[Merch] Collar X Malice Merch and More!


Salutations my loyal subjects. It is I, the Great Apostro! OH HO HO HO~
This’ll be my first official post, and it’ll be a magnificent one.  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

I love otome, but I’m also a crime-solving mystery genre enthusiast. That is why when I heard about Collar X Malice, I was ecstatic! The two things I’m passionate about were wrapped together so beautifully, with an amazing and thought-provoking story, thrilling mystery, expressive soundtrack, vibrant artwork, and of course, the boys ❤ All of them are so precious! Every character and side-character had depth and you actually feel a connection with them. Playing Collar X Malice was truly a wonderful and satisfying experience.

Hence why I need to get myself some Collar X Malice merch. Pronto! And I want to share with you guys the merchandise they have available so that you can also show your love and support for the game too! (And merch is just nice to have in general).

First up we have the key chain/straps and badges:

  • 全11種セット 「Collar×Malice ねこアクリルキーホルダー」
  • Collar×Malice ゆらゆらチャームコレクション BOX
  • 全6種セット 「Collar×Malice ふぉーちゅん☆アクキーvol.1 そいねっころんver.」
  • Collar×Malice ぺたん娘ラバーストラップ
  • Collar×Malice ウォーターインコレクション (BOX)
  • Collar×Malice きゃらびにストラップ BOX
  • Collar×Malice ぴたコレラバーストラップ 11個入りBOX
  • アクリルキーホルダー「Collar×Malice」01/グラフアートデザイン 5個入りBOX
  • Collar x Malice スイーツタイムコレクション トレーディングアクリルバッジ BOX

Next we have the Soundtrack, Character, and Drama CDs:

  • Collar×Malice オリジナルサウンドトラック / MANYO
  • サイレントノイズ [Collar×Malice盤/初回限定生産] / Plastic Tree
  • Collar×Malice Character CD vol.1 柳愛時 [初回生産限定盤] / 柳愛時 (CV.森田成一)
  • Collar×Malice Character CD vol.2 岡崎契 [初回生産限定盤] / 岡崎契 (CV.梶裕貴)
  • Collar×Malice Character CD vol.3 榎本峰雄 [初回生産限定盤] / 榎本峰雄 (CV.斉藤壮馬)
  • Collar×Malice Character CD vol.4 笹塚尊 [初回生産限定盤] / 笹塚尊 (CV.浪川大輔)
  • Collar×Malice Character CD vol.5 白石景之 [初回生産限定盤] / 白石景之 (CV.木村良平)
  • Collar×Malice ドラマCD ~怪盗アドニスからの挑戦状~ / ドラマCD

The Official Art Books:

  • Collar×Malice 公式ビジュアルファンブック (B’s-LOG COLLECTION) / カドカワ
  • Collar×Malice (カラー×マリス) Art Works[代行]

And finally…. Mini Cushions! (I find the concept of an Okazaki cushion hilarious – you’ll know what I mean if you played his route):

  • Collar x Malice ミニクッション 岡崎契
  • Collar x Malice ミニクッション 柳愛時
  • Collar x Malice ミニクッション 榎本峰雄
  • Collar x Malice ミニクッション 笹塚尊
  • Collar x Malice ミニクッション 白石景之

That’s it~ There are actually way more Collar X Malice merchandise than this, some you even need to preorder still, and it just keeps on growing due to its popularity! But I believe these are the main essentials to make every Collar X Malice fan happy. The sites you can purchase these merch from are CDJapan, AmiAmi, Tokyo Otaku Mode, and Goods Republic. Better be quick though, because they sell out fast! If you really wanted some of these but they have already sold out, I suggest visiting Otamart and have a look there. It’s basically a Japanese eBay but for otaku related stuff exclusively. Or Yahoo.jp auctions for really hard to find merch. To have them shipped internationally though, you’ll have to purchase them through a Japanese shopping proxy service like From Japan or DeJapan.

One more awesome thing I wanted to share is this art book:


Candy pot 夏目ウタ Art Book / 夏目ウタ/〔画〕

“Candy Pot: Uta Natsume Art Book”, is the first art book to feature a collection of artwork from the popular artist, Uta Natsume! – the one behind all the cute chibi illustrations from otome games such as S.Y.K ~Shinsetsu Saiyuki~Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~Amnesia, and Collar x Malice. As an otome fan, I highly recommend you give this one a look. I’m definitely getting myself a copy.(๑✧∀✧๑)

That’s it from me. Hope you find this sort of content interesting. If there are any franchises you’d like me to look up and share, let me know! I’m super happy to research these things as I’m starting to grow my own otome collection too.
Thank you for reading!

One thought on “[Merch] Collar X Malice Merch and More!

  1. Heyyyy, I’m commenting because I was asked to and it’s nice to read the great sunpie’s words~
    So you wanted me to critique. Not much to critique, actually xD I’m not versatile with grammar so I can’t correct anything.
    You provided a good variety of sources to help people find the merch and the article is pretty well balanced: your love for the series, selection of merch and where to get them. Nice inclusion of pictures room. And pleasant, friendly tone overall. Looking forward to more~


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