Ayakashi Gohan – Kimura Asagi Route + Common Route Bad Ending (Ayakashi Path)

So the route order will go (bolded name is the current guide you’re looking at, so you can use this as a reference to see where you should be up to):

Uta > Haginosuke > Suou > Yomi > Manatsu > Asagi

Also a HUGE note:

After you finish playing Asagi’s route, the “Best Ending” routes are now OPEN for all characters! That means you can get 100% CG completion now, so it would be best to replay the good endings you last got. I have also updated the other walkthroughs for Ayakashi Gohan with the best endings and etc, so be sure to check them out!

Asagi’s route can also not be entered unless you get everyone else’s Good Endings first. If you try to get onto his route before then you will automatically end up with the Common Route Bad Ending.

Asagi Crash Errors

Since many of you have been emailing me about the same crash problem (view here), I’ve decided to just post the solution for it here, so that you can quickly download it and won’t have to wait for me to reply.

Instructions on what to do with the file –

  • If you use Windows 7:
  1.  Go to your “My Documents” folder.
  2.  Click on the “Saved Games” folder.
  3.  Then select “honeybee” –> “Ayakashi Gohan (might be in Japanese)”.
  4.  Extract the file I uploaded to you into the Ayakashi Gohan folder.
  • If you use Windows 10:
  1.  Go to your Users folder (Should be in Local C disk).
  2.  Select the username you gave your PC (in my case, it was Users –> Jen)
  3.  Find the “Saved Games” folder.
  4.  Click on the “honeybee” folder, into Ayakashi Gohan’s folder again.
  5.  Extract the file I uploaded to you in there.
  •  If you use Windows 8:
I’m not actually sure where your folder for Saved Games is in Windows 8, but I would assume it is very similar to the two above – just look for your Saved Game folder and honeybee’s games should be in there 🙂
When you open the game, it might be in that exact location (Load 5, 2nd one) since the save file name is 50.
Please let me know if this worked!




*A/N: Also, if you are also following the route order, or if you have already finished one route, whichever heroine you became (introvert or extrovert), if you press “Start Game” again, you can skip the childhood chapter and move straight onto the Human or Ayakashi path. 

Just a note that the introverted heroine can ONLY go on Uta/Haginosuke/Suou’s route, and the extroverted heroine can ONLY go for Yomi/Manatsu/Asagi.

~Childhood Days Chapter

Say hello.
They’re cute…
Hands, clap.
Th-thank you…
Stop running.
Go over there.
That’s okay.
Kuu-tan’s eyes…

*A/N: From here on out, you’ll be in the “Ayakashi” route!

~Water Chapter

You’re always working hard.
The road along Momiji River
Even though you have so many secrets?
Thank you for protecting me.
Thank you for healing my wound.

~Road Chapter

It’s a promise then!
You’re not sad?
You don’t have to look.
Do you always do this?

~Villager Chapter

Manatsu-san, thank you very much.
If you say it like that, she’ll get flustered.
I think it’s fun to be with him.
I’d like to ask for your advice.

~Mountain Chapter

It’s a waste to say such things, you know?
There’s no time for hesitation.

Save 1

Asagi-kun, do you like to tease people?

~Ayakashi Path – Epilogue

Hold his hand.

~Asagi’s Chapter

We can also decide it now.
Then, let’s go!
It’s just… not possible.
Should I cook something nutritious?
Cling to him.

Save 2

What are you talking about?

> True Ending

Load Save 2

Don’t change the subject.

> Bad Ending

Load Save 1

Don’t laugh too much.

> Common Route Bad End

48 thoughts on “Ayakashi Gohan – Kimura Asagi Route + Common Route Bad Ending (Ayakashi Path)

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  2. hello, I did the extracting onto the right folder and everything but the load file really won’t appear in game. I did everything I saw in the other comments but it still crashes


  3. 1. open the game, make a new save file before it went crashed, closed the game
    2. go to honeybee saved games
    3. copy and paste “save000” to other place that you new created
    4. delete the save000 in original place(honeybee saved games)
    5. once again, open the game, load the save file that before it went to crashed.. clik the dialogue next next next until several dialogues to prevent crashed
    6. make a new save file again, closed the game
    7. copy “save000” in other place that you’ve been created
    8. paste “save000” to original place(honeybee saved games)
    9. open the game, and load the newest save game.. and enjoy the route
    *REPEAT this action (all of it, don’t skip it) when you want to play the newest route*
    thats it..


  4. Hello ! Sorry to bother ! ><)'
    My English Patch wouldn't stop crashing at Asagi Route so I'd like to know where you found yours
    Asagi is one of the character I like the most so I don't mind restarting a game to enjoy his route !
    Thanks in advance !!
    (if you can't or don't want to post the link of the patch on the blog can you send it to me at niroo@live.fr Arigato !!!)


  5. Hello!! i seem to have the same problem and i downloaded the save file and extracted it to the folder, but the error still keeps happening;;;; is it a problem with the translation patch? because i got the later version, and it seems like having the earlier patch worked for someone else??? im cryingggg;;;;;;;;;;;
    thank u in advance if u see this (> ; A;)>!!


      • Did you click the save file you extracted? I kept restarting the game at first before realizing you have to actually click the save file. It loads past that point so the issue should be resolved.


  6. Hellow.:>
    I got that error at asagi’s route and I tried downloading your save file and extracted it in the Ayakashi Gohan folder. But it doesn’t appear in the saves (only the save I have saved there).
    And if I try to open your save file (without entering the game), it opens the save I have saved (because I have a save in Load 5, 2nd one)
    Is there an other way to fix this error? Thank you so much ;^;


    • Oh and just to let you know, the text towards the end of the route is also buggy, and there’s no known solution (as far as I know) for it.

      Your best bet is to click carefully and read all the jumbled up text to understand at least a fraction of what’s going on, mixed with listening to them actually speaking. Trying to look at the log will automatically crash you, so don’t do that =P

      Just a heads up so you don’t panic again! c: Enjoy playing~


      • I know I am a little late to the game…as it were, but I know this is a long shot, could you send me the old file/patch as well…I just got around to playing and I am devastated as Asagi’s route keeps reverting to Japanese no mater what I do. My email is jd552@cornell.edu, thanks.


  7. Hello! I was wondering if you had a problem with the text switching over to japanese in the middle of Asagi’s route too? I can’t find anyone else with the same problem, so it may just be me, but i wanted to ask to make sure. Thank you in advance^^


    • Switching over to Japanese? No, I don’t think that happened to me, sorry :c

      Just asking though, when did you get the English patch for this game? I got mine pretty early on, so maybe one of the later patches inherited this problem.

      If you want we can test it out – I can send you the English patch I used.


  8. I’m having the same problem as Hà… I was wondering if you could do the same for me? Please~ I don’t know what else to do ;-;


    • No problem! I know how it feels to get stuck on an area ; u;
      My upload speed is a little… slow, so I’ll send it to you after I’m done c: I’m also uploading them in parts or else I’ll never finish LOL.. Thanks for your patience :’)

      I’ll also send you some notes in the email, so you know which file to load (I… filled the entire thing I think), and some other stuff I think you might need to get a heads up on! ^^

      For now please keep all your files for the game, since there might be some I don’t upload (if I deem them unnecessary to upload).


    • Right, I just went onto the game and realised that LOL. My bad.

      I could try and send you my save files, so that you can just load from the save file I did to skip that part, if you would like.

      …Though, I’m not actually sure which file is the “save” file for this game, so I just compressed the whole game folder into a .rar file. ;; If you know which one is the “save” file for the entire game (if there even is one) then let me know and I’ll upload that somewhere for you, or send it to you via email (if you want my save file that is).

      Otherwise, I think the only way is to actually reinstall the game and start from sratch… And I’m sure you don’t want to lose your CGs or completion status :’)


      • Sorry, I can’t find it =(( Will it work if you upload your whole game for me ? Cause I can’t think of any other ways. I know I’m asking too much so I understand if you can’t do that. I guess I’ll have to reinstall and start over ( really don’t want to do it though =(( )


      • Would you like to give me your email address so I can send it to you?

        Or I can upload it on a file share site and link it to you. Either way is fine ~


  9. Ah yeah, to get his route, I think you need to select all of the choices (I got the bad ending a couple of times too). I’ve also gotten this error as well.

    What you can do is try and redo one of the characters that are in the Ayakashi Path and make sure you save at the first choice, then reload from there. (Just skip the whole thing =P)

    I think that’s what someone else did to finally pass that error. Try that for now and I’ll see if there’s another way! (It’s been a while since I played so I don’t really know if the solution I gave is valid or not).


      • At first, I tried clicking “Start” at the main menu to start over again for Kimura’s route. But when I reach here, there is always this error and the game crash : http://imgur.com/a/5ezbq Then I tried to load my save to avoid that part. Since I didn’t save at the first choice, I missed the choices “You’re always working hard.” and “The road along Momiji River”. I don’t know if it will affect getting Kimura’s route or not but there is nothing else I can do. Hope you can help me


    • Okay, so I tried doing it again, following my walkthrough and I got onto Asagi’s route… So:

      – Make sure that you’re on the Ayakashi path (with Akane being all happy and cheerful).
      – I don’t recall you needing to do everyone else’s good endings first, but I might have forgotten. So… If you haven’t already, get everyone else’s good endings, and then try for Asagi again.

      If you’ve already done all the other characters and still can’t get onto Asagi’s route… then I’m not sure what else there is, and I’m sorry for not being able to help any further T.T


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