Nightshade – Ishikawa Goemon Route

A coloured choice = The choice that will give favour to your desired character.

First guy I decided to play was Goemon, cause I technically don’t really like his type… But damn, I got played after finishing this route (*´ω`*)

If you would like some general tips to start you off instead of using the walkthrough:

  • Trust him
  • Support him when talking about his past.
  • Play the modest, cute girl who gets shy a lot (during the times he teases you)

~Common Route

I should make preparations.

Chapter 1
I’m glad we get to work together.

Chapter 2
You’re leaving me here?
Keep quiet.
Main Street
I’ve never had such good dessert before.
Try to resist.
Bow deeply in silence.

Chapter 3
All right.

Chapter 4
I’m sorry.

~Save 1

Chapter 5
I’m fine here.
Fushimi Castle, Main gate

Chapter 6
I don’t think I can play a good wife.

Chapter 7
I feel shy.

Chapter 8
You’ll make a wonderful husband.
That doesn’t change the fact it hurt.

Chapter 9
You’re coming with me.

Chapter 10
Having you stroke my head.

Chapter 11
I believe we’re destined.

Chapter 12
Meet his eyes.

Chapter 13
Is it really a pain killer?

> Good End

~Load Save 1

Chapter 5
Let’s go to the dessert shop.
Fushimi Castle, Main gate

Chapter 6
I don’t think we’d be convincing.

Chapter 7
Stop teasing me.

Chapter 8
You’ll be a good father.
Don’t force yourself to laugh.

Chapter 9
That’s unlike you.

Chapter 10
Sleeping in the same room as you.

Chapter 11
I’ll be waiting.

Chapter 12
Look away.

Chapter 13
Is it poison?

> Bad End

6 thoughts on “Nightshade – Ishikawa Goemon Route

  1. What do you mean you got played? Was his route really good? Cause I don’t know if I want to play his route because I also don’t like his type >_>


    • Well… His personality is pretty flirtatious, but when you get into the deeper parts of his route, that part of him doesn’t get shown that much anymore.

      I think it was just that it was refreshing for me that his route was there, as opposed to the other routes where it became more darker as it progressed (route-order wise).

      Personally I liked his route a lot because of the ideas/morals in it. Part of it was also because Midorikawa voiced him ❤

      I hope that helped a little (and I tried to make it as spoiler-less as possible)!


    • You don’t NEED to… But if you want to get 100% and all the CGs, then yes :c

      Each bad ending has a CG that comes with it. Otherwise, if you’re completely fine without those CGs, you don’t have to~

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