Cinderella Phenomenon – Fritz Route

If I haven’t coloured any of the answers, it means you can select whichever one. I’ll be COLOURING & BOLDING the correct answers. Please do take note that they will change depending on which route I’m posting up.

If you only want tips for this route, DO NOT look below, and here’s a few tips:

  • Never join the dark side/Become the rebellion~
  • Always help people when possible.

Chapter 1:

Go left.
Go right.

Ask all questions (or select “I have no more questions” if you’ve already done this before)

So this is how you truly feel?

Throw the tray at him.
Stay silent.

Chapter 2:

…I can break the curse on my own.

…No, I do not need any help.

Select Fritz’s route

Chapter 3:

Spare them.
Punish them.

Change the topic.
Press the issue.

I am too old for dolls.
She is…

Chapter 4:

Keep walking.

Stay still.
Move back.

Tell him.
Do not say anything.

Chapter 5:

Back away.
Stand your ground.

Doubt him.
Believe him.

Defend Fritz.
Say nothing.

Chapter 6:

Help them.

Let him.
Doubt him.

Mother is dead.
Tell me what I must do.

Chapter 7:

Press him.
Leave it.

How do I break his curse?
Remove his curse.

Stay silent.

Chapter 8:

You are not supposed to be here.
Why did you come for me?

Reason with her.
Stand your ground.

It was my fault.

Chapter 9:

Follow Waltz.
Help them.

Throne Room.
Dining Hall.


Bad End:

Opposite of everything above.

10 thoughts on “Cinderella Phenomenon – Fritz Route

  1. Thank you for the walkthrough’s for this game 😀 I have played through the first 4 in the order recommended, and they were all beautiful. Waltz’s route was a bit more involved and…emotional in certain ways but they are all linked and its great that you recommended to play through in that order. Now, I’m onto the last and mist long-waited one. I’ve always (since like a week ago, when i first found this game) liked Fritz and been curios about him. So, he or waltz will be my favourite. Let’s see 😀 ❤ Thanks again, toodles ~
    -Chelsea Scholten (Queen_of_Kawaii)


    • They are just more choices.

      You don’t really get any hearts or right-choice indicators in this area, but they both represent Fritz, since he’s the only one who has no name there. c:


      • Oh dear, I completely misunderstood the question ^^; I thought they meant that they didn’t understand how those two choices worked. Thank you for clearing it up ;;

        I should probably stop responding to messages when I’m half asleep T.T
        Thanks again.


      • Haha, I figured that’s what confused you. I might have gotten what they meant easier because I was wondering the same thing at first.


      • No problem. What matters is that the question gets answered! It’s such a good visual novel after all.


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