[News] Mystic Messenger: V Route Announced!


Update: The route sadly got postponed till September, though the opening for his route has been released! It is sung by V and Rika’s voice actors! I am a bit skeptical still, though hopefully the route will be a much happier and healthier ending!

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t been very active as I have a lot going on and not a great flow of money to be able to purchase and make guides for the many otome releases, BUT I have some wonderful news to share with you!

If you’ve seen my post critiquing Mystic Messenger you know I feel quite strongly about V, and Cheritz has recently added a “Coming Soon” with a date sometime next month for a release of his own route! They haven’t released many details on the route thus far, but I am both excited and scared for this route.

I plan on writing a review of my feelings on the route, as I found the secret endings and treatment of V in general to be quite horrid, so I have very high hopes for his route! Though with those endings in mind I’m also worried that they will bring in complicated subjects they aren’t well informed on to use as plot device, or just flunk at writing his character. I’ve played all of Cheritz’ games and I enjoyed them all, though, so I do hope for the best!

Guide wise I’m not entirely sure. I believe Jen may want to write a guide. I wouldn’t mind writing my own, though the format would most likely be quite different from her’s and I don’t wanna mix them together, but I’m sure you’ll see something in the future to help you progress through his route.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer. Thank for reading!


20 thoughts on “[News] Mystic Messenger: V Route Announced!

    • I hear you! I’m an iOS user, so I’m really behind. It’s so expensive! Luckily, I’ve been going through the DLCs over and over and collecting hearts to get hourglasses. I bought 300 so I can speed run the route with all the hourglasses I have. If 700 isn’t enough, I don’t know what it. I’m saving my money to get V’s calling card. It better not be the most expensive one!


  1. I finished the second Secret ending 3 days ago and I have to say, as much as I didn’t like V, the way they wrapped up his side of the story upset me. First of all, I couldn’t believe that after all happened, in the end they decided not to be completely honest. The things they said about him in the end, are you serious?! You’re right, it was horrible.
    I’m really excited for this route, but I wonder how this route will tie to everything else. I wonder if I’ll enjoy it as much knowing how the main story ends. I have a feeling that if I come to like V through this route, the way his story was wrapped up in the first secret ending is going to upset me even more.


    • yea, i am hoping they redeem him somewhat and can even change some peoples minds on his char. his story is quite complex and i think when people simplify and flatten it (which is quite easy to do seeing how little detail we are given) they can miss on someone important features of his character (at least in my opinion). Hopefully we will get to see a better side of him rather than just constant blaming and throwing him aside once we know the truth, but more comprehensive backstory on him and how he feels, what hes like, etc. And maybe it’ll be closer to the ~true~ route since technically 707’s route wasnt ever labeled as the “true” one, just seemed so because of the secret endings attached. But im hoping there is a much better outcome that can be written from his route!


      • I really hope they explain what kept V from doing what he promised 707 he would do. I hope that’s not too vague, but I want to avoid spoilers for other people. Seriously though, how did THAT go over his head, in all that time how did he not realize something was going on with those people. Did they never see each other? Did he just forget? Was he lied to? Ahh! So many things still need answers!
        Also, completely unrelated but, whatever happened to Jumin’s birth mother?

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      • yea the fact that 707, especially with his capabilities, didnt try looking is p suspicious honestly. esp. if one of the caretakers “died” wouldnt he be able to get some info from v? the last pic he got was when saeran was quite young.
        as for jumin’s mother, i dont think they really stated. jumin just said that his father got remarried many times and most of them were gold-diggers. *edit: i checked the wiki and apparently he divorced jumin’s mother. Nothing more was really said about it. I’m guessing his birth mother just didn’t really communicate with Jumin (since he’s close with his father but mentions no other parental figures), and its possible she may have been a gold digger as well (seeing how she didnt stay in his life). Sadly it wasn’t explained more, but its safe to say he had no real parental figure besides his father.

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      • me too! i think they have a lot of room to add a sequel, like a lot of otome games do that give a lot of the dating/marriage fluff and whatnot which can also explain morea bout chars as well!

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    • I think it’s going to be an alternate universe kind of thing. The update says that this is set 2 years before the main game, so the day Rika “dies”. We could be meeting V earlier on and I think that’ll be good. If it is a romantic route (god, I hope so), then that time would be perfect because by time of the main game, he’s already in too deep with his blind devotion. No pun intended.

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      • Yeah! That confused me a bit when it said that it would focus 2 years before the main story so I wasn’t sure if we were going to see what happened during those two years from when Rika died until when the MC joined via the visual novels, like V infiltrating and stuff, or if this was going to be like an alternate universe. To be honest, the time line confuses me a little because wasn’t Zen 24 in the casual story but now he’s 23 in Another story? But I’m not sure if that was due to the difference in the age system in Korea and then changed that for the foreign release. Because if it’s 2 years “ago” shouldn’t he be 22? Unless, we take into account that it’s been 6 months since that happened so he WOULD be 23. Gosh, I don’t know I’m confused. Anyway, I hope we get to save V in this story line. I don’t even care if it’s romantic or just friendly. I just want to save him. Also, I’m curious what a “good” ending with Ray actually means. I hope we can save him too. So far I’m enjoying the story and the game, but I have to say the price hike was a little disappointing.

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      • That’s too much! I understand that we’re probably paying for the full voice visual novels but it’s not like the game play changed at all. Sure some of the chats are a little longer and we get 2-3 more options on some of the calls, but why do we have to pay 3x as much. I mean, deep story has like 7 endings each Jumin and Seven, some pretty long chats, mostly fully voiced VN, and it was only 80 hour glasses. I really don’t understand what reasoning went behind the price hike. It’s not like the graphics are that much better, I mean V looks pretty blurry in his VN. Anyway, instead of complaining on your webpage, I’m going to go complain on my reviews. Maybe, if enough people do it, Cheritz will realize it’s a bit ridiculous.

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      • yea ive seen a lot of complaints, i really like v but i dont have the money for that. ill have to wait for free hourglasses or maybe a friend can lend an account. its ridiculous to pay more than several routes worth, for 1 route. especially with the amount of players they have i dont think they have financial issues, either

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