[Update] Just a quick announcement and apology.

Hey guys, so if people still come to this blog frequently, you’d have realised that neither Corinne or I have really been answering any questions (especially to those with Mystic Messenger questions), and I’m really sorry for that :c Lots have been going on with both of us, now that we’re both getting busier with uni/college lately.

However I just wanted to let you know that we haven’t abandoned this blog, and we will hopefully start getting more active again c: Since lots of games SHOULD be coming out this year, we hope to get this blog up and running actively again, and we’ll try our best to reply to all the comments from now on too! (Just a word, I haven’t really touched Mystic Messenger for ages, even though I’ll be finishing the walkthrough soon, so I might not know if the stuff I tell you will help that much, BUT anywayyyy)

So, I just wanted to apologise to anyone and everyone that commented asking for help during the past few months and not being able to respond. I also wanna thank anyone who replied to the comments and helped out ^^

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