[News] New Kickstarter: Silent Voices!

“The industrial country Citelle has been locked in a fierce battle with the military country Martasco for centuries. In order to combat the fighting advantage that Martasco had, Citelle invented the HASBER project, an experiment that genetically alters physical abilities.

Follow the story of individuals who struggle to get back on their feet after being hurt by society, in a world where prejudice reigns strong, failure is unacceptable, and the HASBER project governs all.

Play as Edelie (name changable) in Citelle or Autumn in Martasco as you meet a diverse cast of characters in two very different countries. There are 5 love interests with visual novel routes, and 5 characters with kinetic novel routes.” – description from Steam


Currently Silent Voices is on Kickstarter and on Steam Greenlight! This game will be FREE TO PLAY so let’s all support them and hope for a good release! The links below will redirect you to the sites:

Kickstarter | Steam Greenlight



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