Nightshade – Hattori Hanzo Route

A coloured choice = The choice that will give favour to your desired character.

If you would like some general tips instead of using the walkthrough:

  • Don’t disobey his orders.
  • Be confident in yourself & don’t hesitate.

~Common Route

I should make preparations.

Chapter 1
I’m glad we get to work together.

Chapter 2
You’re leaving me here?
Make an excuse for Kuroyuki.
Main Street
I’m sorry for how I behaved.
Don’t resist.
Bow deeply in silence.

Chapter 3
Fushimi Castle, Main gate
I will do my best.
I can’t do that.

Chapter 4
It was a coincidence.


~Save 1

Chapter 5
Is Lord Tokugawa receiving unexpected guests?
Fushimi Castle, Main gate

Chapter 7
How do I fight him?
I should stay.

Chapter 8
How many are there?

Chapter 9
All right.

Chapter 10
Thank you for saving me.

Chapter 11
I like it.

> Good End


~Load Save 1

Chapter 5
You’re very knowledgeable.
Fushimi Castle, Main gate

Chapter 7
I can’t win…
I should go.

Chapter 8
What should I do?

Chapter 9
I can’t…

Chapter 10
I’m all right.

Chapter 11
It suits you.

> Bad End

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