Collar x Malice – Shiraishi Kageyuki

Route #4 of recommended route order:

Enomoto > Okazaki > Sasazuka > Shiraishi > Aiji


Chapter 0

Don’t report it
Speak honestly
You don’t care if I die?
I understand
Is working for the SP hard?
Review All X-Day Cases

Chapter 1

I stay at home
I have a lot
I like a good drama

Chapter 2

Be honest

1. Over the Draws
2. Sofa
3. Bookshelf

Uhhh… Mukai said, um…

Save 1

Run home
I’d think of a third option

Chapter 3

Would ask their reasons
Turn away and pout
The benefactor’s side
Be furious
Yuki Sunamori
Please don’t push yourself too hard

Chapter 4

I don’t care if I get hurt
The crime scene

1. Wall
2. Floor
3. Window
4. Doll

Went to the park

Save 2

Save when Shion says “Destroy everything!”, in case Trigger Mode fails.

Chapter 5

Explain it
Turn them down

Chapter 6

Save 3

Save when Ichika says “I won’t let him hurt Shiraishi anymore!”, in case Trigger Mode fails.

Good End

Bad Endings

Load 1

Listen closer
Adonis Bad End

Load 2

If Trigger Mode fails
Bad End 1

Load 3

If Trigger Mode fails
Tragic Love End

To access the rest of the bad ends, use the “Chapter” function from the main menu:

Chapter 3: Select Low

Would never forgive them
Bad End 2

Chapter 6: Select Low

Trigger Mode is successful, however affection is too low.
Bad End 3

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