Re: Birthday Song ~ Koi wo Utau Shinigami ~ – Ame Route


~Common Route

I’ll help Ame
Please think of something
It will be fine!
Convince Ame
It will be fine!
I want to get along better with everyone
It seems lonely to stay in the supplementary class together
How did you know?
Thank you for helping me
It will be fine!
I’ll go see how Ame is doing
Listen to Ame’s wish

~Save 1

Grab his hand
You’re more beautiful than the Cinderella in the book.
Because you’re crying.
Let’s do our best on this exam.
We’re something like spirits.
(Look at Ame)

~Save 2

Consult Ame about it.
> Rebirth End

~Load Save 2

Call out to him.
> Bad End

~Load Save 1

Call out to him.
This’ll forever be remembered throughout the entire school.
Shall we study together?
We’re Shinigami.
We can’t do that.
Call out to him.
> Death End

6 thoughts on “Re: Birthday Song ~ Koi wo Utau Shinigami ~ – Ame Route

  1. This is definitely the best route! I’ve always thought of Death End as the “good end” but with Ame, I felt bad for making him stay after he had waited for so many years. Love his drowsy voice so so much.


  2. Ahhh thank you so much~! I had no idea how many endings there were in a route, much less how to get them lol. It’s hard when the game doesn’t have any meters, and I’ll get like one answer wrong. and then go back thru and just get more wrong in an effort to find what I did wrong XDDDD. If there’s no status then the game should be like Mystic Messenger or Sweet Fuse where you don’t have to get every single answer correct, and it’s a really obvious difference in responses when you make a choice.
    I’m not sure how anyone makes it thru this and Ozmafia! those two gave me so much trouble!


    • Yeah I know ;; I had a hard time trying to figure out the exact choices in some of their routes tbh (like Kairi and Nami).

      But Mystic Messenger is even more tedious for me (since I’m trying to get all the possible outcomes for each conversation) so I didn’t really mind the trial and error for this game =P

      And I guess that’s just how honeybee works. They make it ridiculously annoying sometimes :’) But then again, I like to think of it as being more realistic – you don’t get meters irl ~

      Liked by 1 person

      • yeah, IRL you don’t get meters, but you can ask someone how they are feeling and read them better than 2D ikemens lol. and oh god, yes MM was very tedious in respect to 100% dialogue completion. (and if you don’t know how to cheat the system it would be a huge money-sink!) I have a damn notebook dedicated to it. >_< I just don't want a game to be tedious half the time! I'd prefer to save that garbage for when I'm grinding in an RPG lol.

        anyways thanks again!! I think now that I have an idea how this game flows, maybe I can keep doing more trial and error. but I'm sure at some point I'll rage quit and look for help XDDD.


      • You make a good point there, about asking people =P

        And yeah I agree with the money sinking LOL! Tedious games are fun sometimes but yeah… I’d probably cry if there was another game like MM with the grinding :’)

        You’re welcome for the guide~ Good luck on your trial and error c:

        Liked by 1 person

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