Collar X Malice – Okazaki Kei and Common Route Bad Endings

HI GUYS! It’s been ages (yet again) since I’ve posted or replied to comments, and I’m super sorry for that :’) Been busy and, uh, lots of things happened in the little span of time I’ve been gone, so hope you guys understand and thanks ❤

Collar x Malice came out a while ago, and because I was too busy to finish the walkthrough myself, I had a wonderful & amazing friend (also known as a secret flower boy /cough) who decided to help me, so pretty much this walkthrough was made by him – please thank him for the walkthrough ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The order he has decided to go through with for this game is:

Enomoto > Okazaki > Sasazuka > Shiraishi > Aiji

Thank you to @qeenybat in the comments below for pointing out what we wrote in our own walkthrough – that you can’t even get onto Okazaki’s route properly until finishing one route. This is our revised recommended order as it builds up the story, starting with Enomoto who doesn’t have much to do with the overarching story.


Chapter 0

Save 1

Don’t report it
Lie to him (Available after completing 1 route)
You don’t care if I die?
I understand

Save 2

What are you trying to protect?
Review All X-Day Cases

Chapter 1

…I can’t say
The scope of broadcast
They only wanted the cops to know?
They wanted to throw off the investigation
The crime was poorly planned

Save 3

Follow Kazuki
Isn’t this inappropriate?
Prioritize the evacuation

Chapter 2

Investigation (Examine everything twice):
1. Crime Scene Situation
2. State of the Body
3. Ground
4. Murder Weapon
5. Persons of Interest Data

That Ogata stabbed him in the heart
Go see Ogata
Sugawara and Ogata are accomplices
Ogata went that far
It was a substitute murder

Save 4

Is very reliable

Chapter 3

Save 5

I don’t want to run from him
That’s fine

Chapter 4

Field Operations Unit
No, with Okazaki
I’m here to learn about him
Accept his offer
They’re linked to the countdown crimes
Narrow it down to publicized scandals
Someone who got away with a crime

Save 6

Let’s retreat

Chapter 5

I won’t run

Chapter 6

I don’t want to lose you
I hate you now, Okazaki

Save 7

Save when you meet Mikuni Rei, in case you miss your target in Trigger Mode.

Good End

Bad Endings

Load 1

Report the incident
Common Route Bad End 1

Load 2

Is working for the SP hard?
Common Route Bad End 2

Load 3

Follow the other guy
Adonis Bad End

Load 4

I can’t lie to her
Bad End 1

Load 5

I don’t want him to shoot me
Call him
Bad End 2

Load 6

I’ll chase him
Bad End 3

Load 7

Miss the target in Trigger Mode.
Tragic Love End

4 thoughts on “Collar X Malice – Okazaki Kei and Common Route Bad Endings

  1. Hi, I just have a question. Your recommended play order is Kei first but the second option we need to pick for him is “lie to him” and it says that option isn’t available until at least 1 route has been played.. So…. Who should I play first? Or is there a different option I can pick that will still result in a good end?
    I haven’t played this game at all yet but am planning to start it tomorrow

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! I’m like 4 years late replying to this, but I just updated the post with the new recommended order. Thanks for pointing it out… idk how we overlooked that lol. I guess we just thought Kei really didn’t do much to the overarching story as well, and forgot the fact that he had to be unlocked after playing through the game once >< Thanks again!!!


  2. in collarxmalice I was trying to go for the good ending but I don’t know if I just ended up getting a tragic love end. I thought I followed the intructions carefully, but in the end I die, and kei puts a gun to his head and is later killed by Adonis, is this the tragic love end? was it supposed to end differently for the good ending?


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