Cinderella Phenomenon – Waltz Route

If I haven’t coloured any of the answers, it means you can select whichever one. I’ll be COLOURING & BOLDING the correct answers. Please do take note that they will change depending on which route I’m posting up.

If you only want tips for this route, DO NOT look below, and here’s a few tips:

  • Be confident.
  • Be trusting (though there is a time where you will have to NOT listen to Waltz)
  • Be the most selfless person you can be in this route.

Chapter 1:

Go left.
Go right.

Ask all questions/I have no questions.

So this is how you truly feel?

Throw the tray at him.
Stay silent.


Chapter 2:

…I can break the curse on my own.

…No, I do not need any help.

Select Waltz’s route


Chapter 3:

Leave him alone.
Remove his hand.

I am fine.
I am not okay.

Do not check.


Chapter 4:

Behind the tree.
Behind the fountain.
Behind the wooden crates.

There’s no time to explain.

Tell her the truth.
Play along.


Chapter 5:

You shouldn’t have come here.
We have to go back now.

Hold back the tears.

Reveal myself.


Chapter 6:

Listen to him.
Stay with him.

Use Parfait’s potion.
Ask Waltz to use his magic.

Stay silent.
Say something.


Chapter 7:


I knew you’d be back.
What took you so long?

What are you talking about?
(correct answer)


Chapter 8:

I will have to rely on all of you.
I will need your help.

A shield.
A deflector.

Say something.
Remain silent.


Chapter 9:

I understand.
I would not leave you all behind.

This burden is mine to carry.

I know.

Run to Waltz.


Bad End:

Opposite of all correct answers.












10 thoughts on “Cinderella Phenomenon – Waltz Route

  1. sorry, byt its my first time playing this game, i wanted to play waltz route, but when y have to select a option in chapter 2, i can choose only Rody, Karma and Rumpe 😦


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