Update from Jen (after forever)

Ahaha… It’s been ages since I came back on here. I went overseas for 2 months, came back last month to start uni… and completely neglected to do any blog activities 😐

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll ACTUALLY, FOR REALS be back now, and I’ll be starting new walkthroughs whilst also trying to complete old ones (a.k.a. Liar and MM. Yes I know there’s heaps of walkthroughs out there for them now but STILL).

So the new walkthrough that’ll be coming out is: Re: Birthday Song.
The English translation patch just came out like 2 days ago, so I’d like to start fresh anew for now and try my hand at doing a walkthrough for this. You can download the English patch here, and you can download the game in Japanese here.  Jokes don’t click the second link. I gave the wrong download for the game – it’s the download to Un: Birthday Song, not Re… LOL. Not sure where there’s a download for the full JP game for Re: Birthday Song yet, sorry guys :c

As for old walkthroughs like Liar and Mystic Messenger, I’ll be doing MM slowly (since I gotta use the rest of my hourglasses to go back haa…) and Liar will probably wait for ages, cause you know… All the answers are already out there, but I’m just doing it for the sake of completion haha.

Anyway that’s my update for now, I’ll be starting Birthday Song in a bit, so look forward to it! Sorry for neglecting you guys for so long, I promise to come back with a punch ❤

Update 20/3/17

So for people who have had issues with games crashing halfway through routes, the uploader of the translation made a temporary fix, which you can download on the same page you get the English patch from. Please be aware that this temporary fix will make everything become unlocked for you, including the secret route, all CGS, etc.

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