Cinderella Phenomenon – Rumpel Route

So even though the answers for this game are fairly easy to achieve (since there IS a right-choice indicator…) I still decided to make a walkthrough for people who don’t want to go back and forth. So without further ado, I present to you guys the first walkthrough of this game: the flirtatious Rumpel 🙂

However if you want to try and play this yourself, DON’T LOOK BELOW and here’s a tip (for Rumpel):

  • He likes tsunderes.
  • Stay as the “Ice Princess”

Also, if I haven’t coloured any of the answers, it means you can select whichever one. I’ll be COLOURING & BOLDING the correct answers. Please do take note that they will change depending on which route I’m posting up.

Chapter 1:

Go left
Go right

Ask all questions (or select “I have no more questions” if you’ve already done this before)

So this is how you truly feel?

Throw the tray at him 
Stay silent.

Chapter 2:

A/N: If you have played two routes already, you can select “Waltz” or “…I can break the curse on my own” in the two options below here.


…I can break the curse on my own.

…No, I do not need help.

Select Rumpel’s Route

Chapter 3:

Turn and walk away.
Walk toward him.

Pull my hand away.
Slap him. 

Accept the gift.
Don’t accept the gift. 

Chapter 4:

Attempt to flirt.
Do not flirt.

Apologise to Annice.
Remain silent.

Ask him if he meant it.
Tell him off. 

Chapter 5:

Stop walking.
Keep walking.

Go to Rumpel’s room.
Go back to my room.

Defend Rumpel.
Watch from afar.

Chapter 6:

I am still his partner.

Interrupt the conversation.

Talk to him.
Remain silent.

Chapter 7:

Lean against him.

Look away.
Look at him.

Thank you.

Chapter 8:

Stay in the room.
Leave the room. 

“I love you.”
“You love me?”

Ask all questions

I want to help.
Is there anything I can do to help?

Chapter 9:

The neck?
The abdomen?

Scream for help.
Go quietly.

I am indeed the crown princess.
It is nice to meet you. 

Good end!

Bad End:

Just select the opposite of everything up above, and you’ll get the bad end, which gives you the final CG 🙂

6 thoughts on “Cinderella Phenomenon – Rumpel Route

  1. Wow, so you have to be a complete bitch in order to get the good end? Wth? That seriously pisses me off. I spent my whole playthrough trying to be nice and get a bad ending for… being a good person and being honest about my feelings? Wow, okay, screw you Cinderella Phenomenon. Thanks for making this guide but wow am I pissed off.


  2. Omg thank you so much! I hate the cg of bad end at the end, i walkthru for 2 characters already and both i got is bad end 😭 im so sad that at first i choose karma and the plot is really nice and the end he died! Thanks so much!


  3. I’m very glad that I found this!!
    And I’m happy that you only just said what choices that you need to do and you don’t say what happens!!
    So there are no spoilders!
    Thank you soo much!!


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