[Update] More details – Re: Birthday Song

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know, that my friend kindly uploaded the game for us (since my uploading speed is like what, 5kb/s!?) and I’ll be posting it up on here.

To get the download for the JP version, click here.
For the English patch and the “save000” file (for people who already have the game, and want a temporary fix for the crashing issues), click here.

For people who need information on how to install the game:
– Make sure you have Daemon Tools Lite installed (you can get the free version of it here)
– After downloading the game from G-Drive, open the ISO file and the game should be mounted on your disk.
– Use “setup.exe” to install the game onto your computer.

After you’ve finished installing the game, you don’t need anymore of the files from the ISO file that you downloaded. Proceed to following yuscake’s English patching instructions from her page 🙂

If you guys liked the game, please consider supporting them by buying the game, or buying their future games!

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