Ayakashi Gohan – Inushima Uta Route + Common Route Bad Ending (Human Path)

Hiii~ So since Ayakashi Gohan’s English patch was reposted like, 2 days ago, I started playing as soon as I could because I heard a lot of good things about it! I decided to follow Jyuuguchi’s recommended route order, so here I am with the first guide – Uta!

So the route order will go (bolded name is the current guide you’re looking at, so you can use this as a guide!):

Uta > Haginosuke > Suou > Yomi > Manatsu > Asagi


~Childhood Days Chapter

Look away.
I don’t like bunnies.
You don’t need to put in that much effort.
Keep running.
Don’t touch me!
I don’t need it…
It’s nothing.
I didn’t ask him to…

* From here on out, you’ll be in the “Human” route!

~Water Chapter

Grab his hand.
Thank him.

~Road Chapter

I’m sure Uta can do it.
Say nothing.
Leave them be.
Say nothing.

~Villager Chapter

I want to hear the general opinion.
Follow silently.
Stare at him.
Leave the room.

~Mountain Chapter

Save 1

Help me, Uta.

~Uta’s Chapter

I’m sorry.
How do you know…?
It was my first time making it.

Save 2

Today’s fine after all.
Go to Uta’s room.
Thank you.

Save 3

That’s amazing, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

> Love Between an Ayakashi and a Human – Best Ending
(To get the CG for this, you need to have finished Asagi’s route first)


Load Save 3

I’m fine already.

> Until Comes the Day We Part – Good Ending


Load Save 2

Oh no, I forgot.
Go back to my room.
I’m fine already.

> Bad Ending


Load Save 1

Help me, Suou/Haginosuke
(whichever one is fine, just don’t pick Uta)

> Common Route Bad End

5 thoughts on “Ayakashi Gohan – Inushima Uta Route + Common Route Bad Ending (Human Path)

  1. Is there is a GC on bad ending?
    I finish good ending and I still have to get 2 CG.
    Best ending have 1 or 2 CG-s?
    I can’t understand why in all routes I have to get 2 Cg-s((


    • аfter getting best end with CG I still have last CG loked. I even go to bad end. I don’t know where I can found the last CG of Uta
      Can you help, please?


      • Excuse me, can you only enter to the special episodes once finished all routes? Because I have only finished Uta’s route for the moment and I know that one of the two remaining CGs of this route is after Asagi’s. Thank you 🙂


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