Collar x Malice – Sasazuka Takeru

Route #3 of recommended route order:

Enomoto > Okazaki > Sasazuka > Shiraishi > Aiji


Chapter 0

Don’t report it
Lie to him (Available after completing 1 route)
Do you suspect me?
I understand
Is working for the SP hard?
Review All X-Day Cases

Chapter 1

Buy a variety
If it was a previous suspect
Field Operations Support Team > Forensics

Save 1

Pass through

Chapter 2

I’m fine (Select “Can I take a moment?” if you wish to revise details of X-Day cases)
They’re trying to be found
Change the subject

Investigation (Examine each twice):
1. Steel Rack
2. Floor
3. Desk
4. Cork Board

Investigation Headquarters > Forensics
I bought prepared food

Chapter 3

Prevent Kazuki from leaving
I want to see you
Social problems
Escape from reality

Chapter 4

Rooftop > Field Operations Support Team > Forensics
Be honest with him
To be betrayed in the game
Trap Souda

Save 2

When Souda shouts “Shut uuuuuuuup!”, save in case Trigger Mode fails.

Chapter 5

I won’t apologize
Just drink quietly
They were pawns
Because he is still useful
The connection with Sasazuka

Save 3

Go to the office
I’m about to cry

Bad Endings

Load 1

Go to the park
Adonis Bad End

Load 2

If Trigger Mode fails
Bad End 1

Load 3

Go to his home
Bad End 2

To access the rest of the bad ends, use the “Chapter” function from the main menu:

Chapter 3: Select Low

Scold Kazuki
Bad End 3

Chapter 4: Select Low

Be wishy-washy
To lose in the game
Cause another bug
Bad End 4

Chapter 6: Select Low
Tragic Love End

I swear to god, Takeru won me over with the fact that he DOESN’T like green tea flavoured desserts or anything to do with green tea. I felt the urge to seriously convert him to become a green tea maniac with me 눈_눈

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