4 thoughts on “Update: Period Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~

  1. A PlayStation TV can play Vita games, and that’s what I use to play my vita games. I believe all the otome games work on it. But for games like Amnesia where there are ‘touch’ extra bonuses, that’s the only thing you can’t play for it.


    • Ah yeah, my friend told me about those ~ I would totally love one, one day. Playing them on the big screen ❤

      Thank you for letting me know this information! c:


  2. I don’t have a Vita either ;-;
    But even so I bought Arcana Famiglia Vita game when they released bc I wanted Luca’s mousepad xD
    One day I know I’ll get a Vita


    • LOL comrade :’)
      I’m looking for a job rn so that I can get one asap T.T
      And dayum, that’s dedication! =P
      It’s okay, one day we’ll accomplish our dreams ;u;

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