Liar! Uncover the Truth – Liar #4

So I decided to start a walkthrough for this game, since it was a new experience, considering it’s from Voltage Inc! There’s probably heaps of these walkthroughs already, but I felt like making one for this blog as well, so here it is :3

The answers that have a ‘♥’ icon next to them indicate the correct answer!

Possible Liars for this story:
1. Sotaro Shiga
2. Keima Katagiri
3. Azusa Kurono

~Chapter 11: Snoo- Room Investigation!

There are a total of three things you need to find here:
1. Tap the sheet of paper that has the Mahjong scores lying on top of a pile of files.
2. Tap the papers hanging out from the bookshelf.
3. Tap the flyer lying in the middle of the desk.

~Chapter 24: Cool Points Mission

You need at least 1, 580 points in order to continue the story.

~Chapter 27: Accusation Time!

Select “Keima Katagiri“.

Question: Why’d you peg Keima for a gambler?
A: He came to pick me up.
B: He hangs out in Oimachi. ♥
C: He noticed my stocking ripped.

~Chapter 28: Cornering Him with Questions

Question: When did Keima place a horse racing bet?
A: When he went to make a phone call. ♥
B: Before our date.
C: When he was driving.

~Chapter 29: Punching the Evidence Into His Face 😀

Evidence #1: Select “Sports Newspaper“.

~Chapter 30: Evidence Part 2!

Evidence #2: Select “Keima’s TalkTime Screen“.

~Chapter 31: Is This Guy Really Not Giving Up? – Evidence

Evidence #3: Select “Horse Racing Tissues“.

~Chapter 33: Is This Guy Even For Real – Evidence

Evidence #4: Select “Cherished Fountain Pen”.

~Chapter 34: ‘Fessing Time – Final Choice

A: Talk about college romance
B: Talk about his run-in with Azusa
C: Talk about the hanko stamp ♥

Voila. Enjoy watching him grovel before you ohohoho.
TBH I never really like the childhood types anyway, so I’m glad he’s out of the way ❤

One of his endings actually make me feel empathetic for him… but then after I watched his true and secret endings I was like “FLIP OFF BIT-“. Anyway.

Four liars down – 5 more to go. All the guys I’ve liked are starting to be the ones that are left behind. I’m scared for what’s to come ; A;

5 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover the Truth – Liar #4

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  3. Thanks for the walkthrough!! It really helped me! I had a bit of trouble with finding out who the liar was in this chapter even though it was pretty obvious… (still got an S thanks to this!) Oh, and I have a question! When will the next walkthrough come out(liar number 5)? Sorry if I sound disrespectful or mean, I’m just in a hurry!


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