[News] Otome Amino, Upcoming Games and More!


Hello, everyone! I sincerely apologize for the lack of content, though I did want to put out an update and some information on things that I have been extremely late on. Due to unforeseen health circumstances, I yet again had to take a bit of a break and have been severely behind schedule, but I do want to give some exciting news that I’m sure many have been waiting for!


Firstly, I’d like to introduce a lovely app called Otome Amino! If you aren’t familiar with the Amino apps, they are made for different communities and ways to interact, post content, and participate in a multitude of different contests and events. And so, one for the otome gaming community has arrived! It has been up for a few months now, so apologies for my delay in the announcement! But, I think it’s a wonderful way to meet and socialize with other avid otome fans! I highly recommend you check it out; the mods are all very nice and the community is just as friendly! The app is available on the App Store and Google Play!



Now, as we know we’ve had a surge of localizations this past year, and the games keep coming! Aksys has officially announced the release of Period: Cube ~ Shackles of Amadeus ~ (April 25) and Idea Factory of  Hakuouki: Kyoto Winds (May 31), which is a newer version of the original Hakuouki, including new characters and routes for characters in the original that had none. While a few months away, you can preorder these games on amazon now for the PSVita (click the pictures to be linked to the page!). Aksys has also promised three other titles for the PSVita, including a sequel to Code: Realize, Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~, Collar x Malice, and Bad Apple Wars, but release dates have not yet been set, though I suspect they will trickle out in fall/winter of 2017 and possibly 2018 depending on how they wish to release them. Still, it is always amazing to see more and more official localizations, and as always I recommend supporting these companies to hopefully see more of these games popularized and to come over to the west! As I have for other Vita otomes, I WILL be making guides for these games as they are released, and hopefully I’ll be able to release them within a few days of the games’ release as I have before!

Again, a huge thank you to all of the support we’ve gotten over the past year and a half! Both Jen and I are quite busy with school and travel, but we do try our best to release content and help you all as much as we can, and are grateful for everyone’s kind words and love for our blog. I’d also like to throw in that I did add in some additional comments to my MM review which still seems to be getting some discussion (sorry I cannot reply to everyone but I do appreciate all the comments!) so hopefully it can give a more updated, clear view on my thoughts! And now, I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and New Years, and have good luck in 2017!


6 thoughts on “[News] Otome Amino, Upcoming Games and More!

  1. Play diabolik lovers
    He has two seasons of anime.
    And several games already released
    And the third season will probably leave in October
    Is an otome game with obscure touch, sadistic and scary in a way
    Is for the public of +16

    Liked by 2 people

    • id love to play diabolik lovers! however i dont speak japanese so id have to wait for a localization – though seeing the popularity the anime got i would hope they would plan on a localization


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