Collar x Malice – Enomoto Mineo

Route #1 of our recommended route order for Collar x Malice:

Enomoto > Okazaki > Sasazuka > Shiraishi > Aiji


Chapter 0

Don’t report it
Lie to him (Available after completing 1 route)
You don’t care if I die?
I want to trust you
Is working for the SP hard?
Review All X-Day Cases

Chapter 1

Someone reckless
It will work out

Save 1

Take the normal route
Field Operations Support Team
Their methods are wrong

Chapter 2

Save 2

Save 3

Chase after him

Chapter 3

Say it one more time!

1. Roman Numeral
2. Curtains
3. Wall
4. Bloodstain
5. Chair on Side

The numbers were written in Fujii’s blood
The bullet holes around Fujii’s body
Murder via an unrelated conspirator

Chapter 4

I’ll eat it for him
I was thinking that
Fujii’s murderer…
Someone who likes them

Save 4

Save when Hana is agitated by Kazuki’s words, in case Trigger Mode fails.

Chapter 5

He probably wouldn’t try to help others
A pre-planned response
Was set up ahead of time
Vengeance against the police
Want me to support you?

Save 5

Where Fujii was killed
Move close to him

Chapter 6

You did
Kiss Mineo

Good End

Bad Endings

Load 1

Take the shortcut
Adonis Bad End

Load 2

That’s not true
It’s my SRCPO mission
Bad End 1

Load 3

Stay here for now
Bad End 2

Load 4

If Trigger Mode fails
Bad End 3

Load 5

Shinjuku Station
Bad End 4

Tragic Love End

1. Select Chapter from the Main Menu
2. Select Chapter 6
3. Select Low

Gaze at Mineo

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