Discord + Facebook Group!

Hey guys! Even though we didn’t get THAT many votes on the poll (I mean, it got pushed to the bottom from other posts being posted up so yeah), we’ve decided to make a Facebook page and a discord server for the time being. Judging on how many people we actually get to join our community, we may expand our options on social media.

The main purpose of making these groups is to just get to know more about everyone in general, and we wish to make a community where all otome gamers can rant on and on about their husbandos and have fun! Personally I don’t have that many people who I can talk to otome about in my daily life, so I thought this might work haha.

These groups are also for some people who don’t really check blogs that much (maybe you’re too busy or just too lazy =P) or just naturally use the different social medias more frequently than checking out blogs. We’ll be posting future updates on these particular groups as well as posting links to the guides too.

The Facebook page literally just got created, so there’s absolutely NOTHING on it right now, but click here to follow/like the page. Feel free to post any updates you find or if you just wanna talk/introduce yourself as well. You’re also free to message/add me on Facebook. If you have friends who also like otome and would like to join, feel free to share the site around. c:

As for the discord server, we’re currently still deciding on how to set it up. Until then, I hope the Facebook page is enough ~

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