Liar! Uncover the Truth – Liar #3

So I decided to start a walkthrough for this game, since it was a new experience, considering it’s from Voltage Inc! There’s probably heaps of these walkthroughs already, but I felt like making one for this blog as well, so here it is :3

The answers that have a ‘♥’ icon next to them indicate the correct answer!

Possible Liars for this Story:
1. Itaru Yuikawa
2. Sotaro Shiga
3. Kunio Muroi
4. Joe Yazawa

~Chapter 15: Cool Points Mission

You need at least 700 Cool Points to continue the story.

~Chapter 17: Investigation (Room Escape Style :D)

There are a total of two things you need to find here:
1. The drugged handkerchief lying on the floor.
2. Swipe right and tap on the gigantic portrait of Nanyami (gee someone is awfully into this skin-showing bi- ahem).

~Chapter 19: Investigation Part 2!

There are a total of six pieces of evidence you need to find here:
1. Tap on the rubbish bin to find a bloody gauze.
2. Tap the small piece of paper on the table, next to the computer with Nanyami as their desktop.
3. Swipe right and tap on the pamphlet on the drawer on the right.
4. Swipe right again and tap on the pair of slippers to zoom in, then tap on the slippers again.
5. Tap on the button lying on the floor next to the slippers. (PS. If you’re having trouble zooming back out, swipe in an outward direction from the center of your screen)
6. Swipe right again, and tap on the right side of the white wardrobes to open it. Tap on the pink dress.

~Chapter 20: Accusation Time!

Select “Joe Yazawa“.

Question: Why were you kidnapped?
A: Because I look like Nanyami. ♥
B: Because the kidnapper loves me.
C: For ransom money.

~Chapter 21: Throwing Evidence

Evidence #1: Select “Nanyami Publicity Still”.

~Chapter 22: Stabbing Him With More Evidence

Evidence #2: Select “Plaid Costume“.

Question: What are you gonna do?
A: Badmouth Nanyami
B: Ask Kunio
C: Try on the costume ♥

~Chapter 23: …Just Confess, Please – Evidence

Evidence #3: Select “Tight Dress“.
Evidence #4: Select “Memo with Strange Numbers“. HAH, now all the guys know her sizes :^)

~Chapter 24: Holy Cow, Finally It’s the Final Choice

A: This costume rocks!
B: This costume isn’t out yet! ♥
C: This costume smells like Joe!

Okay. Tbh I loved this story, because the creep actually humiliated in front of the others, PLUS the others all found out the MC’s measurements ohohoho~~

Otherwise, C-R-E-E-P. Gotta love how Voltage knows their ways around creeps. :’)
Enjoy the endings!





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