[Update] Mystic Messenger Walkthrough/Guide Officially Going on Hiatus Until November 2nd.

Hey guys… ; __;

I’m so sorry it’s been ages since I even came onto this site. My exams start in 3 days and I haven’t really been motivated to dedicate any time to continuing this walkthrough yet. So I’ve decided that I will be putting the Mystic Messenger in-depth walkthroughs on hiatus until November 2nd, which is when my exam period finishes.

Until then, Corinne and I will be posting other walkthroughs on here from other games that take a lot less time for us to do, in order to keep this blog still alive 🙂 (and also to help me procrastinate and not get too stressed out with my exams). You guys are all welcome to continue asking questions, but as Corinne stated in her latest post, we have like 1000+ comments and we’re unable to do all of them.

May I please repeat again, even if it sounds annoying, to read the blob of text I post before starting one of my guides for the first time – I know it’s a lot of text, but it tells you everything you need to know about understanding my colour coded style.

Thank you for everyone who’s been patient with us, and thank you for all supporting us ♥ I know there are other guides out there to help you, so if you do feel the need for a walkthrough, I suggest going to the other people who have also dedicated their time to helping everyone ^^

Have fun with all your otome gaming~!
And again, I’m sorry for delaying everything ; __;

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