get a private call. Do you answer?
A: Completely ignore it. You’re on a date. ♥
B: Apologise and take the call.
C: Just take the call. (Basic)

Q: You two have a roaring fight and aren’t speaking. Do you send a good night text?
A: Continue the argument.
B: Send something plainer than usual. ♥
C: Send nothing. (Basic)

Q: You want to get back with a guy who dumped you! What should you do?
A: Go for a full-on attack!
B: Remind him of what made you special. ♥
C: Find someone else.

Q: You want to tell your feelings to an oblivious guy. What do you say?
A: Just tell him how you feel. ♥
B: Sorry, I’m a little tipsy, but… I like you!
C: You really don’t get it, do you?


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  3. For the “You’re cooking for the first time at your boyfriend’s house. What do you make?” q, make something you often make is the super cool ans!


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