[Stream] So How Twitch is Gonna Work…

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all had a good day today! Just a quick update on how badly I streamed today and totally didn’t prepare for it for how streaming will work.

Soooo… since I totally went in without preparing much for streaming as I’m terrible at setting stuff up, I ended up spending 20min trying to set up basic things whilst live on stream, being too shy to talk and comment while playing, and I also realised something…

I can’t make walkthroughs quick if I’m streaming the games all the time πŸ˜€ I’m so stupid haha. I guess I was just too keen on trying to make this blog alive again, so I went in without planning. Oopsie.

SO! What I have decided to do is…

  • Stream time will start from 8am AEST (GMT+10)
  • Pick an otome game every 2nd Wednesday
  • Play through the common route
    • Not all games will have a common route, as I found out with TxA today… and I’d probably run of out games if I swapped every week, so I may play into the first parts of specific character routes (I’ll be careful to not spoil much though! The most I will spoil is the first or second CG!)
  • Talk & comment on how retarded the characters are and just talk and chill in the chat.

At first I was going to only play the game when I streamed, but I thought it’d take too long for me to get anything done that way, and it ruins the whole point of you guys playing it yourself (no use for my walkthroughs either ;u;). SO! We can have a chat and talk about the characters and their personalities so far in the common route, and I’ll continue to work on walkthroughs and play through the rest of the game myself outside of stream πŸ™‚

I have also decided to not use my personal stream and instead make an OtomeDreamworld channel, which you can follow here. I use my personal one for other stuff too, and it feels like too much doing both on my personal one.

I’m sorry for being a mess, guys. I just really want to get back into action with this blog and I think I’m just trying to do it too quickly ;u; I hope you are able to join on the next stream, as it’ll be OtomeDreamworld’s first official stream (let’s not count my mess up please). Instead of reattempting to play a different route of TxA, I will pick a game that has a common route present in it to make things easier. I will notify you guys both on the website & FB when I’ve decided on a game πŸ™‚

Have a good night!
– Jen

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