Ayakashi Gohan – Hana Suou Route

So the route order will go (bolded name is the current guide you’re looking at, so you can use this as a guide!):

Uta > Haginosuke > Suou > Yomi > Manatsu > Asagi

Since Haginosuke’s route has a little bug for me (the text bugs out and is delayed at some point at the beginning of his chapter), I’ve decided to just move onto the next person for now, so here we go with Route #3!


*A/N: Also, if you are also following the route order, or if you have already finished one route, whichever heroine you became (introvert or extrovert), if you press “Start Game” again, you can skip the childhood chapter and move straight onto the Human or Ayakashi path. 

Just a note that the introverted heroine can ONLY go on Uta/Haginosuke/Suou’s route, and the extroverted heroine can ONLY go for Yomi/Manatsu/Asagi.

~Childhood Days Chapter

Look away.
I don’t like bunnies.
You don’t need to put in that much effort.
Keep running.
Don’t touch me!
I don’t need it…
It’s nothing.
I didn’t ask him to…

*A/N: From here on out, you’ll be in the “Human” route!


~Water Chapter

Pretend to think about it.
Look at Uta.
Fall silent.


~Road Chapter

Perhaps so.
Look confused.
Calm them down.
We’re friends already.


~Villager Chapter

Don’t resist.
Call out to him.
Call out to him.


~Mountain Chapter

Help me, Suou.


~Suou’s Chapter

Don’t say such a thing.
Invite Suou.
It doesn’t bother me.


Save 1

I don’t really get what you’re saying.
You’re wrong.
…Thank you.


Save 2

Answer honestly.

> My Number One Him – Best Ending


Load Save 2

Pretend to be strong.

> “Human”-like Happiness – Good Ending


Load Save 1

Why are you asking such a thing?
If that’s the case then say so.
Pretend to be strong.

> Bad Ending

2 thoughts on “Ayakashi Gohan – Hana Suou Route

  1. I’ve got a problem with starting Suou’s route. Before I get to the first choice there is some kind of an error which close the whole game. I’ve already played Uta’s and Haginosuke’s routes as well as Yomi’s and Manatsu’s. Could you send me a save from Water chapter Human route (one just before “Pretend to think about it.” choice) so I can try getting Suou’s ending as well? I think it should solve the problem. Please help me.


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