Liar! Uncover The Truth – Liar #2

So I decided to start a walkthrough for this game, since it was a new experience, considering it’s from Voltage Inc! There’s probably heaps of these walkthroughs already, but I felt like making one for this blog as well, so here it is :3

The answers that have a ‘♥’ icon next to them indicate the correct answer! (People familiar with my Mystic Messenger Guide will get the hang of this quick ;D)

Possible Liars for this Story:
1. Toya Kashi
2. Itaru Yuikawa
3. Keima Katagiri

~Chapter 13: Cool Points Mission

You need 110+ (or was it 120?) Cool Points to continue the story.

~Chapter 15: Collecting Evidence!

To get Evidence #1:
1. Find the hospital lobby photo by scrolling down the timeline.
2. Tap it.
3. Snap a photo of it

To get Evidence #2:
1. Tap on Toya’s profile picture
2. Find the photo of a cake he made
3. Tap it
4. Snap it

~Chapter 19: Investigation (More like snooping)

There are a total of four things you need to tap on here:
1. The trashcan
2. The holes on the wall
3. The schedule/calendar looking thing on the wall
4. Swipe right and then click on the scribbled paper on his desk

~Chapter 24: Accusation Time!

Select Toya Kashi.

~Chapter 25: Questioning

A: Why are you so strict with your employees?
B: What’s with the holes in the wall? ♥
C: Why do you drive like a maniac?

~Chapter 25: Evidence!

Evidence #1: Select “Bills for Damage“.

~Chapter 26: Throwing More Evidence!

Evidence #2: Select “Work Schedule“.
Evidence #3: Select “Toya’s FindFriend Screen

~Chapter 27: ‘Fess Up Already You Flipper – Final Choice!

A: Drawing of the cake he made for you.
B: His staff’s schedule.
C: The bill for damages. ♥

I couldn’t contain my laughter after his true personality came out.
His facial expressions of his true nature just crack me up :’)

Tbh though, I really dig guys who are patissiers. If he looked more cuter (with that long ass nose of his) and didn’t have such bad anger management (such a shame) I would have totally gone for him.

Enjoy the endings!


3 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover The Truth – Liar #2

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  2. Pingback: Helping Uncover the Truth in Liar! with a Compilation of Links | Another Gaming Day

  3. I’m so scared of this guy. I mean, I’ve never felt bothered while playing otome games before but then I played Liars and I swear to the good lord, he almost scared the living daylights out of me. Ughhhh.


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